MicroMillions 8: ROMAN80555 rolls to Event #17 win ($3.30 PL Badugi)

Badugi lovers congregated for Event #17 of MicroMillions, a $3.30 buy-in pot-limit Badugi tournament, and after almost nine hours of discards and draws it was ROMAN80555 of Moldova emerging the champion to turn that tiny price tag into a cool $1,083.33 score.

There were 2,361 entrants all told in this one, thereby building a $7,083 prize pool that was divided among the top 304 finishers. That easily bested the tournament's $5K guarantee, a routine happening here in MicroMillions 8.

It would take nearly seven hours for those 2,361 to play down to just 16 players gathered around the final two tables, at which point timmm333 led the way with more than 2.2 million chips with the handtuch and The TJS occupying the next two spots in the counts.

During the next 40 minutes eight more players would fall. stan87magic (16th), Buttington (15th), Lexxkoms (14th), and RUUT 1 (13th) each took away $38.95 for their finishes. They were followed by pokergirl804 (12th), PEMOKRY (11th), Rumunus (10th), and Vincam9 (9th), each of whom cashed for $53.12.

timmm333 carried the chip lead to the final table, followed closely by the handtuch who had won a huge 3 million-plus chip pot versus Vincam9 on the final table bubble.


Seat 1: air_2317 (Ukraine) -- 689,770
Seat 2: The TJS (United Kingdom) -- 1,357,106
Seat 3: the handtuch (Germany) -- 2,533,492
Seat 4: petrovich352 (Russia) -- 1,478,933
Seat 5: timmm333 (Russia) -- 2,770,400
Seat 6: kismacska87 (Hungary) -- 1,085,504
Seat 7: TomSFC (Australia) -- 387,816
Seat 8: ROMAN80555 (Moldova) -- 1,501,979

TomSFC taken out in eighth

On the fourth hand of the final table, the blinds were 50,000/100,000 when TomSFC opened with a pot-sized raise to 350,000 from middle position, leaving just 37,618 behind. It folded to petrovich352 in the big blind who reraised, and TomSFC called all in with those remaining chips.

petrovich352 would draw two cards, then one, then stand pat on the third draw, while TomSFC would draw one card on all three rounds. Both players would make Badugis, but petrovich352's 6♣4♠3♦A♥ was better than TomSFC's T♦7♥6♠A♣, and the latter hit the rail in eighth.

kismacska87 kicked out in seventh

They were in the same level when a few hands later kismacska87 opened to 350,000 from under the gun, then timmm333 reraised the pot from the big blind. kismacska87 called all in with the 585,504 left behind, and both players stood pat through all three draws.

kismacska87 turned over T♠6♦5♣2♥, but timmm333 had been dealt a better Badugi with 9♥8♣7♠3♦ and kismacska87 was eliminated in seventh.

The TJS's tourney ends in sixth

The blinds increased to 60,000/120,000, and a hand arose that saw The TJS limp in from the small blind and the handtuch check from the big blind.

Both players took two cards on the first draw, then The TJS led for 240,000. the handtuch raised to 720,000, The TJS shoved all in for 1,037,106 total, and the handtuch called.

Both players then stood pat for the last two draws, The TJS showed J♣5♠4♥2♦, but the handtuch had drawn better with 9♦6♣5♥2♠ and The TJS's tourney run ended with a sixth-place finish.

timmm333 drummed out in fifth

It would take nearly 30 minutes more for the next elimination to come as the tournament moved into its ninth hour.

The blinds were 100,000/200,000 when the handtuch made a min-raise to 400,000 from the cutoff seat, then timmm333 reraised to 1.4 million from the small blind. It folded back to the handtuch who reraised back, and timmm333 called all in with the 561,348 left behind.

timmm333 would stand pat through all three draws while the handtuch drew one card twice, then stood pat. timmm333 showed J♣T♦9♠5♥, but the handtuch had drawn better with 7♠5♣4♦A♥ and timmm333 was out in fifth.

air_2317 out in fourth

Moments later the handtuch was min-raising to 400,000 from UTG and getting two callers in ROMAN80555 (small blind) and air_2317 (big blind).

On the first draw, ROMAN80555 drew one card, air_2317 drew two, and the handtuch one. ROMAN80555 then led for 200,000, air_2317 raised all in for 305,196, the handtuch called, and ROMAN8055 called as well.

The second draw saw ROMAN80555 and the handtuch both standing pat while the all-in air_2317 drew one card. ROMAN80555 led for 200,000 and the handtuch called. The third draw repeated the same pattern, with ROMAN80555 and the handtuch standing pat, air_2317 drawing one, and the handtuch calling a bet of 200,000 from ROMAN80555.

The showdown began with ROMAN80555 turning over 8♠7♥6♦4♣, and both of the others mucked their cards with air_2317 being eliminated in fourth.

petrovich352 punted in third

After a few hands of three-handed play, petrovich352 raised 3x to 600,000 from the small blind and ROMAN80555 called from a seat over. petrovich352 drew two cards, ROMAN80555 just one, petrovich352 bet all in for 290,288, and ROMAN80555 called.

The second draw saw petrovich352 take two again and ROMAN80555 just one, then both took a single card on the last draw.

Both players ended with 3-card hands, with ROMAN80555's 7♥6♣3♦3♥ (7-6-3) besting petrovich352's 8♣5♦4♦A♠ (8-4-A) to send the latter out in third.

ROMAN80555 handles the handtuch heads-up, wins title

the handtuch would win the first heads-up pot, then the pair paused the tournament to discuss a possible chop. ROMAN80555 led at that point with 6,157,572 to the handtuch's 5,647,428.

"ICM"-based figures were produced -- leaving $100 on the side for which to play -- and both players agreed.

The heads-up battle would ultimately last about 20 minutes and cover nearly 40 hands. Early on the handtuch would grab a huge lead after winning a 10 million-plus chip pot after drawing a 6♥5♠3♣A♦. ROMAN80555 would battle back and then double-up to retake the lead, the handtuch would do the same a few hands later, then ROMAN80555 pushed back in front before the final hand at last arrived.

For the last hand the blinds were 125,000/250,000, and it began with ROMAN80555 raising to 750,000 from the button. the handtuch reraised to 2.25 million, ROMAN80555 reraised back, and the handtuch called all in for 2,778,848 total.

Both players stood pat on the first draw, then the handtuch chose to break the hand by drawing one on the second draw while ROMAN80555 continued to stick with what had been dealt. the handtuch drew one again on the final draw and ROMAN80555 continued to stand pat, then came the showdown:

the handtuch: 8♠5♦A♦A♥
ROMAN80555: T♥8♦6♣5♠

ROMAN80555 had been dealt a Badugi and stuck with it while the handtuch ended by pairing up on the end, thereby giving ROMAN80555 the win.

Congratulations to ROMAN80555 for becoming the latest MicroMillions champion and kudos as well to the handtuch for making it to the heads-up deal and securing a nice payday as well.

MicroMillions-017: $3.30 Pot-Limit Badugi
Entrants: 2,361

Prize pool: $7,083.00
Places paid: 304

1. ROMAN80555 (Moldova) $1,083.33*
2. the handtuch (Germany) $972.28*
3. petrovich352 (Russia) $670.33
4. air_2317 (Ukraine) $495.81
5. timmm333 (Russia) $352.15
6. The TJS (United Kingdom) $212.49
7. kismacska87 (Hungary) $141.66
8. TomSFC (Australia) $70.83

*= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $100 in play for the winner

There's a ton more MicroMillions action left to go all week. Check the MicroMillions 8 web page for the full schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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