MicroMillions 8: Gregface takes Event #51 title, acerip8 wins top dollar ($2.20+R NLHE Ante Up, 2x-Turbo)

If you ever run into Daniel Negreanu in a poker room, ask him why he loves Ante Up tournaments. He'll offer a litany of reasons why the format is the bee's knees, including the fact that players typically go from folding 80% of their hands to playing 75% of them when blinds are taken out of the equation. He'll explain how Ante Up allows for more creative post-flop play. And I guarantee he'll leave you convinced that no-limit hold'em is a hundred times more fun without blinds.

In todays MicroMillions action, 12,517 players didn't need any convincing at all as they hopped into one of only two Ante Up offerings in the MM8. Their 30,809 rebuys and 6,644 add-ons pushed the total prize pool up to $99,940.00. 1,620 places were paid with first place set to earn $13,649.90. The Red Spade trio of Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara, Tyler "frosty012" Frost, and Martin Hruby anted up, but unfortunately none of them finished in the money.

The ante was up to 350,000 with ten players remaining and two players limped in before the action fell on acerip8 in the small blind. He shoved for 29.2 million and limper SEEEDx called off his last 606,383 on the button. Acerip8's Q♥6♠ turned a pair of sixes against SEEEDx's 8♦T♦, the board running out A♦K♠9♠6♦5♣ to end his run on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: mafdawg19 (7,316,167 in chips)
Seat 2: jfaraclan (8,819,220 in chips)
Seat 3: Crazychrizzl (8,725,765 in chips)
Seat 4: read me pro (9,005,622 in chips)
Seat 5: Gregface (32,271,251 in chips)
Seat 6: RCAMDESSUS (5,680,835 in chips)
Seat 7: reggie6767 (41,046,344 in chips)
Seat 8: Money_Coma (8,681,083 in chips)
Seat 9: acerip8 (31,545,713 in chips)

acerip8 takes control

On the third hand of the final table, acerip8 opened for 948,100 and mafdawg19 shoved for 6.16 million from middle position. Acerip8 called, and although his Q♠8♠ trailed mafdawg19's K♥9♥ when the money went in, he flopped trip eights to take a commanding lead. Mafdawg19 was drawing dead on the turn and went out in ninth place, good for $624.62.

That pot put acerip8 close to the chip lead with 45.7 million and a few hands later, he snagged it outright when his K♣2♦ flopped kings and deuces against reggie6767 on a K♠2♣9♦4♦7♥ board. The 39.1 million pot took acerip8's stack up to 66.8 million, while reggie6767 fell to 31.4 million.

Then, on the next deal, jfaraclan min-raised to 10 from UTG and got six callers. The flop fell Q♣9♣5♥ and the action checked to Gregface, who bet 1.6 million. Three players filed and jfaraclan shoved for 5.5 million. Gregface called, his top pair with Q♥4♦ only slightly ahead of jfaraclan's straight and flush draws with 6♣7♣. The 3♦ turn was a blank for both players, but the river Q♠ made Gregface trip queens. Jfaraclan hit the rail in eighth place, collecting $999.40.

Money_Coma slips away

As the ante rose to 500,000, two players limped in before Gregface made it 1.2 million to go from middle position. Money_Coma shoved for 2.63 million from the small blind and Gregface called the balance, his 9♠9♣ leading A♦4♦. Although Money_Coma picked up a pair of fours on the flop, he didn't improve any further on the T♠4♣3♠K♥5♣ board and exited in seventh place ($1,998.80).

reggie6767 delivers a one-two punch

Meanwhile, RCAMDESSUS was down to his last ante and change and moved in for 530,810 from UTG+1. Reggie6767 flat-called and acerip8 raised to 3,071,655. Reggie6767 came back over the top for all 30.7 million of his chips and acerip8 got out of the way. Reggie6767's Q♦T♦ dominated RCAMDESSUS's J♣T♥ and turned a flush on the 8♦8♠6♦K♦K♣ board, ending RCAMDESSUS's run in sixth place ($2,998.20).

Then, on the very next deal, reggie6767 opened for 2,500,020 from UTG and read me pro called all-in for 1,177,780 from the small blind. Reggie6767's Q♣J♣ won the race against 7♦7♠ and read me pro went out in fifth place ($3,997.60).

Three double-ups for Crazychrizzl

The action didn't stop for a moment and on the next hand reggie6767 shoved 39.9 million on a 7♥7♦6♥ flop. Acerip8 folded but Crazychrizzi snap-called. It was a genuine cooler as both players turned over trip sevens, Crazychrizzl's J♣7♣ with the superior kicker over reggie6767's 4♦7♠. The board finished out with the T♣ and the 5♠, giving Crazychrizzl a double-up to 17.15 million.

Minutes later, the action folded to acerip8 in the small blind and he open-shoved for 76.7 million. Crazychrizzi called all-in, his A♣T♠ up against J♣6♥. Crazychrizzl flopped an ace and rivered aces up, doubling his stack to 20.7 million. And if two double-ups aren't enough, how about a third? On the next deal Crazychrizzi picked up A♥Q♦ and three-bet shoved over reggie6767's 2.4 million opening raise. Reggie6767 called and his pocket sixes held through the turn, but Crazychrizzl spiked a river ace to double (yet again) to 42.6 million.

Four-way deal

Down to only 11.2 million, reggie6767 won some chips back when he doubled through acerip8 with K♥Q♠ vs. pocket eights. It was at that point that the final four agreed to stop the madness, pause the action, and discuss a potential deal. Here's a look at how they stacked up:

acerip8 55,124,566
Crazychrizzl 43,805,915
Gregface 31,130,559
reggie6767 23,030,960

After evaluating both chip count chop and ICM numbers, the quartet agreed to the former set of figures with little debate. With $1,000 still up for grabs, cards went back in the air.

reggie6767 eliminated in fourth place

The ante now 700,000, acerip8 opened for 2.8 million from the cutoff and both Crazychrizzl and reggie6767 called. Reggie6767 shoved for 18.4 million on the K♥J♥8♣ flop and Crazychrizzl looked him up. Reggie6767 was looking for a nine or an ace to make Broadway with Q♦T♣ while Crazychrizzl turned over K♠T♠ for top pair. The J♠ turn made Crazychrizzl two pair and the river blanked out with the 3♥, ending reggie6767's final table run in fourth place ($7,316.23).

acerip8 collects top dollar, finishes third

When play turned three-handed, Crazychrizzl held the chip lead with 85.4 million, Gregface was second with 35.9 million and acerip8 brought up the rear with 31.8 million. The ante rose to 900,000 and acerip8 decided to make a move, three-bet shoving for 27.5 million from the big blind over Crazychrizzl's 2.75 million button raise. Crazychrizzl called, his Q♦J♣ trailing acerip8's A♥2♥. Acerip8 kept the led on the K♣T♣5♥ flop as Crazychrizzl picked up an open-ended straight draw. The 4♦ turn didn't change anything, but the J♥ river made Crazychrizzl a pair of jacks. Suddenly acerip8 was on the rail in third place, but thanks to the deal he still took home the largest share of the prize pool at $10,089.64.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: Crazychrizzl (105,526,021 in chips)
Seat 5: Gregface (47,565,979 in chips)

Gregface chipped up to 55.6 million before he picked up A♥K♥ and opened for a 2 million raise. Crazychrizzl shoved with A♣9♣ in the big blind and Gregface quickly called. The ace-king held up on the Q♥T♥3♦3♠3♣ board and fortunes were reversed as Gregface doubled to 111.2 million.

Two hands later, Gregface again opened for 2 million and Crazychrizzl three-bet to 8 million. Gregface called and they saw a 9♣7♣5♦ flop. Crazychrizzl led out for 7.2 million, Gregface shoved and Crazychrizzl called, his unimproved K♣Q♣ up against Gregface's bottom pair with 5♥6♠. The 2♦ turn did not help Crazychrizzl, but the 6♥ made Gregface two pair fives and sixes, and secured his MicroMillions title.

Congratulations to the U.K.'s Gregface on a miraculous come-from-behind win! He banked $8,848.57 while runner-up Crazychrizzl earned $9,032.47 thanks to the four-handed deal.

MicroMillions-051: $2.20+R NL Hold'em [Ante Up, 2x-Turbo]
Entrants: 12,517
Rebuys: 130,809
Add-ons: 6,644
Total prize pool: $99,940.00
Places paid: 1,620

1. Gregface (United Kingdom) $8,848.57*
2. Crazychrizzl (Germany) $9,032.47*
3. acerip8 (Israel) $10,089.64*
4. reggie6767 (Netherlands) $7,316.23*
5. read me pro (Russia) $3,997.60
6. RCAMDESSUS (Argentina) $2,998.20
7. Money_Coma (South Africa) $1,998.80
8. jfaraclan (Romania) $999.40
9. mafdawg19 (Canada) $624.62

*= reflects the results of a four-way deal that left $1,000 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 8