MicroMillions 8: andruta09 gives victory for Romania in Event #5 ($3.30 No Limit Holdem)

Germany may have won the football World Cup, but today the results went a little differently. It went down to the wire -- extra-time and a penalty shootout -- but in the end it was a narrow and dramatic victory for Romania as andruta09 emerged triumphant over Germany's superaffeee to win the MicroMillions title.

The most popular online series in the world returned today with the eighth instalment of the MicroMillions giving micro-limit players the opportunity of a lifetime. Enormous fields, championship structures and the chance to turn pocket change into wads and wads of cash!

Event #5 of the MicroMillions 8 schedule was a $3.30 No Limit Holdem event. Perhaps still nursing a post-WSOP hangover, we couldn't spot any Team PokerStars Pros in today's field but that didn't stop a whopping 14,620 players turn out to form a prize pool of $43,860 to easily surpass the advertised guarantee.

The top 2,025 players would finish in the money with the bubble bursting on Russian player Temkin26 after three and a half hours of play, to leave the remaining players with a guaranteed $4.82 collect.

The players dropped away one by one before the final table was reached after around nine hours of total play.

There were some interesting dynamics around the final table bubble after MintyADL was bounced out in 11th place. fofo7768 was blinded down, almost to the felt, seemingly waiting for someone else to bust...and the strategy nearly worked. fofo7768 was down to under the price of one single ante when Golden8Nuts was all in with ace-five against CA.Belli18's dominant ace-nine. However a five on the board kept Golden8Nuts alive to put the pressure back on fofo7768. A double up or two wasn't enough as the blinds took hold again to see fofo7768 effectively blind out in 10th place and form the final table as follows:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: gandiatocha (4,768,431 in chips)
Seat 2: AlexiLuck (15,045,870 in chips)
Seat 3: breccmo (2,109,673 in chips)
Seat 4: Golden8Nuts (5,720,466 in chips)
Seat 5: andruta09 (16,471,426 in chips)
Seat 6: superaffeee (4,306,386 in chips)
Seat 7: smudge2u (1,787,238 in chips)
Seat 8: CA.Belli18 (13,953,038 in chips)
Seat 9: justtraptu (8,937,472 in chips)

The final table started with blinds of 125,000/250,000/31,250 and there was quite a spread in the stack sizes of our final table participants. andruta09, AlexiLuck and CA.Belli18 all had big stacks, while several short stacks were going to have to make a move early on.

And move they did.

smudge2u was the shortest of those, but on just the second hand of the final table, smudge2u was able to secure a double with ace-nine holding true against andruta09's ace-eight.

superaffeee was able to double up with ten-nine on a nine-high flop as justtraptu couldn't let go of ace-queen, before breccmo joined in the fun with a double holding ace-three against gandiatocha's king-queen.

However those hands were just the warm-up to the massive hand which erupted soon after in the biggest pot of the tournament. With gandiatocha all in preflop, andruta09 and AlexiLuck continued the action with bets on the flop, before all the chips were in on the turn on a board of 6♠8♣7♥7♦. AlexiLuck was pushing the action with A♠8♠ for top pair but andruta09 had that covered with A♣A♦. gandiatocha showed 3♠3♥ and was also in a world of hurt. The river was the J♣ to see andruta09 more than double, AlexiLuck crippled and gandiatocha eliminated in ninth place for $263.16.

CA.Belli18 said, "nice job"
CA.Belli18 said, "a8"
andruta09 said, "pff donk"
CA.Belli18 said, "hahahah"
andruta09 said, "u are so bad man"
andruta09 said, "u deserve it"

CA.Belli18 decided to get in a few verbal barbs but CA.Belli18 spoke too soon, with a mistimed river bluff with ace-high on the next hand handing a double up to superaffeee who held trips.

AlexiLuck was unable to overcome the earlier crushing blow. AlexiLuck was a little unlucky, getting the chips in with A♥K♠ against the A♣Q♠ of Golden8Nuts. AlexiLuck flopped top pair but it wasn't enough when board ran out J♦4♥K♣9♦T♠ to give Golden8Nuts a Broadway straight for the knockout blow. AlexiLuck took home $394.74 for eighth place.

smudge2u was the next to go with a three-bet shove holding K♣Q♦ against andruta09's A♦8♠. The board was spread 5♣5♠9♦A♣Q♥ to pair the ace and remove smudge2u in seventh place for $767.55.

CA.Belli18 got back into contention with a fortunate double up, making a flush holding pocket fives against Golden8Nuts' pocket tens and then finished off Golden8Nuts with a preflop coin flip. Golden8Nuts moved all in with A♦9♣ and CA.Belli18 made the call with 6♦6♣. The board of 8♠6♥4♥3♣8♣ was an emphatic win for CA.Belli18 with a full house to leave Golden8Nuts to depart in sixth place for a four-figure score of $1,184.22.

The players were dropping away at a rapid pace, and the action didn't relent as the chip leader, andruta09, continued to push the action.

breccmo caught a double up before the chip lead shifted to superaffeee with a failed double-barrel bluff by andruta09 on a double-paired board.

The five-handed play was relatively right before justtraptu became the one the crack. justtraptu opened with a raise before breccmo moved all in. justtraptu made the call with A♠4♠ to trail breccmo's 7♥7♠. The board ran out 3♦J♥9♠2♦9♦ leaving the pair in front to eliminate justtraptu in fifth place for $1,622.82 in prize money.

The rollercoaster ride of CA.Belli18 came to an end in fourth place when committing all in on a flop of K♦4♠K♠. CA.Belli18 was gambling with 3♠7♠ for a flush draw as superaffeee showed up with A♦A♥. The J♣ turn and 9♥ river would be spade-less to eliminate CA.Belli18 in fourth for $2,061.42.

With three players left, andruta09 was keen to look at the numbers but didn't get much response from the opponents.

andruta09 said, "wanna look ?"
andruta09 said, "at ns?"
andruta09 said, "guys"
andruta09 said, "look at deal or play?"
andruta09 said, "say it"
breccmo said, "play"

After a few orbits of tight play, breccmo found a spot to three-bet all in with A♥Q♥. andruta09 made the call, happy to take the coin flip with 2♦2♥. The community cards fell 6♠4♥9♣7♠4♦ to leave the pair to hold and eliminate breccmo in third place for $2,938.62.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 5: andruta09 (24,466,699 in chips)
Seat 6: superaffeee (48,633,301 in chips)

andruta09 said, "wanna see numbers dude"
superaffeee said, "yea"

The chip chop numbers gave around $370 extra for superaffeee. andruta09 tried to negotiate $96 of that back, but was unsuccessful as superaffeee stood firm. In the end, andruta09 settled for the presented numbers and play continued with $500 and the MicroMillions title left in the middle to play for.

superaffeee extended the advantage a little before andruta09 landed a key double up with ace-six against ace-three with all the chips in preflop.

andruta09 took over the lead and continued to chip away at superaffeee who got picked off bluffing on a couple of occasions. It left superaffeee in trouble but the momentum shifted again when superaffeee shoved with K♣T♣ and andruta09 called preflop with Q♦9♦. A pair of tens was enough for superaffeee to double through as things were back to even.

The double up seemed to spark both players as the aggression was kicked up to another gear. andruta09 caught two pair with jack-five to win a healthy pot before the final hand unfolded preflop. superaffeee opened with a raise and andruta09 moved all in. With around twenty big blinds in hand, superaffeee made the call with A♠4♠ but was dominated by andruta09's A♥8♦.


The board ran out Q♦2♥Q♠K♠7♣ and it was all over! superaffeee took home $4,596.73 for second place as the title and $4,724.18 goes to Romania's andruta09. Congratulations!

MicroMillions-005: $3.30 No-Limit Holdem
Entrants: 14,620
Prize pool: $43,860.00
Places paid: 2,025

1. andruta09 (Romania) $4,724.18*
2. superaffeee (Germany) $4,596.73*
3. breccmo (Canada) $2,938.62
4. CA.Belli18 (Brazil) $2,061.42
5. justtraptu (China) $1,622.82
6. Golden8Nuts (Ukraine) $1,184.22
7. smudge2u (Canada) $767.55
8. AlexiLuck (Malaysia) $394.74
9. gandiatocha (Portugal) $263.16

* denotes heads-up chip chop deal

There's over $5 million guaranteed across 100 different events during the MicroMillions 8 series which runs through until July 27th. Head to the MicroMillions 8 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.