MicroMillions 8: History repeats as Fabregasas wins Event #27

On January 13, 2013, Lithuania's Fabregasas outlasted a monster-sized crowd of 18,108 players in a $1.10+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo] tournament and banked a career-best score of $14,807.42. Fast forward 18-months and Fabregasas beat 11,220 other players in the $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo, Sunday Spark Special Special] for a cool $8,489.27. The man certainly knows how to navigate his way through large field micro-stakes rebuy tournaments.

Navigating your way through more than 11,000 opponents who made almost 50,000 rebuys is an impressive enough feat in its own right, but when you add into the mix the fact that Fabregasas' hourly rate for winning this action-packed tournament was $1,395.49 then it shows how special this victory was and how amazing the MicroMillions festival is.

Let's fine out how Fabregasas marched on to victory starting with the nine-handed final table.

Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: Poker2014hit (Russia) -- 27,740,102
Seat 2: Fabregasas (Lithuania) -- 40,142,905
Seat 3: d.ace000 (Greece) -- 15,508,746
Seat 4: igor4980 (Russia) -- 40,753,784
Seat 5: perhapsfold (Belarus) -- 96,119,422
Seat 6: JozepPe1 (Russia) -- 44,743,905
Seat 7: one29 (Germany) -- 20,753,160
Seat 8: Keepanionu (Australia) -- 37,234,968
Seat 9: clint8888 (Australia) -- 26,329,008


clint8888 crashes out in ninth

The players hadn't even had chance to get settled at the final table when clint8888 busted and headed off to collect ninth place money. With blinds at 1,200,000/2,400,000/240,000, clint8888 raised all-in from under the gun to 5,335,848, two players folded, d.ace000 flat-called but then folded when JozepPe1 moved all-in from the button for over 40,183,905.

clint8888 turned over K♣Q♣ and was racing against the J♣J♥ of JozepPe1. It was a race that was over almost immediately because the 6♥K♥J♦ flop improved JozepPe1 to a set of jacks. The 7♠ turn left clint8888 drawing dead, and the inconsequential Q♠ completed the board.

JozepPe1 runs into two pairs of aces

Despite helping himself to clint8888's chips, JozepPe1 was the next player to be eliminated from the final table. The blinds had increased and igor4980 min-raised to 6,400,000 from early position, JosepPe1 raised all-in for 40,575,601 from two seats across. Fabregasas then jammed all-in for 86,618,905 from the big blind and igor4980 called to create a pot of almost 125 million chips!

igor4980: A♣A♥
Fabregasas: A♠A♦
JozepPe1: K♠Q♣

JozepPe1's all-in bet was an ill-time one because both of his opponent held pocket aces. By the river the board read 6♣5♥7♦3♦8♣ and JozepPe1 became the eighth place finisher.

Flopped set can't keep Keepanionu from busting

Everyone still at the table was guaranteed at least $1,211.79 for their efforts, a superb return on their tiny investment. That amount is now in the PokerStars account of Keepanionu who moved all-in for 4,119,802 chips at the 1,800,000/3,600,000/360,000a level with 2♠2♥ and was looked up by igor4980 and his 3♣3♥.

Both players flopped a set on the 3♦2♣6♦5♥8♣ board, but when Keepanionu couldn't improve his hand further it was game over for him.

Poker2014hit pushed out in fifth

The final six became five when Fabregasas, who had been very aggressive and using his big stack to his advantage, sent Poker2014hit for the proverbial early bath. Poker2014hit raised three-time the big blind to 12,000,000 when first to act in the small blind, Fabregasas moved all-in and Poker2014hit called off his last 24,110,332 chips.

Poker2014hit's tournament life was on the line with A♠5♦ and needing to improve to beat Fabregasas' 2♥2♣. However, it was Fabregasas whose hand improved, to a set on the turn and then a full house on the river of the J♣Q♦3♥2♦Q♣ board to bust Poker2014hit and lock up $2,423.58 for the surviving players.

Fabragasas pushes out perhapsfold

That princely sum increased to more than $3,000 a few hands later when Fabregasas sent another player to the sidelines and his own stack skywards. Blinds were now 2,250,000/4,500,000/450,000 and Fabregasas raised to 9,315,000. perhapsfold three-bet all-in for 40,280,999 from the big blind and Fabregasas quickly called.

Fabregasas: Q♣Q♥
perhapsfold: A♥2♣

The 7♥A♦6♥ flop was not what Fabregasas wanted to see because it gifted perhapsfold a pair of aces and left him drawing to two outs on the turn and river. One of those out, the Q♠ landed on the turn and Fabregasas was back in control, and when the 8♦ completed the board, perhapsfold's tournament came to an abrupt end.

With the already substantial blinds increasing every five minutes there was no time for the players to rest on their laurels, which made for an exciting and aggressive end to the tournament.

As is often the case in tournament poker, a huge coinflip hand sent another player to the rail, that player being one29.

one29 obliterated and finishes fourth
Igor4980 raised three-times the big blind to 16,500,000 and called when one29 re-raised all-in for 49,401,992 in total. It was the T♠T♥ of igor4980 against the A♥Q♠ of one29 and when the five community cards ran T♦8♥2♥A♦8♦ one29 was announced as the fourth place finisher.

Bottom pair busts d.ace000

Three-handed play lasted less than five minutes, ending with the exit of Greece's d.ace000. Fabregasas raised all-in from the small blind with the lowly J♣2♠ and d.ace000 looked him up from the big blind with A♠3♠.

Fabregasas caught a deuce on the T♦2♦8♣ flop and when the 6♣ turn and K♣ missed d.ace000, heads-up was set.

Over as quick as it started

Only one hand was needed to settle the tournament once heads-up was reached and it went the way of the seemingly unstoppable Fabregasas. A min-raise to 11,000,000 from Fabregasas was called by igor4980, who then checked the arrival of the 9♣2♥5♣ flop. Fabregasas made a continuation-bet of 10,164,000 only to see igor4980 check-raise all-in for 116,917,824 in total. After a brief pause, Fabregasas called.

igor4980: 9♦7♦
Fabregasas: K♦9♥

Both players had paired their nine, although igor4980 needed help from the board because Fabregasas had him out-kicked with a king. The 4♦ on the turn gave igor4980 the chance to split the pot with a straight, but the 4♥ on the river was no good to him and he busted in second place, a finish worth an impressive $6,180.14, leaving Fabregasas to collect the $8,489.27 champion's purse.

MicroMillions-027: $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo, Sunday Spark Special Special] Entrants: 11,221
Rebuys: 49,821
Add-Ons: 5,540
Prize pool: $60,589.62
Places paid: 1,440

1. Fabregasas (Lithuania) -- $8,489.27
2. igor4980 (Russia) -- $6,180.14
3. d.ace000 (Greece) -- $4,362.45
4. one29 (GermanY) -- $3,029.48
5. perhapsfold (Belarus) -- $2,423.58
6. Poker2014hit (Russia) -- $1,817.68
7. Keepanionu (Australia) -- $1,211.79
8. JozepPe1 (Russia) -- $605.89
9. clint8888 (Australia) -- $412.00

Matthew Pitt
@PokerStars in MicroMillions 8