MicroMillions II: bgigra4 survives the shootout in Event #57 ($8.80 NLHE Shootout)



There were 4008 players that took a seat at 8:30am ET today -- no late registration for this one -- and, nine hours later, only one player was left standing.

bgigra4 sat down at four different tables today and was the last player standing at every one. Each table had eight players, but only one could advance to the next round. Winning the first table gave players a mincash of $24.04. Winning the second round guaranteed $128.25 and a victory in the third round would bring you to the final table.

It's a true shootout in a few definitions of the word -- no guns or rifles here, just chips. Among the 4008 that took their shot at Event #57 was Team PokerStars Online player acoimbra. acoimbra is currently on a mission to play every even in the MicroMillions II. So far, he's succeeded and now has 57 events under his belt.

But acoimbra wouldn't cash in this event. acoimbra was eliminated in the first round and finished in 3,160th place. There'd be thousands of eliminations more and we'd get our final table. After eight hours, we reduced 4008 to a mere eight.

The Final Table


Seat 1: bgigra4
Seat 2: jascham77
Seat 3: 11Barney
Seat 4: Kisbakka
Seat 5: Bluesman1983
Seat 6: colobok68
Seat 7: h0wwed0
Seat 8: jape892

Everyone started with a 5,000 in chips and 25/50 blinds. With everyone starting with 100 big blinds, there weren't any eliminations for a while. But our eventual champion, bgigra4, did take an early lead.

Bluesman1983 raised to 133 from the hijack and bgigra4 called from the big blind. The flop came 5♣A♦[10h] and bgigra4 checked. Bluesman1983 bet 190 and bigigra4 called, bringing the 9♦ on the turn. bgigra4 took the initiative and bet 435, Bluesman1983 called and a 2♦ came on the river. bgigra4 bet 960 and Bluesman1983 called.

bgigra4 showed [10s]9♣ for two-pair and Bluesman 1983 mucked. bgigra4 then took the chip lead with 7,173.

bgigra4 Takes Two Out

bgigra4 then took a dominating lead after winning another large pot and giving us the first elimination of the final table.

With 50/100 blinds and 10 chip ante, bgigra4 raised to 235 from early position and h0wwed0 3-bet to 620. bgigra4 called and h0wwed0 bet 595 on the 8♠J♦[10h] flop. bgigra4 called and the 9♦ came on the turn. h0wwed0 bet 1,099, bgigra4 called and the river brought a Q♥. h0wwed0 moved all-in for 1,979 and bgigra called.

h0wwed0 showed 9♠5♦ and was playing the straight on the board, bgigra4 flipped over K♥J♣ for the king-high straight.

h0wwed0 was eliminated in 8th place for $240.48 while bgigra4's stack grew to 14,012.

bgigra4's domination didn't end there. After taking the tournament down to seven players, bgigra4 brought it down to 6:

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Bluesman1983 gave bgigra4 the chip lead early on, then gave the future champion the rest of his chips.

Bluesman1983 finished in 7th place for $480.96.


bgigra4 had been dominating the final table, but then other players got their chance to shine. Kisbakka raised to 360 from early position and jascham77 moved all-in for 2,771 from the big blind. Kisbakka called and we had another final table showdown:

Kisbakka: A♣K♥
jascham77: 7♥7♣

The coinflip would fall in Kisbakka's favor, as the board fell 8♦Q♠5♥K♠A♦. Kisbakka's aces and kings knocked out jascham77 in 6th place, a finish worth $721.44.

bgigra4 then lost a chunk of his stack by doubling up colobok68.

With 80/160 blinds and a 20 ante, colobok68 raised to 416 from the hijack. bgigra4 raised to 925 from the button and the blinds folded. colobok68 called and the flop came 4♣8♥3♥. bgigra4 bet 960 and colobok68 raised to 2,089. bgigra4 moved all-in and colobok68 called, putting his tournament life at risk.

colobok68 showed 8♠8♣ for top set and bgigra4 turned over 5♥2♦ for a straight draw. The turn was a 9♣ and the river brought a 4♦. colobok68 doubled up to 10,440 while bgigra4's stack dropped to 11,191.

colobok68 then used his new stack to take out a player. The very next hand, 11Barney moved all-in for 3,798 from the button. Kisbakka folded from the small blind and colobok68 called from the big.

colobok68: A♣K♦
11Barney: A♥Q♦

colobok68 had 11Barney dominated and the board came A♠9♠4♣4♦6♠. 11Barney was eliminated in 5th place for $1,122.24 while colobok68 took the chip lead with 14,398.

But that lead was short-lived and it went over to Kibakka a few minutes later:

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Kibakka then used those chips to knock out another player. japi892 moved all-in for 3,128 from UTG and Kisbakka re-shoved from the small blind. colobok68 folded the big blind and we had another preflop showdown:

Kisbakka: A♥K♠
japi892: 5♦5♥

The board came A♦7♥[10h]6♣2♠ and japi892 was eliminated in 4th place. For winning three tables and finishing 4th in the fourth and final table, japi892 gets $1,763 shipped to his PokerStars account.

Back In the Lead

Kisbakka then gave the lead back to bgigra4 the hand after japi892's elimination. Kisbakka raised to 675 from the button and bgigra4 called from the big blind. bgigra4 checked the 7♠A♠J♣ flop and Kisbakka bet 963. bgigra4 called and checked again when the 3♥ came on the turn.

Kisbakka bet 1,765 and bgigra4 called, bringing the 9♣ on the river. Both players checked and bgigra4 showed A♦6♠ for a pair of aces. Kisbakka mucked and was down to 12,186 while bgigra4 regained the lead with 18,968.

Kisbakka would then catch up a bit by eliminating colobok68 and bringing the tournament into heads-up.

bgigra4 raised to 800 from the button and Kisbakka called from the small blind. colobok68 moved all-in for 1,082 from the small blind and both players called. The flop came 2♥K♦9♥ and both players checked. Kisbakka bet 1,698 when the [10d] came on the turn and bgigra4 folded.

Kisbakka showed Q♣J♣ for a king-high straight while colobok68 turned over K♥[10c] for two pair. The river was a 5♠ and colobok58 was eliminated in 3rd place for $2,404.80.

Heads Up

bgigra4 -- 20,662
Kisbakka -- 19,088

Players were about even in chips until bgigra4 started chipping away at Kisbakka. bgigra4 brought Kisbakka down to 14,000, but then doubled him up.

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bgigra4 then took the lead back after winning three big pots in a row.

Number One: With 200/400 blinds and a 50 ante, Kisbakka called from the small blind. bgigra4 raised to 1,000 and Kisbakka called, bringing a 9♥6♠K♥ flop. Both players checked, a 7♥ came on the turn and bgigra4 checked again. Kisbakka bet 1,260 and bgigra4 called, bringing a 9♣ on the river.

Kisbakka bet 2,772 and bgigra4 moved all-in for 8,064. Kisbakka folded and was left with 24,544 while bgigra4 was up to 15,456.

Number Two: bgigra4 raised to 800 from the small blind and Kisbakka called. The flop came 8♦Q♥7♦ and both players checked. Kisbakka led out for 1,190 when the 8♥ came on the turn and bgigra4 raised to 3,200. Kisbakka called and the river brought a K♥. bgigra4 bet 4,000 when checked to and Kisbakka folded.

Kisbakka was down to 20,494 while bgigra4 was up to 19,506.

Number Three: Kisbakka raised to 1,000 from the small blind and bgigra called. bgigra4 checked the [10d]K♣K♠ flop and Kisbakka bet 1,260. bgigra4 raised to 2,800 and Kisbakka called, the turn was a 5♣ and bgigra4 bet 3,600. Kisbakka called and a 5♦ came on the river.

bgigra4 moved all-in and Kisbakka folded. Kisbakka was now down to 13,044 and bgigra4 took the lead with 26,956.

Final Shot

bgigra4 used the chiplead to finish off Kisbakka with a one-two knockout:

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bgigra4 then won the tournament the following hand.

Kisbakka moved all-in for 4,522 from the small blind and bgigra4 called instantly:

bgigra4: Q♦Q♥
Kisbakka: A♣4♥

The flop came [10h]2♦3♠ and Kisbakka picked up a straight draw. The turn was a 6♣ and Kisbakka was hoping for an ace or a five. The river brought an 8♥ instead and Kisbakka was out in 2nd place. For the runner-up finish, Kisbakka took home $3,046.08.

This made bgigra4 the newest MicroMillions champion. For the shootout victory, bgigra4 won $4,332.56.

MicroMillions Event #57 ($8.80 NLHE Shootout)

Entrants: 4008
Prize Pool: $32,064.00
Places Paid: 512

1st: bgigra4 (Bulgaria) -- $4,332.56
2nd: Kisbakka (United Kingdom) -- $3,046.08
3rd: colobok68 (Russia) -- $2,404.80
4th: japi892 (Finland) -- $1,763.52
5th: 11Barney (Croatia) -- $1,122.24
6th: jascham77 (United Kingdom) -- $721.44
7th: Bluesman1983 (Belarus) -- $480.96
8th: h0wwed0 (Netherlands) -- $240.48

There are still a few more days of MicroMillions II action. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full schedule and see if there are any tournaments that are right for you. Take a shot at MicroMillions glory and it might be you headlining our next tournament recaps.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II