MicroMillions 8: Ama 2992 goes from worst to first at Event #60 final table ($4.40 NLHE Progressive Super-Knockout)

Never give up. It's a mantra that should be etched in every poker player's mind and if it isn't already, Ama 2992's story could get you there. With eleven players remaining, Ama 2992 was the shortest stack left in the tournament. He slipped onto the final table with only eight and a half big blinds. But on the first hand of the final table, Ama 2992 won a coin flip and turned those eight and a half big blinds into 19. When five players remained, Ama 2992 was still fourth in chips, but took out xzbi333 to catch up with the rest of the pack. Although Ama 2992 started heads-up play at a 2.3 to 1 chip deficit, he fought valiantly and ultimately put away xquizzza to earn his first MicroMillions title and over $5,200.00 off only a $4.40 investment.

Event #60 drew an arena-sized crowd of 25,646 players. Half of each $4.40 buy-in went to the regular prize pool and the other half served as each player's starting bounty. The $107,713.20 total prize pool more than doubled the $50k guarantee and 5,292 players earned a share of it, with the champion set to take home $4,465.20 in addition to any bounties collected along the way. Five Red Spades entered this event and three finished in the money: Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz (2,540th), Tyler "frosty012" Frost (1,050th) and Martin Hruby (600th).

Blinds were up to 80,000/160,000 on the final table bubble when xquizzza opened for 320,000 from UTG. Karendibil three-bet shoved for 2.32 million with K♠J♦ on the button and xquizzza called with A♠Q♣. Xquizzza made top pair on the flop and rivered aces up on the A♥7♣4♥2♥4♣ board, ending karendibil's run in tenth place.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Ama 2992 (1,360,840 in chips)
Seat 2: FullMoon (21,589,861 in chips)
Seat 3: aHIHIHI (5,197,496 in chips)
Seat 4: mfkill (10,674,943 in chips)
Seat 5: Bowlerman14 (1,549,006 in chips)
Seat 6: xquizzza (9,330,150 in chips)
Seat 7: xzbit333 (4,475,338 in chips)
Seat 8: VeraLaVera (7,540,550 in chips)
Seat 9: Leelik Funky (2,396,816 in chips)

Ama 2992 doubles on Hand #1, FullMoon KOs two

Ama 2992 arrived at the final table as the shortest stack but doubled up on the first hand of play when his A♦K♥ rivered an ace against Bowlerman14's pocket nines. Bowlerman14 was left with fewer than 200,000 in chips and moved in from UTG on the next deal. FullMoon called and his 9♦9♥ flopped a set vs. K♣5♦, ending Bowlerman14's run in ninth place ($232.66). FullMoon picked up $52.65 for the knockout and increased his own bounty to a whopping $685.60.

Next to fall was Leelik Funky, who three-bet shoved for 1.85 million from the big blind with K♦6♦. Initial raiser FullMoon called with K♥Q♦ and flopped a queen on the A♣Q♥5♣9♥5♥ board. Leelik Funky picked up $395.30 for eighth place while FullMoon collected $90.72 for his bounty and increased his own to $776.31.

Ama 2992 doubles again, FullMoon relinquishes the chip lead

Ama 2992 continued to climb thanks to another timely double-up. All-in preflop, Ama 2992's A♣K♠ held vs. xzbit333's A♦Q♦ to take him up to 5.88 million in chips. Xzbit333 fell to 4 million in chips, but rebounded with a double-up of his own when his 8♣T♣ flopped a queen-high straight against mfkill's Q♣J♥.

FullMoon lost the chip lead for the first time at the final table in a pot vs. aHIHIHI. Both players checked the K♦Q♦7♠ flop, but when the A♠ turned, FullMoon led out for 250,000. AHIHIHI called and the Q♥ hit the river. FullMoon bet 921,875, aHIHIHI shoved for 5.62 million and FullMoon called with Q♠T♥ for trip queens. However, the river filled up aHIHIHI with A♥Q♣ and he doubled to 13.1 million.

xquizzza scores a double knockout

VeraLaVera took a massive hit, losing 75% of his stack to xquizza when he flopped a set of eights and rivered eights full of aces. Down to 2.32 million in chips, VeraLaVera picked up A♠K♦ and called mfkill's 2.49 million UTG shove. Mfkill turned up J♣J♠ and hit a set on the K♠J♥T♦ flop, but VeraLaVera spiked the Q♣ on the turn to make Broadway and cripple mfkill to less than one big blind.

Two hands later, mfkill was all-in from the big blind for 88,897 and xquizzza min-raised to 600,000 from UTG. VeraLaVera shoved for 5.29 million from middle position and xquizzza called, his A♠K♥ up against VeraLaVera's J♠J♦ and mfkill's Q♦3♣. Xquizzza made trip kings on the flop and rivered kings full, the board running out K♣K♠5♦4♦4♠ to give him the double knockout. Mfkill took seventh place ($581.11), VeraLaVera finished sixth ($836.93) and xquizzza picked up both bounties, increasing his own to $691.46.

Ama 2992 takes out xzbit333

Two hands later, the action folded to xzbit333 in the small blind and he limped in. Ama 2992 shoved for 6.64 million from the big blind and xzbit333 called all-in, his Q♥9♦ trailing A♠8♦. Ama 2992's ace-high held up on the J♣J♥2♦7♦2♣ board and xzbit333 went out in fifth place ($1,254.85) while Ama 2992 increased his own bounty to $133.87.

FullMoon's set squashes aHIHIHI

The action briefly paused to discuss a potential four-handed deal, but with xquizzza holding a 2 to 1 chip lead over all three of his opponents, he would only accept a chip count chop. While Ama 2992 and aHIHIHI were amenable to the chip chop, FullMoon insisted on an even four-way chop. Naturally, xquizzza wasn't very interested in that and with negotiations at a standstill, cards went back in the air.

On the second hand back, FullMoon and aHIHIHI went to war in a blind vs. blind batt.e FullMoon opened for 1.4 million from the small, aHIHIHI three-bet to 2.8 million from the big and they saw a A♦7♦4♠ flop. FullMoon checked, aHIHIHI bet 2 million and FullMoon raised all-in for 8.64 million. AHIHIHI called with A♠Q♥ but was far behind FullMoon's set of sevens. The 4♦ turn made FullMoon sevens full of fours and aHIHIHI was left with only 465,000 in chips.

AHIHIHI called all-in from the small blind on the next hand and surprisingly, turned over A♠K♥. Xquizzza's A♣Q♦ was dominated, but the A♥Q♠8♠7♣8♣ changed that and aHIHIHI departed in fourth place ($1,672.78). Adding aHIHIHI's bounty, the price on xquizzza's head rose to $840.11.

Ama 2992 lives by the sevens, FullMoon dies by them

When three-handed play commenced xquizza held the chip lead with 29 million, FullMoon was second with 21.8 million and Ama 2992 held 13.3 million. Ama 2992 was nearly out when he four-bet shoved with 7♦7♣ and got called by xquizzza with 9♣9♥, but a seven on the flop saved Ama 2992's tournament life and doubled his stack to 23.3 million.

A few minutes later, FullMoon picked up pocket sevens and made a 3x raise to 1.5 million. xquizzza three-bet to 3.6 million from the small blind and FullMoon called to see a J♥9♠5♣ flop. Xquizzza led out for 3.1 million and FullMoon called. The turn came the 8♥ and xquizzza made it another 4.7 million to go. FullMoon shoved for 10.2 million and xquizzza called off his remaining 5.5 million with K♦T♣. Xquizzza was looking for a king, a queen, a ten, or a seven on the river and made top pair with the K♥, ending FullMoon's run in third place ($2,093.94). Xquizzza claimed the largest remaining bounty at $388.16 and increased his own price to $1,228.26.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: Ama 2992 (19,297,704 in chips)
Seat 6: xquizzza (44,817,296 in chips)

Ama 2992 slipped to 14.5 million in the early going and could have been out when he four-bet shoved pre flop and turned over A♦2♣ to xquizzza's A♠T♦. However, luck was on Ama 2992's side again and a deuce hit the flop to double his stack to 29 million.

Ama 2992 took the chip lead in the 300,000/600,000 level when xquizzza folded to a 4.8 million river bet on a Q♦T♣3♦8♠7♥ board. Down to 25.1 million, xquizzza struck back a few hands later when he got three streets of value from a turned pair of jacks vs. Ama 2992's ace high.

Xquizzza held a slight lead when Ama 2992 opened for a min-raise to 1.6 million with K♠Q♠. Xquizzza three-bet to 3.7 million and Ama 2992 called. Xquizzza flopped top pair on the A♠K♥8♠ flop and led out for 2.9 million. Ama 2992 called with a pair of kings. The 6♣ turn was a blank and xquizzza made it another 5.7 million to go. Ama 2992 shoved for 25.2 million and xquizzza called. Ama 2992 needed a king, a queen, or a spade on the river and got the K♠, his ace-high taking down a pot worth 99.5% of the chips in play.

Xquizzza was left with only 289,000 after the hand. Although he doubled up three times to reach 2.3 million in chips, he couldn't make it four in a row. Xquizzza open-shoved the button with K♥3♦ and Ama 2992 called with 6♥7♦. Both a six and a three hit the flop, but xquizzza did not improve any further, the board running out 6♦5♣2♥2♠9♦ to eliminate him in second place.

Congratulations to Ama 2992 on an incredible come-from-behind victory! He banked $4,465.20 for the win, along with $748.00 in bounties for a total haul of $5,213.20. For his runner-up finish, xquizzza collected $3,204.46 and $1,228228..26 in bounties for a $4,432.72 score.

MicroMillions-060: $4.40 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super-Knockout]
Entrants: 25,646
Regular prize pool: $53,856.60
Bounty prize pool: $53,856.60
Total prize pool: $107,713.20
Places paid: 5,292

1. Ama 2992 (Germany) $4,465.20 + $748.00 in bounties
2. xquizza (Russia) $3,204.46 + $1,228.26 in bounties
3. FullMoon (South Africa) $2,093.94 + $776.31 in bounties
4. aHIHIHI (Finland) $1,672.78 + $297.30 in bounties
5. xzbit333 (Russia) $1,254.85 + $176.82 in bounties
6. VeraLaVera (Czech Republic) $836.93 + $333.57 in bounties
7. mfkill (Ukraine) $581.11 + $350.17 in bounties
8. Leelik Funky (Russia) $395.30 + $181.43 in bounties
9. Bowlerman14 (Canada) $232.66 + $105.30 in bounties

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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