MicroMillions 8: leo minorrr Roars into Victory in Event #29, Zoom $3.30 No-Limit Hold'em

Zoom tournaments can pass by in the blink of an eye -- that is unless they are part of MicroMillions 8 and on a Sunday. In which case (as in this case) they attract over 17,000 entrants. That could take a good degree longer. With that many people putting up a few bucks each Event #29's prize pool had bulged over the $50,000 mark by the time late registration concluded.

Such a tournament would normally take half a day to get through, normally structured, but in just five hours time leo minorrr had put a bow on it, having made a deal heads-up and winning $5,750.17.

Bubble in the oven

As in most zoom tournaments the mass of remaining players congealed into regularity with three or so tables left. As a result players had been stuck with one another for the better part of an hour during the last final table push. There were a few false starts before javopreciado moved their last five big blinds into the middle with K♥ T♣ and received action from the A♠ 4♠ of flavio747, who was even shorter-stacked.

The flop made good headway in bursting the final table bubble, it was 8♣ T♥ J♠. The 8♦ turn meant it was only an ace for falvio747 or a final table would be reached without them. The river was the 3♦, jacopreciado found themselves with their head back above water and at the final table no less. For their deep run to tenth flavio747 received a substantial $211.45.

MM8 029.jpg

Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: d4rr1n (13,224,486 in chips)
Seat 2: gamezo93 (10,191,678 in chips)
Seat 3: iPhD (6,457,552in chips)
Seat 4: leo minorrr (24,701,516 in chips)
Seat 5: javopreciado (8,459,206 in chips)
Seat 6: srg_Unknown (5,820,772 in chips)
Seat 7: kingdenuts (7,749,032 in chips)
Seat 8: 13tropys (3,537,430 in chips)
Seat 9: sylt99 (4,450,828 in chips)

Let's not make a deal

Inquiries into a deal were being made as soon as the final table got into action.

iPhD said, "i dont think others would look now" referencing the fact that indeed, the only ones clicking the checkbox where the short stacks.

Blinds folded around to sylt99, who pushed with three big blinds and A♣ 6♦ and was called by d4rr1n who had chips to spare, and A♦ K♥. After a 7♥ Q♣ 7♦ flop there was a fair chance at no blood being spilled, the J♦ added three more chances at a chop, but the 9♣ was not one of them, knocking sylt99 out in ninth place, good for $3.17.17.

Lion's surge

One leo minorrr sat on the button with 22 million chips as the ands passed around. The blinds were less well endowed, multi-millionaires to be sure, but with 7 and 3 of those millions respectively. Seeing as the big blind was a prohibitively expensive million chips, it is understandable srg_Unknown called all-in for their last three after leo minorrr had moved in on the button.

Srg_Unknown A♣ 6♣
Leo minorrr A♦ J♦

It was blue versus green, on some PokerStars' decks at least, and the flop was feeling blue, 6♦ 3♦ 4♥, but had given Srg_Unknown a short-lived lead. The 4♣ turn meant the just had one more card to dodge, but the 7♦ fell on the river, completing leo minorrr's flush and sending Srg_Unknown home in eighth for a great multiplier of their buy-in, $475.76.

Blind versus blind again was the catalyst for elimination, iPhD had outlasted some of the other short stacks and moved all-in on leo minorrr with A♦ 6♥. Priced with any two cards, the shove having been less than two big blinds, the chip-leader called with T♣ 7♦. The flop rolled out J♠ 7♥ 3♣ and it quickly looked as if matters were six-handed play. The 4♠ and 9♦ fueled leo minorrr's ascent and completed iPhD descent, which was really a deep-reaching run to seventh for $898.67.

Players continued to be short-stacked and the big blind continued to be the eliminator, as when gamezo93 moved their last three big blinds in early position with A♥ 7♠. In the big blind was 13tropys who felt priced in with Q♣ T♣. The flop was quite decisive, Q♦ 8♦ 4♦, meaning an ace or nothing was what was required for gamezo93 to survive. The K♥ turned and the 7♦ arrived on the river, not the pair 13tropys was looked for. They received $1321.57 for sixth place.

13tropys Rolling

Crippled the previous hand, javopreciado, had just 1.8M chips to their name with 1.4M the price of the big blind. Both chip leaders, 13tropys and leo minorrr, came along for the ride to see a T♥ 6♣ T♦ flop.

When leo minorrr checked the flop 13tropys made a 7M chip commitment, which elicited a fold. They, 13tropys, turned up A♦ A♥.

javopreciado was not dead with K♣ Q♥, but needed some help on the turn. The Q♣ was some such help. The 9♠ river would have helped on the turn, but was not the card on the river the player out of Mexico would have hoped for. For fifth place javopreciado received $1,850.20.

Up and Down

A climactic battle between 13tropys and d4rr1n began with the big blind at 2M, the latter having min-raised and the former having defended their big blind.

K♣ 2♠ 3♥

Check check.


On the turn 13tropys led out for the minimum, 2M, and received a call from d4rr1n.


7M was the price of poker on this card, set by 13tropys when they bet out. But it wasn't high enough for d4rr1n who moved all-in for 19M.

When 13tropys called their tournament life off, they received the bad news, d4rr1n had connected with a set of jacks on the river, knocking them out fourth. For their deep run, they received $2,378.83.

Two Russians and a Brit

kingdenuts had kept their head down in the fog of war, but with three people left there was nowhere left to hide. Their Russian compatriot on the button, leo minorrr, folded, which left them to move all-in for 9M. Again the big blind executioner was the big blind, d4rr1n called with A♦ 2♦, but kingdenuts was plenty live with K♠ Q♠.

The first three cards out changed little, they were T♥ 8♠ 5♦. The 7♥ turn eliminated all the possibilities of backdoors for the at-risk player and the T♠ river eliminated any chance of an all Russian final. For third place, kingdenuts, received $3,436.09.


A deal was finally reached between the two reminaing players after many fits and starts at prior points of the final table. Once business was resolved, matters concluded quickly thereafter.

Whittled down to three and a half big blinds, d4rr1n called all-in under the pressure of leo minorrr's all-in wager with K♦ 5♣. It was about as close to a pure coinflip as one could have, 51% of the odds were in favour of the short-stack.

Q♣ 8♦ 5♠

The 5♠ had paired d4rr1n, but for no real effect, while leo minorrr had added jacks to their tens and nines as outs.


A ten would do for the chip-leader's hopes of sealing the deal, only of course if they managed to avoid a king or a five on the river.


Had the Russian wherewithal between the turn and the river to make invitations for a card, the 2♥ sure would have been one on the guest list. With that the enormous field had disappeared, leo minorrr had played leo majoris over the final table and was awarded $5,750.17 for first.

For second place, as per the deal struck, d4rr1n received a considerable $4937.48.

Congratulations to leo minorrr on zooming into first, beating out five-figures worth of players, and becoming champion of MicroMillions 8's Event #29!

MicroMillions-029: $3.30 No-Limit Hold'em, Zoom
Entrants: 17,621
Prize pool: $52,863
Places paid: 2,250

1. leo minorrr (Russia) $5,750.17*
2. d4rr1n (United Kingdom) $4,937.48*
3. kingdenuts (Russia) $3,436.09
4. 12tropys (Australia) $2,378.83
5. javopreciado (Mexico) $1,850.20
6. gamezo93 (Belarus) $1,321.57
7. iPhD (Hong Kong) $898.67
8. srg_Unknown (Russia) $475.76
9. sylt99 (Germany) $.317.17

*Denotes the outcome of a heads-up deal.

Gareth Chantler is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

Gareth Chantler
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 8