MicroMillions 8: p.s.newreg perseveres to snatch victory in Event #97 Sunday Storm Special Edition

Fading a field of 47,596 blood-thirsty combatants is no easy task. That's enough players to fill Anfield football stadium in Liverpool. Imagine being chased by an entire arena of rabid adversaries and you might get a tiny glimpse into the adrenaline-packed intensity of the Sunday Storm Special Edition, which also pulled double duty as MicroMillion Event #97.

Russia's p.s.newreg went wire-to-wire at final table of Event #97. Despite close competition from the onset, p.s.newreg quickly pulled away from the chase pack and amassed a monstrous stack. The rest, as the cliche goes, was history.

MicroMillions 8 Event #97 $11 NL Sunday Storm Special attracted 47,596 runners. The prize pool surged to $475,960.000, which smashed the $300,000 guarantee. The top 5,967 places paid out with an impressive first place prize of approximately $37,000, a juicy pay out for a modest $11 investment.

th_MG_2009_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske - 1,795th place

Several notables cashed including Team Online Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders and Mickey 'mement_mori' Petersen, along with Team PokerStars Pros Marcel Luske and Martin 'AABenjaminAA' Hruby.

PokerStars Team Pro Martin 'AABenjaminAA' Hruby was in the top 50-100 in chips for a significant portion of the tournament before his epic run came to a screeching halt. Shortstacked Hruby made a final stand with Q♠J♠ in a three-way pot. Unfortunately both opponents woke up to wired pairs -- Q♣Q♥ and J♣J♥. Hruby never improved and bowed out in 565th place.

PokerStars Team Pro Marcel Luske went on another deep run by securing himself a cash in 1,795th place. Luske went busto when his Q♦Q♣ were outflopped by Divine275's A♣K♠.

Team Online xflixx and mement_mori both cashed, but neither could not muster up anything better than 3,646th place (xflixx) and 3,977th place (mement_mori) respectively.


Sunday Storm - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: petro_popovi (11,618,630)
Seat 2: BadxxxxBoy (19,539,472)
Seat 3: Tuan199x (62,935,717)
Seat 4: p.s.newreg (63,465,340)
Seat 5: xehf3211 (12,155,564)
Seat 6: mo-utrecht (16,117,729)
Seat 7: Chefkoch15 (25,940,632)
Seat 8: mikekaljo89 (8,602,448)
Seat 9: ParanoidPaco (17,604,468)

The final table of the Sunday Storm Special Edition commenced during Level 51 with blinds at 400K/800K and a 80K ante. Russia's p.s.newreg sat atop of the big stack with 63.4M and Tuan199x was right behind with 62.9M. Meanwhile, mikekaljo89 from Denmark was in the basement with 8.6M.

mikekaljo89 eliminated in 9th place

The final nine slugged it out for a full level before someone bowed out. Short-stacked mikekaljo89 open-shoved for 6,619,615 with A♦8♠ and petro_popovi tried to pick him off with K♠K♦. The board ran out Q♦7♣3♥7♥K♥ and petro_popovi rivered a full house to secure the win. Denmark's mikekaljo89 became the first player to exit the final table. For a ninth-place performance, mikekaljo89 earned $1,932.39.

xehf3211 eliminated in 8th place

On the very next hand, we saw another bustout when another short stack bit the dust. petro_popovi min-raised to 2M, Tuan199x called, shorty xehf3211 moved all-in for 7,625,564, petro_popovi folded, but Tuan199x called. xehf3211 led with A♥K♦ against Tuan199x's A♣J♥. The board ran out J♠7♦2♥Q♠7♠. Tuan199x flopped a Jack to take the lead. xehf3211's Big Slick failed to improve and Tuan199x dragged the pot. For an eighth-place finish, xehf3211 collected $3,293.64.

petro_popovi eliminated in 7th place

petro_popovi min-raised to 2M, BadxxxxBoy made it 5M to go, and petro_popovi called. The flop was Q♣6♠4♦. petro_popovi checked, BadxxxxBoy fired out 4M, and petro_popovi called all-in for 3,844,377.

petro_popovi: A♠T♥
BadxxxxBoy: A♣K♣

Neither player had hit the flop, but BadxxxxBoy was ahead with Big Slick. The turn was the 6♥ and the river was the A♥. Both players rivered an Ace for two pair -- Aces and sixes. However, petro_popovi got outkicked King to Ten. BadxxxxBoy won the pot and Ukraine's petro_popovi was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $4,840.51.

With six remaining, Tuan199x held the lead with 59.2M and ParanoidPaco brought up the rear with 19.9M.

BadxxxxBoy eliminated in 6th place

p.s.newreg min-raised to 2.4M and BadxxxxBoy called. On a flop of K♥9♠8♠, BadxxxxBoy checked, p.s.newreg bet 2.7M, and BadxxxxBoy called. The 6♠ fell on the turn. BadxxxxBoy checked, p.s.newreg bet 6,220,800, BadxxxxBoy re-raised to 30,323,849, and p.s.newreg called all-in.

BadxxxxBoy: K♣Q♥
p.s.newreg: 8♥8♣

BadxxxxBoy flopped top pair, p.s.newreg flopped a set. The 7♠ spiked on the river and did not help BadxxxxBoy, who headed to the virtual rail in sixth place, which paid out $6,968.05.

With five left in the hunt, p.s.newreg led with 81.7M and mo-utrecht brought up the rear with 10.5M.

mo-utrecht eliminated in 5th place

p.s.newreg min-raised to 3.2M, mo-utrecht bombed it all-in for 14,346,776 with A♦7♦ and p.s.newreg called with T♥T♣. The board finished up 8♠8♣3♠5♣2♠. p.s.newreg's pocket tens held up, and mo-utrecht went busto in fifth place, which paid out $10,442.56.

With four to go, p.s.newreg chipped up to over 100M, while ParanoidPaco was the shorty with 15.8M.

ParanoidPaco eliminated in 4th place

Four-handed did not last long before we saw a quickfire elimination... p.s.newreg min-raised to 3.2M, ParanoidPaco jammed all-in for 8,841,206 with Q♥J♦, and p.s.newreg called with K♣3♥. The board ran out J♠5♥4♣2♦A♦. ParanoidPaco flopped a pair of Jacks, but p.s.newreg caught running cards for a Wheel straight. Alas, ParanoidPaco was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $13,926.58.


With three remaining p.s.newreg held more than half chips in play with 127.8M, followed by Tuan199x (81.8M) and Chefkoch15 (28.2M). They instantly agreed to chop up the money, but had to leave $6,000.00 on the table for the champion. The deal numbers agreed upon were: p.s.newreg ($29,673.33), Tuan199x ($25,274.18), and Chefkoch15 ($20,146.84).

Chefkoch15 eliminated in 3rd place

p.s.newreg opened to 3.6M, Chefkoch15 bombed it all-in for 32,074,632 with 2♠2♥, and p.s.newreg called with 8♥8♣. The board finished up J♥8♠4♠5♦5♠. p.s.newreg led all the way... and improved on the flop with a set of eights, then rivered a full boat to win the pot. Germany's Chefkoch15 was knocked out in third place, which paid out $20,146.84.

HEADS-UP: Tuan199x (Finland) vs. p.s.newreg (Russia)
Seat 3: Tuan199x (76,842,759)
Seat 4: p.s.newreg (161,137,241)

With two remaining in the hunt for the title, p.s.newreg held a sizable 2-1 advantage. Heads-up only lasted 11 hands before Tuan199x got picked off by p.s.newreg.

Tuan199x eliminated in 2nd place; p.s.newreg wins Event #97!

On the final hand... Tuan199x opened to 5.4M, p.s.newreg bumped it up to 14,625,000, Tuan199x shoved all-in for 69,246,759 with K♥T♠, and p.s.newreg called with 9♦9♣. The board ran out J♥9♠3♠3♦K♣. Tuan199x flopped a gutshot, but p.s.newreg flopped a set of nines. Tuan199x never improved and p.s.newreg turned a full house. Tuna199x was doomed and busted out in second place.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Finland's Tuan199x earned $25,274.18.

Congrats to the newest MicroMillions champion, p.s.newreg, who takes home $35,673.33 for first place in Event #97.

MicroMillions-097: $11 NL Hold'em [Sunday Storm Special Edition]
Entrants: 47,596
Prize Pool: $475,960.00
Places Paid: 5,967

1. p.s.newreg (Russia) $35,673.33 **
2. Tuan199x (Finland) $25,274.18 **
3. Chefkoch15 (Germany) $20,146.84 **
4. ParanoidPaco (Russia) $13,926.58
5. mo-utrecht (Netherlands) $10,442.56
6. BadxxxxBoy (Ireland) $6,968.05
7. petro_popovi (Ukraine) $4,840.51
8. xehf3211 (Russia) $3,293.64
9. mikekaljo89 (Denmark) $1,932.39

** Denotes a deal among the final three players

The end of MicroMillions 8 is upon us, but visit the home page to geek out on stats and find out who is at the top of the leader board.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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