MicroMillions 8: Hyper Active Kickoff as Palsgaard1 Crashes Event #1 $0.11+R NLH [Hyper-Active]

MicroMillions has returned for an eighth installment replete the with giant guarantees, bigger fields, and constantly launching tournaments we have all come to love.

The first tournament to take off was an eleven cent rebuy "Hyper Active" -- what is a Hyper Active you ask? -- its a tournament that can dispel a lot of players in short order, by means of fast blind increases and big increases at that. 64,747 people signed up for this, so the choice of Hyper Active seemed wise indeed! A quarter of a million times an invisible rebuy elf put another 1,000 chips in someone's stack. And all those dimes and pennies added up to $2,168.47 for the winner, Denmark's Palsgaard1, who showed no fear (or trembling for that matter) as they leaped over the final table.

As previously alluded, the structure of this event was swift in moving players from the not-yet eliminated category to the opposite of that. After an hour's time 64,747 had become 27,000. Those 27,000 (not to be confused with any other 27,000) were then reduced to 5,500. Not a PokerStars sponsored player was in sight of the big money as they played down through the final 1,000, this would be a victory for those who bring their lunch in a lunch pail!

Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: JakeF2001 (67,213,337 in chips)
Seat 2: gbsk1980 (102,085,939 in chips)
Seat 3: Grishanea (171,300,358 in chips)
Seat 4: beys95 (4,766,595 in chips)
Seat 5: letan86 (107,893,395 in chips)
Seat 6: MichaPu1982* (38,971,377 in chips)
Seat 7: GUSEN373 (142,686,624 in chips)
Seat 8: Palsgaard1 (92,397,634 in chips)
Seat 9: texnology13 (69,992,741 in chips)

mm8 001.jpg

The final table assembled, hand for hand lasted no time at all, players wasted little time resolving the matter at hand. With the blinds starting at 7M-14M letan86 moved all-in for 102M chips second to act holding A♥ 8♦. GUSEN373 woke up with A♣ Q♦ two spots later. The K♠ 9♦ 4♠ flop rolled out, completing with the 5♠ and 3♠. GUSEN373 had been the player at risk, but letan86 had less than an ante left, meaning they would be all-in the next hand.

So would another player, beys95, who was all-in in the big blind. With two players already at-risk with random hands MichaPu1982* decided to risk ICM suicide with 2 big blinds under the gun and 8♣ 8♥, moving all-in. Then, in turn, Palsgaard1 moved all-in for a big mountain of chips, and with two cards, the K♠ and the J♦. A lot of chips in the middle of this pot, with eight cards on their backs... letan86 had been dealt the nonspectacular Q♣ 4♣ while beys95 had a punchers chance with 9♦ 9♣.

It was all rather simple from there, what happened next that is, because five cards came and the pot was split between beys95 and MichaPu1982* Those five cards being 7♦ 3♥ T♠ 6♥ 2♥. Receiving $110.46 for ninth was letan86, while Palsgaard1 still had 145M.

beys95 Builds Back

The very next hand saw action fold around to the blinds, beys95, who moved all-in with J♥ 9♣, and MichaPu1982* (we are told they were en route as the clock struck midnight on the first day of 1983, hence the asterisk) called with a rather rough J♣ 4♠. Both players made a pair on the K♠ J♦ 2♦ flop, both made two pair on the K♦ turn. But the nine played as a kicker on the 5♥ river. An unfortunate end to MichaPu1982* who had turned some assortment of loose change into $185.91 for eighth place.

gbsk1980 tried their luck next, moving all-in for 69M at 8M-16M with A♥ 7♣, but received action from the A♣ Q♣ of Palsgaard1. The unambiguously-birthed player maintained their three outs throughout the running of the community cards, A♠ 3♥ K♣ 4♥ A♦. And with that gbsk1980 was eliminated seventh, pocketing $273.26.

Palsgaard1 Finds His Queen

The players took a brief reprieve, perhaps six hands, without an elimination. But that would change with JakeF2001 open-shoving 82M chips under the gun with the blinds a now astronomical 10M-20M. Palsgaard1 was lurking in the small blind with Q♣ Q♥ and called. But lurking would be the wrong verb, once the K♠ K♥ of the at-risk player was revealed. The flop flipped the script, it came Q♠ 5♦ 2♠. Two hundred million chips were up for grabs and an abdication was afoot. The turn brought the A♥ and the 3♦ river was not the two-outer to save JakeF2001. They received $393.24 for sixth while their vanquisher extended the chip lead.

Five hands later said chip-leader moved all-in from the small blind, with texnology13 calling off their last three blinds in the big. Domination was the name of the game again, 8♥ 9♦ for the at-risk Russian, K♥ 8♠ for the affluent Dane. The flop was Q♠ 5♦ 4♣ meaning hope by way of backdoor or nine was still in play. Those hopes were crushed on the K♠ turn, it would be $589.69 for texnology13's fifth place finish.

Palsgaard1 had transformed into a juggernaut and steamrolled their next victim in another blind versus blind confrontation. This time they had the worst of it with 8♦ 9♥, but were not dominated by the K♥ Q♠ of Grishanea. 250M chips were in the middle, but Palsgaard1 had even more still behind -- as the flop came 9♦ 8♥ 6♠.

Turn: T♦

There was still life in the deck for Grishanea, but the 5♠ snuffed it out on the river. The player out of Moldova had won $786.48 for fourth.

The very next hand preempted further three-handed play, beys95 risked their last three big blinds with K♥ T♥ and just one opponent to get past, GUSEN373. Unfortunately Q♥ Q♠ turned up in the big blind's hand in the blink of an eye. Some blinds later the altogether conformist 7♦ 4♦ 5♦ flop arrived. The T♠ added some outs for beys95, but the 8♥ river was a few ranks too low for their liking. The Bulgarian had survived the extinction of hordes of players to finish third, $985.66 their bounty.


On the penultimate hand, Palsgaard1 showed aces. On an ace high board. This was their final table to win, they had been racing towards an 800M chip stack since the last nine runners had assembled.

On the final hand, with blinds of 12.5 million and twice that amount, GUSEN373 moved all of his 147M into the pot. Palsgaard1 called with K♠ Q♦ and was dominating the Q♥ 9♥ of their opponent. The flop was A♦ 8♥ 2♣ with potential for upheaval. The 8♣ turn and A♣ river did not realize this potential, it was king-high beats queen-high for Palsgaard1. GUSEN373 received $1,509.08, having bounced back from a tough start to this final table, for second place. But the day was a toast to Palsgaard1. They had won $2,168.47 and captured the first title of MicroMillions 8!

MicroMillions-001: $0.11+R No-Limit Hold'em [Hyper Active]
Entrants: 64,747 (251,061 re-buys, 24,075 add-ons)
Prize pool: $33,988.30
Places paid: 8,442

1. Palsgaard1 (Denmark) $2,168.47
2. GUSEN373 (Russia) $1,509.08
3. beys95 (Bulgaria) $985.66
4. Grishanea (Moldova) $786.48
5. texnology13 (Russia) $589.69
6. JakeF2001 (United Kingdom) $393.24
7. gbsk1980 (Ireland) $273.26
8. MichaPu1982* (Germany) $185.91
9. letan86 (Russia) $110.46

Gareth Chantler is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

Gareth Chantler
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