MicroMillions 8: Flash_ua speeds through short-handed field in Event #50 ($4.40 4-Max 4x Chance)

Four shots at a four-handed table to achieve MicroMillions glory.

Flash_ua was the only player to make it out of the short-handed frenzy with chips. It was a 10-hour affair that drew 19,901 players. Each player was allowed to rebuy three times and there were a total of 24,440 rebuys.

This created a prize pool of $169,364 that was split 2,800 ways. It wasn't an even split though, and Flash_ua took the largest share, earning $12,042.56 for taking down the tournament.

It was a short, five-handed final table, but it wasn't an easy affair.

Flash_ua took a dominating lead early on but then lost a series of all-ins and became the short stack with four players left.

Flash_ua then mounted a swift comeback and picked off the remaining players to become the champion of Event #50.

The final table

Seat 1: NLJaddiePkr - 43,431,168
Seat 2: bombitza1986 - 46,205,562
Seat 3: Vitasuk15 - 52,581,993
Seat 4: Flash_ua - 57,174,290
Seat 5: kmuelli - 12,311,987

The table short stack got a walk in the big blind the first hand, but was eliminated the next.

Flash_ua raised to 2.2 million from the button and kmuelli re-raised all-in for 12.94 million from the small blind.

The big blind got out of the way and we had our first final table showdown.

kmuelli: 8♥8♠
Flash_ua: A♥K♥

The board ran K♦J♦5♣9♦J♠ and Flash_ua won the flip.

kmuelli earned $1,956.15 for finishing 5th and the 4-max tournament went back to being four-handed.

Deal time

Flash_ua suggested a deal when the final table started but some players thought it was too soon.

After kmuelli's elimination, Flash_ua --who had a large lead-- suggested a deal again and players agreed.

At the time of the deal, the counts were:

NLJaddiePkr - 36,356,168
bombitza1986 - 44,330,562
Vitasuk16 - 48,706,993
Flash-ua - 82,311,277

And the initial numbers were:

HostJoshuaC: ok players. The chip chop numbers are:
Left To Play for place 1: $2,000.00

But the chip leader wasn't satisfied with the numbers:

Flash_ua: I want 10k
NLJaddiePkr: there is another 2k to play for flash
Flash_ua: I want 10k yes or no?

NLJaddiePkr came back with a counteroffer and Flash_ua seemed pleased:

NLJaddiePkr: its not 150 each
NLJaddiePkr: its 100 each
Flash_ua: ok
Flash_ua: 100
Flash_ua: bombitza?
Flash_ua: vitas?

The deal seemed like it was going to fall apart, but then it didn't:

Vitasuk16: nu&
bombitza1986: no
Vitasuk16: ya po and ne rozumiy
NLJaddiePkr: sad discussion lets finish this deal
Flash_ua: vitas ti mne daesh 150?
Flash_ua: ya budu dalshe esli ne kinete po 150
Flash_ua: ti za?
bombitza1986: ok
NLJaddiePkr: flash why making it so hard
NLJaddiePkr: you have like 9.6k
NLJaddiePkr: its awsome
bombitza1986: ttigan
Flash_ua: admin with each 150
HostJoshuaC : ok. One moment please.

The new numbers were:

HostJoshuaC: ok players. The new numbers are:
Left To Play for place 1: $2,000.00
HostJoshuaC: If you agree to a deal based on these numbers please say "I agree"
NLJaddiePkr: well guess this is it

All four players agreed and play continued.

Temporary setback

Flash_ua made it past the 100 million mark but then doubled up two opponents in a row.

With 600K/1.2M blinds and a 150K ante, Flash_ua raised to 2.4 million from the button and bombitz1986 called from the big blind.

The flop came 5♠J♦9♦ and Flash_ua bet 2.4 million when checked to. bombitza1986 made it 7.2 million and Flash_ua re-raised all-in.

Flash_ua had everyone at the table covered and bombitza1986 called all-in with J♠7♦. Flash_ua showed Q♥[10s] and lost the pot when an A♠ and a 7♠ completed the board.

bombitza1986 as up to 71.56 million while Flash_ua dropped to 69.38 million.

The next hand, Flash_ua raised to 2.4 million from under the gun and NLJaddiePkr raised to 4.8 million from the button. Action folded back to Flash_ua who four-bet to 9 million. NLJaddiePkr moved all-in for 31.14 million and Flash_ua called.

NLJaddiePkr: A♥[10h]
Flash_ua: Q♣Q♦

The board ran 8♠[10d]7♦K♦A♣ and NLJaddiePkr doubled to 64.67 million on the river while Flash_ua became the short stack 38.09 million.

Back on top

Flash_ua's status as short stack didn't stop the Ukranian player from getting involved in big pots though.

After a few a big pots, Flash_ua was back up to 57.23 million and then our eventual champ took a large lead again.

NLJaddiePkr raised to 2.4 million from under-the-gun and bombitza1986 re-raised to 6 million from the button. Flas_ua called from the big blind and NLJaddiePkr called as well and the flop came 3♠Q♦A♥.

bombitza1986 bet 8.4 million when checked to and only Flash_ua called. A 3♥ came on the turn and both players checked.

The river was a 2♥ and Flash_ua bet 11.4 million. bombitza1986 called and mucked when Flash_ua showed A♠J♠.

Flash_ua won a 58.8 million pot and took back the a large lead with 97.04 million.

Picking them off

Flash_ua won a few more pots and his lead grew to 121 million. Then the Ukranian player picked off the remaining players.

With 700K/1.4M blinds and a 175K ante, Flash_ua raised to 2.8 million from the button and bombitza1986 called from the big blind.

The flop came 3♦A♥2♣ and bombitza1986 moved all-in for 4.71 million. Flash_ua called with the nut straight 5♥4♦ while bombitza1986 had Q♣2♠.

bombitza1986 was in need of some help, but the J♣ on the turn and the Q♥ on the river wasn't it.

bombitza1986 won the agreed-upon $6,447.97 while Flash_ua's lead grew to 130.81 million.

A few hands later, Flash_ua took out the other Ukranian at the table.

Vitasuk16 raised to 3.5 million from the small blind and Flash_ua re-raised 8.4 million. Vitasuk16 moved all-in for 52.60 million and Flash_ua called.

Flash_ua: A♦K♥
Vitasuk16: A♥8♠

There was a 2♥J♥K♦Q♦6♠ board and an elimination.

Vitasuk16 won $5,793.03 for finishing 3rd and the tournament was down to two.


Flash_ua - 194,163,643
NLJaddiePKR - 17,541,357

In the first hand of the heads-up match, Flash_ua raised to 2.8 million and NLJaddiePkr moved all-in for 17.37 million.

NLJaddiePkr showed [10c]8♣ and was up against Flash_ua's A♣Q♣.

The final board of the tournament read [10s]5♣Q♠A♦9♥ and NLJaddiePkr won $5,819.24 for the runner-up finish.

This made Flash_ua the newest MicroMillions champion, a title that earned Flash_ua $12,042.56.

MicroMillions-050: $4.40 NLHE 4-Max, 4x Chance results:
Entrants: 19,901 entries, 22,440 rebuys
Total prize pool: $169,364.00
Places paid: 2,800

1. Flash_ua (Ukraine) $12,042.56*
2. NLJaddiePkr (Netherlands) $5,819.24*
3. Vitasuk16 (Ukraine) $6,793.03*
4. bombitza1986 (Romania) 6,447.97*
5. kmuelli (Germany) $1,956.15

Denotes a four-way deal.

The shorthanded madness of Event #50 is done but there's still plenty of MicroMillions action left. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a schedule to the remaining events, sattelites and the MicroMillions leaderboard.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Alex Villegas
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