MicroMillions 8: Maximum payoff for maxliveser, winner of Event #4 ($5.50 NLHE Turbo, Zoom)

I have no idea what the player maxliveser of Russia -- winner of Event #4 of MicroMillions 8, a $5.50 buy-in "turbo"-styled Zoom tournament -- might do for a living. I'm going to guess, though, that whatever it is, the pay probably isn't more than $2,000 per hour.

That's what maxliveser made on Thursday in Event #4, taking just a little over five hours to win a first prize of $10,324.82. Now there's a job well done... and well compensated!

By the end of the one-hour late registration period there were 20,619 total entrants, thereby building a $103,095 prize pool and easily besting the tourney's $75K guarantee.

With blinds and antes increasing every five minutes, it didn't take long for that huge group to play down to 2,700 and the bursting of the cash bubble, at which point MindGi, didiermav, and dentist_man1 were sitting atop the rapidly shifting counts.

By the two-and-a-half-hour mark they were already down to 500, and less than an hour after that just 100 remained. Evil_Luci, IASh88, and 123456987cac had chipped up into the top spots by then, with former leaders didiermav (256th, $43.29), MindGi (466th, $31.95), and dentist_man1 (881st, $22.61) among the many hitting the rail in the interim.

They'd only just crossed the event's four-hour mark when just 27 players were left and the tournament reverted to the usual multi-table format, at which point deargrizzly had moved in front with more than 9.25 million chips.

A half-hour more and the field had already been whittled down to just nine players, with IASh88 (18th, $211.34) and deargrizzly (12th, $386.60) among the recently fallen. With RoyalJoss12 the new chip leader, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Evil_Luci (Germany) -- 3,308,087
Seat 2: ilav212 (Lithuania) -- 11,393,509
Seat 3: tociu00 (Poland) -- 4,035,823
Seat 4: maxliveser (Russia) -- 13,451,632
Seat 5: Romanych51 (Russia) -- 15,103,289
Seat 6: janizv (Slovenia) -- 14,243,151
Seat 7: Frontchecker (Germany) -- 7,390,476
Seat 8: RoyalJoss12 (Estonia) -- 19,337,587
Seat 9: 123456987cac (Brazil) -- 14,831,446

The final nine battled for a few minutes, then a double-knockout occurred to trim the field swiftly to seven.

With the blinds 400k/800k, 123456987cac opened for 1.6 million from middle position, Evil_Luci called all in for 1,444,528 from one seat over, then tocuiu99 also called all in for 1,521,646 from the button. Both blinds -- maxliveser (small) and Romanych51 (big) -- came along, too, and the five saw the flop come 2♦J♦9♥. It checked to 123456987cac who bet 2.4 million, the others folded, and the three remaining players' hands were tabled:

123456987cac: Q♦Q♠
tociu00: A♣7♣
Evil_Luci: A♠K♦

123456987cac's queens were leading, and after the 3♣ turn and 9♣ river they remained best, knocking out Evil_Luci in ninth and tociu00 in eighth.

Soon after the blinds moved up to 500k/1m when Frontchecker raised to 2 million from early position and got a single caller in Romanych51 from the big blind. The flop came single-suited -- 6♠4♠8♠ -- and after Romanych51 checked, Frontchecker shoved all in for 3,265,476 and Romanych51 called.

Frontchecker had K♣K♥ for an overpair, however was all but drawing dead against Romanych51's T♠5♠ for a flopped flush. The board ran out 2♠ then J♠, giving Frontchecker a flush, too, but not one good enough to prevent being eliminated in seventh.

Just moments later 123456987cac was down to 1,781,847 after contributing the ante and open-pushed all in from the cutoff seat, then saw ilav212 reraise from the button to scatter the blinds. 123456987cac had Q♠T♣ and needed to improve versus ilav212's A♦5♠ to survive, but the board came 3♦9♣2♠9♥A♣ and they were down to five.

They made it to the five-hour break, at which point ilav212 had built up a stack of more than 39 million and was starting to create some distance from the others. Then soon after play resumed the blinds were 700k/1.4m when janizv open-pushed all in for 12,618,151 from the small blind, then RoyalJoss12 -- who didn't have too much more -- called from one seat over.

janizv had T♦9♣, but RoyalJoss12 had woken up with A♠A♦. The community cards came Q♣6♠J♠J♥J♦, improving RoyalJoss12 to a full house and ending janizv's run in fifth place.

About a minute later ilav212 opened with a 2.5x raise to 3.5 million from the button, Romanych51 reraised all in for 6,343,765 from the big blind, and ilav212 called.

Romanych51 had Q♦8♦ and a couple of live cards against ilav212's 3♥3♣. One queen would come among the community cards, but so, too, would a couple of treys -- the board coming 3♦6♠K♣Q♥3♠ -- and with quads ilav212 knocked out Romanych51 in fourth.

The remaining trio battled on for about five more minutes, with maxliveser eventually building up over 48 million to seize the chip lead. Then with the blinds up to 800k/1.6m it was RoyalJoss12 raising to 3.2 million from the button, ilva212 reraising all in for 33,368,498 from the small blind, and maxliveser pushing all in over the top from the big blind with that leading stack.

RoyalJoss12 got out of the way, and ilav212 showed A♠T♦ to the J♣J♦ of maxliveser. The flop came 9♥A♣K♠, giving ilav212 the lead with a pair of aces, and after the 5♦ turn it appeared ilav212 was about to claim the 70 million-plus chip pot.

But then came the river... the J♠! A set for maxliveser, ilav212 was done in third.

That hand gave maxliveser a huge lead to start heads-up play with 84,989,262 to RoyalJoss12's 18,105,738. The pair played four small hands with maxliveser chipping a little at RoyalJoss12's stack, then the tournament's final hand arrived.

The blinds were still 800k/1.6m, and after maxliveser open-shoved from the button, RoyalJoss12 called all in with the 13,505,738 left. RoyalJoss12 had the preflop edge with A♠4♣ to maxliveser's K♥7♣, but the flop quickly changed things, coming 7♠J♦K♦ to give maxliveser two pair.

The turn was the J♣ to pair the board and give RoyalJoss12 slight hope to hit an ace and survive with a better two pair, but the river was the 4♠ -- pairing the wrong card for RoyalJoss12 -- and it was all over... maxliveser had won!

Congratulations to maxliveser for making quick work of more than 20,000 players to turn a $5.50 buy-in into more than $10K!

MicroMillions-004: $5.50 No-Limit Hold'em (Turbo, Zoom)
Entrants: 20,619

Prize pool: $103,095.00
Places paid: 2,700

1. maxliveser (Russia) $10,324.82
2. RoyalJoss12 (Estonia) $8,233.16
3. ilav212 (Lithuania) $6,185.70
4. Romanych51 (Russia) $4,639.27
5. janizv (Slovenia) $3,608.32
6. 123456987cac (Brazil) $2,577.37
7. Frontchecker (Germany) $1,546.42
8. tociu00 (Poland) $927.85
9. Evil_Luci (Germany) $618.57

There's still most of the 100-tournament MicroMillions 8 schedule left to go. Check the MicroMillions 8 web page for the full schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.