MicroMillions 8: Huge ROI for ralu11 in Event #23 ($3.30+R NLHE)

The MicroMillions is all about turning tiny buy-ins into huge prize money. And we'd suggest that winning over $17,000 for a $3.30 buy-in tournament, and a return on investment of over five thousand percent, certainly qualifies as a good example of what the MicroMillions can do. That's what we saw today as Romania's ralu11 took the final table chip lead all the way to the title and huge pay day in Event #23 of the MicroMillions.

The event was a $3.30+R No Limit Holdem event with a total field of 18,130 entrants. They combined for a staggering 24,308 rebuys and another 12,955 add-ons to produce a total prize pool of $166,179.

The top 2,475 players would finish in the money with a min-cash worth $14.95. Hopefully that was enough to cover a few rebuys, but unfortunately it was just out of reach for Greek player zakarlos23 who was our bubble in 2,476th place.

A couple of red spades representing Team PokerStars were spotted in the sea of humanity. Max Lykov fell a few hundred places short of the money but Tyler Frost (2,149th - $16.61) managed a min-cash.

It would take nearly ten and a half hours of play for the 18,000+ entrants to be reduced to the final nine. Pokerfari110 was crippled with ace-jack against CHIPFATHER21's ace-king and was eliminated moments later to see our final nine set as follows:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: leafarfd (43,989,293 in chips)
Seat 2: turtle3110 (54,653,772 in chips)
Seat 3: adelka1608 (24,111,830 in chips)
Seat 4: horseroupee (16,314,332 in chips)
Seat 5: Janse01 (20,002,381 in chips)
Seat 6: V6B6V6 (27,662,156 in chips)
Seat 7: ralu11 (62,821,290 in chips)
Seat 8: CHIPFATHER21 (27,440,126 in chips)
Seat 9: rbhatia3 (32,357,320 in chips)

The final table blinds kicked off at 800k/1.6M/200k, so most players had some room to manoeuvre their stacks, but it would take just one hand to lose our first player.

ralu11 opened with a min-raise before horseroupee moved all in. ralu11 called with A♣Q♠ and the race was on against horseroupee's T♦T♠. The flop was J♠K♣4♠ and in a cruel twist, the T♣ turn brought a Broadway straight to ralu11. horseroupee would need to fill up on the river to stay alive, but it wasn't to be as the 7♠ completed the board. horseroupee took home $997.07 for ninth place.

adelka1608 landed a huge double up through turtle3110 with trips, but Janse01 wasn't quite so fortunate. Janse01 three-bet all in from the big blind with A♥4♦ but leafarfd made the call with 7♥7♦. The board fell 8♣8♠5♦K♦9♦ leaving Janse01 with ace-high to be eliminated in eighth place for $1,495.61 in prize money.

V6B6V6 would be the next to fall. With the blinds quickly rising, V6B6V6 was down to a little over five big blinds when moving all in with K♠Q♠. adelka1608 called in the big blind with A♦T♣ with ace-high holding on the scary board of J♥8♦9♦5♠5♦. V6B6V6 picked up $2,492.68 for seventh place.

The big stacks were having it all their own way, and the pressure was on the short-stacked CHIPFATHER21. With seven and a half big blinds, CHIPFATHER21 moved all in with K♥9♠ but ran into rbhatia3's Q♠Q♥. The board was spread 6♦4♥5♥6♥4♦ which didn't change anything, leaving CHIPFATHER21 to depart in sixth place for $4,154.47.

With five players remaining, leafarfd and adelka1608 would clash in the biggest pot of the tournament to date. A raise and a call would produce a J♥7♦6♦ flop and that's where things got busy. After a check from adelka1608, leafarfd made a continuation bet. adelka1608 check-raised but leafarfd moved all in with J♦8♣ for top pair. However adelka1608 had that beat, making the call with J♠Q♠ for a better kicker. The turn was the 2♠ and river the A♥ to see leafarfd finish in fifth place for $5,816.26 in prize money.

adelka1608 would continue to surge with the elimination of India's rbhatia3. The action was preflop, with rbhatia3 four-betting all in with J♠J♥ with adelka1608 making the call with A♦K♥ overcards. The flop was a bare 9♣Q♠6♦ but the A♠ arrived on the turn to leave rbhatia3 in trouble. Needing a jack to stay alive, rbhatia3 watched as the 8♦ fell on the river sending rbhatia3 to the rail in fourth place for a $7,478.05 score.

adelka1608 was now out to a commanding chip lead, with ralu11 and turtle3110 trying to hang on.

The three-handed play was relatively tight until a big pot erupted between turtle3110 and adelka1608. From the button, adelka1608 min-raised before turtle3110 moved all in for nearly thirteen big blinds. adelka1608 decided to make a gambling call with a very pretty 7♠6♠ and had live cards against turtle3110's A♣J♦. Incredibly the board fell 5♣5♦8♥9♥5♥ to give adelka1608 a straight to leave a disappointed turtle3110 to depart in third place for a five-figure return of $10,801.63.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 3: adelka1608 (237,899,378 in chips)
Seat 7: ralu11 (71,453,122 in chips)

adelka1608 took a healthy chip lead into the heads-up contest, but with the blinds at 2M/4M/500k, there was still plenty of play ahead.

The early action was pretty tight as the two exchanged blinds back and forth, before ralu11 struck the first major blow. After the flop was checked, action erupted on the turn on a Q♣9♥7♦4♦ board with ralu11's Q♥J♦ proving too strong for adelka1608's T♣9♠.

ralu11 took over the chip lead after an all-in river raise couldn't be called by adelka1608, and the next hand, it was all over.

The two players took a flop of 4♠5♦5♠ and adelka1608 checked it over to ralu11 for the continuation bet. adelka1608 check-raised all in and ralu11 made a courageous call with T♦4♥ for the lead as adelka1608 was on a pure steal with K♠3♥. The turn was the 4♦ and river the A♠ to leave adelka1608 to play the board against ralu11's full house.


adelka1608 received $14,125.21 for second place as the MicroMillions title and $17,937.71 in prize money went the way of Romania's ralu11. Not bad for a $3.30 investment!

MicroMillions-023: $3.30+R No-Limit Holdem
Entrants: 18,130 (24,308 rebuys, 12,955 add-ons)
Prize pool: $166,179.00
Places paid: 2,475

1. ralu11 (Romania) $17,937.71
2. adelka1608 (Russia) $14,125.21
3. turtle3110 (Germany) $10,801.63
4. rbhatia3 (India) $7,478.05
5. leafarfd (Brazil) $5,816.26
6. CHIPFATHER21 (United Kingdom) $4,154.47
7. V6B6V6 (Latvia) $2,492.68
8. Janse01 (Denmark) $1,495.61
9. horseroupee (United Kingdom) $997.07

There's over $5 million guaranteed across 100 different events during the MicroMillions 8 series which runs through until July 27th. Head to the MicroMillions 8 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.