MicroMillions 8: Sp1tter spins tiny buy-in into $2,665.52, wins Event #31 ($3.30 Stud Hi/Lo)

Stud hi/lo aficionados had a chance to play the popular split-pot game in Event #31 of MicroMillions 8, a $3.30 buy-in tournament that sported a $10,000 guarantee. A whopping field of 5,738 took part, thus building a guarantee-crushing prize pool of $17,214, and after just over eight hours it was Sp1tter of Russia collecting all of the chips and a $2,665.52 first prize -- more than 1,500 times the buy-in!

After seven hours they'd played all of the way down to 16 players, with the money bubble having burst when the field reached 720 and Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske among the cashers, finshing 283rd for $8.09.

By then mdv1978 led with just over 3.4 million, but SpecialAvenger, HEPBAK18, DEMOLKA13, and Brandywine were all within a few big bets hovering around the 3.3 million-chip mark.

Over the next half-hour eight more players hit the rail. mkthppn (16th), pokerfan153 (15th), Dart Serg (14th), and pogari (13th) each cashed for $73.15, then PAst3r (12th), DeWashington (11th), mdv1978 (10th), and kamaki66 (9th) earned $86.07 apiece.

With Sp1tter having edged out in front with more than 6.8 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: DaneW (Canada) -- 2,193,143
Seat 2: dukester67 (United Kingdom) -- 6,015,748
Seat 3: Spiridonchik (Russia) -- 4,101,854
Seat 4: Sp1tter (Russia) -- 6,814,142
Seat 5: SpecialAnger (Russia) -- 4,290,131
Seat 6: HEPBAK18 (Bulgaria) -- 3,172,165
Seat 7: DEMOLKA13 (Poland) -- 200,802
Seat 8: Brandywine (Canada) -- 1,902,015

DEMOLKA13 downed in eighth

DEMOLKA13 began the final table as the short stack among the last eight, and with the stakes at 250k/500k DEMOLKA13 had less than a small bet left with which to battle.

Soon a hand arose that saw DEMOLKA13 have to bring it in with the 3♣ showing and only SpecialAnger called. They then checked to fifth at which point Special Anger pushed out a bet and DEMOLKA13 called all in.

SpecialAnger: (4♥9♦) / T♦8♠8♦
DEMOLKA13: (J♣6♣) / 3♣9♠J♦

Neither player had a low draw and DEMOLKA13 led for the high with that pair of jacks. But SpecialAnger would draw T♣2♥ to make tens and eights while DEMOLKA13 didn't improve with K♦ and 7♣, and the latter busted out in eighth.

Spiridonchik sunk in seventh

A few minutes later Spiridonchik had become short-stacked and an opening raise over dukester67's bring-in would put Spiridonchik all in. It folded back to dukester67 who called, and their hands were dealt out as follows:

dukester67: (9♣6♦) / 2♥A♥4♥6♥ / (A♦)
Spiridonchik: (T♥8♠) / 7♦2♠J♥4♠ / (8♥)

Neither made a low, dukester67 made two pair, and all Spiridonchik could manage was a pair of eights and thus hit the rail in seventh.

SpecialAnger spun out in sixth

Soon the limits were 400k/800k when SpecialAnger -- down to just 686,735 to start the hand -- opened on third and was called by HEPBAK18, then put the rest in on fourth street and was called again.

By then SpecialAnger held (3♥6♥) / 2♣K♦ for a low draw and one high card while HEPBAK18 had (8♥6♦) / 4♣2♥ for four to a low. Special Anger drew 5♥5♠ / (T♥) to end with just a pair of fives, while HEPBAK18 picked up J♥8♠ / (K♠) to make a pair of eights and scoop the pot, sending SpecialAnger out in sixth.

HEPBAK18 halted in fifth

Moments later chip leader Sp1tter was opening, HEPBAK18 was raising, then dukester67 three-bet with Sp1tter calling and HEPBAK18 calling all in for 1,112,800 total. Sp1tter and dukester67 checked fourth, then when Sp1tter led on fifth, dukester stepped aside.

Sp1tter: (A♦5♣) / 7♦7♣A♠
HEPBAK18: (5♠9♠) / 9♥6♣8♥
dukester67: (X-X) / 9♥6♣8♥ - FOLD

Sp1tter had two pair already (aces and sevens), and after picking up the 2♠ and the 6♦ would add a low hand of 7-6-5-2-A as well. Meanwhile, HEPBAK18 drew 8♣ then 6♥ to make two pair (nines and eights) and no low, and was ousted in fifth.

DaneW done in fourth

DaneW was the next short-stacked player to be all in by third street, raising Sp1tter's three-bet to be committed for 1,416,286 total and getting called by the chip leader. Here's how their boards looked by seventh:

DaneW: (5♠4♦) / 3♥Q♠J♠3♣ / (9♣) -- a pair of treys (high), no low
Sp1tter: (A♦4♠) / J♥3♦5♥T♣ / (4♣) -- a pair of fours (high), no low

It was close, but Sp1tter's small pair was best and DaneW was done in fourth.

Brandywine bounced in third

The tournament's eight-hour break arrived, with Sp1tter now leading with nearly 16.2 million, dukester67 next with almost 9.8 million, and Brandywine short with just under 2.7 million.

By the third hand after the break the limits were 500k/1m when dukester67 -- at just under 2.5 million to start the hand -- brought it in with the 4♠ showing and Brandywine called with the K♦ up. They'd both check fourth, Brandywine bet fifth and dukester67 called, dukester67 check-called on sixth, then dukester67 led with a bet on seventh street and Brandywine called all in with the 247,630 left.

dukester67: (8♣9♣) / 4♠6♥3♥3♠ / (3♣)
Brandywine: (4♣7♠) / K♦2♠7♣2♥ / (T♥)

Again neither player made low hands, and while Brandywine had made two pair (sevens and deuces), dukester67's running trip treys on the last three streets were best for the high meaning Brandywine's run had ended in third.

Sp1tter dukes it out with dukester67, wins Event #31

Sp1tter began heads-up with 16,492,585 to dukester67's 12,197,415, and would soon chip away at the latter's stack to build a better than 3-to-1 chip lead. Before long Sp1tter was up close to 25 million while dukester67 was down to just under 4 million -- four big bets at 500k/1m -- when the final hand took place.

dukester67 showed the 6♥ and bet, Sp1tter had the A♥ up and raised, dukester67 three-bet to 1.5 million, and Sp1tter called. On fourth street Sp1tter began by checking, but would check-raise dukester67's bet and the pair would eventually cap the betting, then Sp1tter led on fifth and dukester67 called all in. Their down cards were turned over:

dukester67: (6♠9♥) / 6♥8♠7♦
Sp1tter: (Q♠8♦) / A♥5♠8♥

dukester67 had a pair of sixes, an open-ended straight draw, and could still back into a low, while Sp1tter had a pair of eights and likewise potential to make a low hand. dukester67 then picked up the Q♥ and 7♥ to end with two pair (sevens and sixes), while Sp1tter drew the A♠ and J♠ to make a better two pair (aces and eights), thereby winning the hand and the MicroMillions title.

Congratulations to Sp1tter for topping more than 5,700 players to turn $3.30 into a $2,665.52 first prize!

MicroMillions-031: $3.30 Stud Hi/Lo
Entrants: 5,738

Total prize pool: $17,214.00
Places paid: 720

1. Sp1tter (Russia) $2,665.52
2. dukester67 (United Kingdom) $1,850.50
3. Brandywine (Canada) $1,506.22
4. DaneW (Canada) $1,161.94
5. HEPBAK18 (Bulgaria) $817.66
6. SpecialAnger (Russia) $473.38
7. Spiridonchik (Russia) $215.17
8. DEMOLKA13 (Poland) $120.49

There's still a full week's worth of tournaments left to go in MicroMillions 8. Check the MicroMillions 8 web page for the full schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.