MicroMillions 8: GDog922 Top Dog in Event #7, $5.50 No-Limit Hold'em

And on the second day, there was more poker. What else to expect from MicroMillions 8? One of the best features of such a relentless schedule of events is that there is a tournament for any time zone. This one began at 02:00 on the PokerStars clock and garnered an impressive 6,528 runners, besting the $20,000 guarantee easily.

To say this tournament finished with a flourish would be to risk understatement. Champion GDog922 put on a clinic in patience and erased an astounding twenty to one heads-up chip disadvantage for the $5,073.24 win!

But before those or any other hands of the final table played, there was some eight hours of poker to reduce 6,528 to a mere 10.

Bubble, bubble -- toil, trouble

Greek georgiosxx had little in the way of choices under the gun with three big blinds. They did have a five-handed table in their favour when they moved all-in, needing only to best four opponents to survive. Unfortunately they got action from both Savva2 and pr3ttywow. Those two checked down to the river on a T♥ 6♠ 6♥, 8♠, 3♠ board and it was the former, Savva2, who tabled the winner -- 4♣ 4♦. After almost eight hours of play georgiosxx had come up one spot short of the final table, simply mucking in elimination. They received $189.31 in recompense for their efforts.

MM8 007.jpg

Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: pitsis_cy (3,552,492 in chips)
Seat 2: Savva2 (3,044,680 in chips)
Seat 3: trewor85 (4,322,291 in chips)
Seat 4: pr3ttywow (2,327,049 in chips)
Seat 5: RVM1978 (4,152,475 in chips)
Seat 6: mélabéla (1,316,269 in chips)
Seat 7: yo-argentino (7,302,140 in chips)
Seat 8: bamseditlev (3,958,022 in chips)
Seat 9: GDog922 (2,664,582 in chips)

A Pair of Pairs

In the early stages of the final table, only mélabéla was threatened by the big blind of 100,000, holding just 1.3M chips. Poland's trewor85 raised the pot to 220,000 in middle position and they, mélabéla, were looking at 7♥ 7♦ in the small blind before they moved all-in. The initial raiser took their time, tanking, but ultimately knowing that 8♣ 8♥ was too strong a hand to fold in the situation. Glad they had not, the Q♠ 5♦ 3♣ 9♠ 3♦ board offering no sweat, trewor85 moved definitelyve into second place with the scoop. The Hungarian mélabéla could not be faulted for going broke, they were first eliminated and received $254.59 for ninth.

The Bear Trap

RVM1978 looked down at every poker player's dream, two beautiful aces, the A♣ and the A♦ to be precise. Before them trewor85, now sporting chips to spare, had raised to 240,000. The Russian elected to flat call, inviting potential squeezes -- three of the four stacks behind them were poised to do just that. But the squeeze never came, instead it was a flop of J♣ 3♠ 2♠. RVM1978 raised their opponent's small continuation bet and, naturally, called all-in when faced with an all-in wager. It was every pocket-aces possessor's worst nightmare, trewor85 held J♠ J♥. When the T♠ turn arrived RVM1978 was down to one out -- the A♥. It also never came. They were eliminated in eighth on the T♣ river, banking $408 exactly. Assuming a dominant position with over 10M in chips was trewor85.

Yo Beware

A short-stacked bamseditlev elected to raise to 560,000, as opposed to moving all-in, having begun the hand with 2.2M. Metaphorically sitting on 9.5M chips was yo-argentina, who thought it best to pay 420,000 to see a flop with T♦ 9♦. The resulting community cards were in that general wheelhouse, 7♠ 5♦ 6♠, and when bamseditlev moved all-in for an overbet, the chip-leader thought two overcards, a gutshot, and a backdoor flush draw was sufficient to make the call. Whether they were well advised or not will be left to the reader, but bamseditlev had to hold on for dear life with A♠ Q♥. On the 9♥ turn the holding on was over; redrawing to an ace or a queen was their only assurance of survival. The river was the 5♠ and yo-argentino had extended their chip-lead. The Swiss player had to be disappointed with the conclusion, but the $718.08 in their account for seventh place cannot be frowned upon.

Blinds rise, but never fall, only the hopes of victory for all but one. The second longest lasting Canadian entrant, pr3ttywow, let loose their last 2M chips in early position and once again yo-argentino had some to spare, coming along for the ride with A♠ Q♣. They were dominating A♥ 9♥, even more so on the K♣ 4♠ 3♣ flop. The 2♥ brought the possibility of a draw, but it was not to be for pr3ttywow on the 4♣ river. They breached the four-figure paydays with $1,044.48 for sixth place.

Down and Out

Previously robust stack trewor85 had been chopped down in the interim by the remaining Canadian, GDog922, whose ferocious-fanged avatar no doubt had some small part in the hounding of trewor85's tournament life. Reduced from 10M to just 1.6M, trewor85 moved all-in over the top of a 500,000 min-raise from GDog922 and was called in short order.

GDog922: J♥ J♣
trewor85: 8♠ 8♣

Four-handed play ensuring was a four to one favourite, even more so after the K♥ Q♥ 5♠ flop fell. The 6♦ aided neither, but abetted the chances of elimination, and the 5♥ sealed that deal. Fifth place and a sum of $1,370.88 would be encouraging for most players, but trewor85 will likely be asking themselves how it all went wrong after cracking aces early.

Four Hands

Play continued with a foursome for some time, GDog922 and yo-argentino boasting the big stacks and trying to pick on the short Savva2 and pitsis_cy. After some orbits around the table the former doubled with aces through the pocket fours of the Argentinian. That left pitsis_cy in the position of being bustable by anyone. When yo-argentino opened the button to 900,000, GDog922 flat-called in the small blind. Seeing A♣ 8♣ in their big blind with just 3.3M left, pitsis_cy rated their hand best and squeezed all-in. A fold from the chip-leader surrendered nearly 1M chips to the pot, put GDog922 was not going anywhere with 6♦ 6♠. It was a race, and at this stage of the tournament, a big one.

The 5♠ 5♦ 8♥ flop was about as good as pitsis_cy could have asked for, but the 7♣ turn was mighty foreboding. Those fears became realized on the 4♠ river, the dog had done it again. For fourth pitsis_cy received a not so tidy sum of $1,832.73.

Careful What You Wish For

GDog922 went into a tailspin following their dispatching of pitsis_cy and was reduced to just 1.5M to begin the following hand. On the button yo-argentino raised to 1.1M, nearly four big-blinds and Savva2, with 9M, elected to simply flat-call with A♠ K♠.

The flop? A♣ 3♣ 2♠. Their slow-play had ostensibly hit the jackpot. They check-called a 1.3M continuation bet and saw a 3♦ turn. The money went in shortly thereafter and Savva2 was in very very bad shape. The cards that greeted them being 4♦ 5♣ for the flopped nuts. The superfluous K♣ spelled their exit, in third the Australian received a hefty $2,643.84.

A Fun Flavour of Madness

Recently dejected national football team aside, yo-argentino sure looked prepared to capture the title, holding a practically insurmountable twenty to one chip lead at the outset of heads-up! A few doubles later and yo-argentino doubled GDog922's pocket nines with an offsuit ace-seven. Suddenly it was anyone's game.

Cue insanity.

In a limped pot, the flop came Irish Q♣ 9♣ 5♣ and GDog922 led at it from the big blind for the minimum bet of 300,000. The K♠ turn led to another such wager (and again, a call). When 300,000 was the price of poker the third time, on the A♥ river, yo-argentino was through with calling. They moved all-in for 6M. GDog922 made a tremendously brave call with K♥ 5♠ and was right, yo-argentino had missed with J♣ 2♦.

The very next hand, GDog922 found the aces. Of course, yo-argentino found 2♣ 5♦. End of story right? Not even close. GDog922 began with a completion on the button to 400,000, which their opponent raised to 2M. When faced with a back-raise to 3.6M, yo-argentino was not interest in giving up and called. The flop came T♣ 8♦ 5♠.

Check check. T♥.

On the turn yo-argentino bet half the pot and a third of GDog922's stack, who in response, elected to move all-in with aces. They were in a very good spot when yo-argentino called, only having to dodge a five river -- the 6♣ would qualify. The tournament had a new chip-leader for the first time in a long time.

Two hands later GDog922 raised A♦ 7♦ on the button and yo-argentino could not help themselves, three-bet shoving all-in for 10M with 7♠ 2♠.

The flop? J♠ 9♦ 6♣. A deuce or backdoor spades were the only possibilities that separated GDog922 from an improbable comeback for the win.



As went the World Cup, so went MicroMillions 8's Event #07, with the Argentinian yo-argentina putting on a frenetic show of pace to finish one spot shy of the win, second good for $3,753.60.

Congratulations are due for GDog922 who held on through a long, tumultuous final table to capture a first prize that was on the order of a thousand times their investment. $5,073.24 and the title well-earned by Event #7's top dog!

MicroMillions-007: $5.50 No-Limit Hold'em
Entrants: 6,528
Prize pool: $32,640
Places paid: 855

1. GDog922 (Canada) $5,073.24
2. yo-argentino (Argentina) $3,753.60
3. Savva2 (Australia) $2,643.84
4. pitsis_cy (Cyprus) $1,832.73
5. trewor85 (Poland) $1,370.88
6. pr3ttywow (Canada) $1,044.48
7. bamseditlev (Switzerland) $718.08
8. RVM1978 (Russia) $408.00
9. mélabéla (Hungary) $254.59

Gareth Chantler is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

Gareth Chantler
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