MicroMillions 8: makis305 makes it through Event #57 ($8.80 NLHE 6-Max, Turbo, Shootout, Super-Knockout)

It was a bold ending to a tournament with a lot of qualifiers: 6-Max, Turbo, Shootout, Super-Knockout.

Event #57's title was almost a paragraph, a fast-paced paragraph that ended on a bluff.

Unlike most MicroMillions tournaments that end with a giant preflop clash, this event ended with the last two players --who started the hand close in chips-- betting and calling until the river.

When the last card was dealt, our runner-up finisher, danish7, risked it all with a busted flush draw and our champion, makis305, called with a pair of fives. It was the second-lowest pair on the board.

makis305 and danish7 were the last two players standing out of an initial field of 7,188. Those thousands of players created a total prize pool of $60,379 --half of which went to bounties.

makis305 took the largest share of the regular prize pool, earning $3,932.30 for finishing 1st, while danish7 scored the most KOs with 16.

makis305 and danish7 made it to that point by surviving multiple single-table shootouts.

They were joined by only four other players at...

The final table


Seat 1: r4st4f4ri - 5,000
Seat 2: danish7 - 5,000
Seat 3: makis305 - 5,000
Seat 4: Cityman07 - 5,000
Seat 5: Fraaerok - 5,000
Seat 6: 4FingersAK - 5,000

The final table started with 25/50 blinds and, in the second hand of play, Cityman07 raised to 105 from the cutoff.

Fraaerok called from the button and r4st4f4ri did the same from the big blind. The flop came 6♥A♠2♣ and Cityman07 led the charge with a bet to 150.

Fraaerok called, r4st4f4ri folded and a 9♦ came on the turn. Cityman07 fired another barrel worth 350 and Fraaerok called.

The [10h] completed the board and Cityman07 bet 650. Fraaerok called and then mucked when Cityman07 turned over 9♣6♣ for nines and sixes.

Cityman07 was up to 6,385 while Fraaerok fell to 3,720.

Falling Fraaerok

Cityman07 continued to rise while Fraaerok fell for good.

makis305 raised to 352 from the button and Fraaerok called from the big blind. Both players checked the K♣3♣A♣ flop and a 6♦ came on the turn.

Fraaerok bet 452 and makis305 called. A [10d] came on the river and Fraaerok bet 480, makis305 re-raised all-in and Fraaerok called.

Fraaerok showed A♥6♠ for aces and sixes while makis305 had a set with [10c][10h]. makis305 had Fraaerok covered and Fraaerok became the first final table elimination.

For finishing 6th, Fraaerok earned $422.65 plus 12 bounties.

Double Danish

danish7 had been chipping up since the start of the final table, but then the Indian player scored back-to-back eliminations and took a massive lead.

With 125/250 blinds and a 30 ante, r4st4f4ri raised to 500 from the cutoff. danish7 re-raised to 1,142 from the button and r4st4f4ri moved all-in for 6,645.

danish7 called with A♣K♠ and was flipping against r4st4f4ri's 4♣4♠.

The board ran 9♣K♥Q♠3♣5♥ and danish7 chipped to 16,023.

r4st4f4ri on the other hand won $754.74, plus 14 bounties, for finishing 5th.

The following hand, danish7 hit big slick again and scored another elimination.

danish7 opened to 512 from under-the-gun and 4FingersAK re-raised all-in from the big blind.

danish7 called the 2,174 all-in with A♣K♦ and had 4FingersAK's A♦3♦ dominated. There was a J♠[10c]8♦4♠2♠ board and another elimination.

Aside from collecting 13 bounties, 4FingersAK won $1,358.53 for finishing 4th.

One more

danish7 had nearly two-thirds of the chips in play and then collected even more.

Blinds were up to 150/300 with a 35 ante and danish7 raised to 615 from the button. Cityman07 re-raised all-in for 5,318 from the big blind and danish7 called.

It was another flip when Cityman07 showed 5♠5♥ to danish7's A♣J♣.

The J♠[10s]Q♥K♦2♦ board fell heavily in danish7's favor and Cityman07 fell to a straight.

Cityman07 won $42.00 for 10 knockouts and $2,113.27 for finishing 3rd.

Heads up

makis305 - 5,211
danish7 - 24,789

With a nearly 5-1 chip deficit, makis305 needed a few double-ups.

In the first --with 200/400 blinds and a 50 ante-- danish7 raised to 860 and makis305 moved all-in for 7,351. danish7 called and we had the first heads-up showdown.

danish7: K♣[10s]
makis305: A♣5♠

The board ran 7♦3♦A♥2♠J♥ and makis305 doubled up. Players were close to even since makis305 doubled up to 14,802 while danish7 dipped to 15,198.

But then danish7 took the lead again:

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It didn't last long though.

Blinds were up to 400/800 with a 100 ante and makis305 moved all-in for 8,136. danish7 called with A♠K♦ and makis305 was flipping with [10h][10d].

makis305 doubled up to 16,472 when the board brought all low cards and ended the tournament the following hand.

danish7 called from the small blind and makis305 checked. The flop came 9♣3♦5♣ and makis305 bet 990. danish7 called and a K♥ came on the turn.

makis305 bet 1,990 and a Q♠ completed the board when danish7 called.

makis305 checked the river and then called danish7's 9,648 all-in.

danish7 showed J♣6♣ for a busted flush draw while makis305 tabled a 8♦5♠ for a pair of fives.

danish7 had earned 16 bounties and won $2,868.01 for finishing 2nd.

This made makis305 the champion of event #57, a title worth $3,932.30 plus 15 bounties.

MicroMillions-057: $8.80 NLHE 6-Max Turbo Shootout Super-Knockout results:
Entrants: 7,188
Regular prize pool: $30,189.60
Bounty prize pool: $30,189.60
Total prize pool: $60,379.20
Places paid: 1,296

1. makis305 (Greece) $3,932.30
2. danish7 (India) $2,868.01 + 16KOs
3. Cityman07 (Russia) $2,113.27 + 10KOs
4. 4FingersAK (United Kingdom) $1,358.53 + 13KOs
5. r4st4f4ri (Germany) $754.74 + 14KOs
6. Fraaerok (Russia) $422.65 + 12KOs

No more knockouts left in this event, but there's still lots of bustouts left to go in the MicroMillions. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full schedule of the remaining events, satellites to each one of those events, a MicroMillions leaderboard and any MicroMillions information you could ever want.

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