MicroMillions 8: Sp!r!t_reSSr soars to Event #12 title ($3.30 NLHE, Big Antes)

Event #12 of MicroMillions 8 gave players a chance to play a "Big Antes" version of a no-limit hold'em tournament for the low, low price of $3.30, and a huge field of 23,236 took up the challenge, thereby creating a big prize pool of $69,708 to crush the event's $40K guarantee.

It would take nearly 11 hours for all of those players to work their way down to just one, with Sp!r!t_reSSr of Romania the player emerging as the latest MicroMillions champion, taking away $6,266.53 following a three-handed deal at the final table.

The top 3,150 players made the cash in this one, and well after the bubble burst they'd be crossing the seven-hour mark as just 100 players remained, at which point manucustefan had begun to break away from the field with more than 4.7 million while the chase pack sat nearly 2 million chips behind. An hour after that they were down to less than 50 players, with manucustefan still more than 1 million ahead anyone else.

Alas for manucustefan, things would take a downward turn soon after before getting knocked down under 2 million, then losing the last to Dery Lack to finish 40th for a $97.59 cash.

By the time they were approaching the tourney's nine-hour mark just 18 players remained, with Dery Lack with a stack just above the average while tudomeuja and Arbat250 were battling for the top spot in the counts with about 18 million each, those two a full eight million clear of the others.

It would take about an hour more for seven more to fall, with 777bARTek (18th), Romana710 (17th), and Perciel (16th) earning $142.90 each, baronov710 (15th), FRANKTULIP (14th), and Dery Lack (13th) taking away $202.15 apiece, and bugi2014 cashing for $261.40.

Play continued with 11 players remaining for a while, then something unique occurred -- simultaneous double-knockouts on both remaining tables, thereby reducing the field to seven in a matter of seconds.

The five-handed table saw the two shorter stacks of the four eliminated players go out. It was a three-way all-in between Sp!r!t_reSSr who had A♥T♥, goldi888 with A♠T♣, and kluane1 with Q♣Q♠. The board rolled out K♥2♥9♦8♥4♠, giving Sp!r!t_reSSr a flush and ending the tournaments of both goldi888 (in 10th) and kluane1 (in 11th), each earning $261.40.

Meanwhile on the six-handed table another three-way all-in developed between NIMBLEWOW, vvostok, and Arbat250 with the latter having the first two covered.

vvostok: A♣T♥
Arbat250: 9♠8♠

Over there the community cards came J♦9♥A♠4♦9♦, that river giving Arbat250 trip nines and the hand. As NIMBLEWOW had more chips than vvostok to start the hand, NIMBLEWOW took eighth and vvostok ninth, and with two empty seats the final table was suddenly underway.


Seat 1: ALLsamagaINN (Portugal) -- 9,094,218
Seat 2: empty
Seat 3: tudomeuja (Portugal) -- 22,351,375
Seat 4: Sp!r!t_reSSr (Romania) -- 19,575,525
Seat 5: LayerCake79 (Poland) -- 15,019,612
Seat 6: Arbat250 (Russia) -- 22,426,634
Seat 7: skaterel (Romania) -- 23,726,684
Seat 8: empty
Seat 9: Yuriy10072 (Ukraine) -- 3,985,952

By that point three players were nearly even for the chip lead -- skaterel, Arbat250, and todomeuja -- with Yuriy10072 the table's short stack.

On the very first hand of final table, skaterel opened with a min-raise to 1.6 million from middle position and Yuriy10072 shoved that short stack of 3,825,952 all in from one seat over. It folded to Sp!r!t_reSSr in the big blind who called the reraise, skaterel folded, and the remaining two players showed their cards.

Sp!r!t_reSSr: K♥Q♦
Yuriy10072: K♦J♦

Yuriy10072 needed help, and the 4♣9♥J♠ flop provided some in the form of a pairing jack. The turn was the 7♥ and all looked good for Yuriy10072, but the river was the Q♥ to give Sp!r!t_reSSr the better pair and send Yuriy10072 railward in seventh.

After that flurry of five eliminations in the space of about a minute, it would take a half-hour for the next elimination to come, during which period the blinds increased to 700k/1.4m.

ALLsamagaINN opened with a raise to 3,938,200 from early position, then Sp!r!t_reSSr reraised to 6,476,400 from the button. The blinds folded, ALLsamagaINN pushed all in for 8,308,436 total, and Sp!r!t_reSSr called.

Sp!r!t_reSSr showed A♦K♦ and was in a dominating position versus ALLsamagaINN's A♠T♦. The community cards came 8♥5♦9♦Q♠7♥ and Sp!r!t_reSSr's hand remained best, sending ALLsamagaINN out in sixth place.

That hand put Sp!r!t_reSSr out in front with about 48 million while LayerCake79 was next with just over 44 million, and just two hands later LayerCake79 was open-shoving that big stack from early position, then watching Arbat250 call all in for 2,993,680 from a seat over.

LayerCake79 had T♣7♦ and Arbat250 K♦J♣. The board came A♦T♠A♣6♣5♣, giving LayerCake79 aces and tens and knocking out Arbat250 in fifth.

On the very next hand tudomeuja open-raised all in for 5,471,375 from the small blind with 2♠2♣ and Sp!r!t_reSSr called from the big blind with T♣7♣. The flop resembled a slot machine, falling 7♠7♥J♥ to give Sp!r!t_reSSr trip sevens, and after the 5♦ turn and J♦ river tudomeuja was on the rail in fourth.

The remaining three battled onward, then paused the tournament to discuss a possible deal to divide the remaining prize money. Sp!r!t_reSSr led the way then with just over 62.1 million, skaterel was next with about 31.2 million, and LayerCake79 third with almost 22.8 million. An agreement was quickly reached -- leaving $800 for which to play -- and cards were soon back in the air.

LayerCake79 would take over the lead as the blinds ballooned to 1m/2m, then a hand arose that saw skaterel open-push all in for 18,236,067 from the small blind and Sp!r!t_reSSr call from the big blind.

skaterel had T♦3♥ but both cards were live against Sp!r!t_reSSr's A♥9♠. The board ran out 2♣5♣A♦6♠T♥, however, and skaterel was out in third.

That hand boosted Sp!r!t_reSSr up to 44,941,302 to start heads-up play, still well behind LayerCake79's 71,238,698. They'd play a few small hands, then the situation changed dramatically in a hand that began with Sp!r!t_reSSr raising the minimum to 4 million from the button, LayerCake79 calling, and the flop coming 2♣2♠T♥.

LayerCake79 checked, Sp!r!t_reSSr bet 4 million, LayerCake79 check-raised all in, and Sp!r!t_reSSr called with the nearly 31 million behind. LayerCake79 showed K♠3♣ while Sp!r!t_reSSr had A♦J♠. Neither player had hit the board, but the A♣ turn came to seal the hand for Sp!r!t_reSSr and make the river no matter, suddenly giving Sp!r!t_reSSr about a 2-to-1 chip lead.

Before long the blinds were 1.25m/2.5m when LayerCake79 opened for 5 million, Sp!r!t_reSSr shoved all in, and LayerCake79 called with the 29,347,396 remaining.

Sp!r!t_reSSr: K♥Q♣
LayerCake79: 8♣8♥

LayerCake79 was hoping the pair would hold, but the T♣Q♠K♣ flop hit both of Sp!r!t_reSSr's overcards. The turn was the 7♥ and river the 5♣ and it was over... Sp!r!t_reSSr had won!

Congratulations to Sp!r!t_reSSr for outlasting more than 23,000 players to win Event #12 of MicroMillions 8, turning $3.30 into $6,286.53!

MicroMillions-012: $3.30 NLHE (Big Antes)
Entrants: 23,236
Prize pool: $69,708.00
Places paid: 3,150

1. Sp!r!t_reSSr (Romania) $6,286.53*
2. LayerCake79 (Poland) $4,520.48*
3. skaterel (Romania) $4,846.63*
4. tudomeuja (Portugal) $2,788.32
5. Arbat250 (Russia) $2,091.24
6. ALLsamagaINN (Portugal) $1,394.16
7. Yuriy10072 (Ukraine) $979.39
8. NIMBLEWOW (Russia) $627.37
9. vvostok (Russia) $418.24

*= reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $800 in play for the winner

The MicroMillions 8 is just getting started. Check the MicroMillions 8 web page for the full schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.