MicroMillions II: Bigmath14 wins big in Event #89 ($5.50 FL Omaha H/L)

MicroMillions logo.pngSometimes, the underdog waits for his moment and grabs glory at the last minute. Bigmath14 was that player, competing on a fairly low stack during much of the final table action and saving momentum for the final levels of the night. Climbing during three-handed play, bigmath14 then did the same in heads-up and simply dominated at the end. Victory belonged to bigmath14.


The end is near! Less than a dozen MicroMillions II events remained on the schedule when Event 89 began, which meant few chances left for MM fame and fortune in this particular series. Even so, a $5.50 buy-in isn't for the smallest of the micro bankrolls, so players satellited in and did what they had to do to play.

A few thousand people were happy for the Omaha action as the series wound down, and they exceeded organizers' expectations by zooming past the $10K guarantee. The final registration numbers were:

Players: 2,906
Guarantee: $10,000.00
Prize pool: $14,530.00
Paid players: 378

The money bubble approached just after the 3.5-hour break, and kremenjhad the unfortunate position of exiting in 379th place...on the bubble. The rest of the players were guaranteed a minimum payout of $8.71, and those payouts increased over the next few hours as the field thinned.

There were only two tables running at the six-hour mark, and it took less than 15 minutes to get to hand-for-hand action with the 11th place elimination of DonKrzysztof. One table then featured VeoTuzKartas all-in from the big blind with a very short stack, and aus2en and AlexMillers went along. The bet/call happened on every street until the board showed J♣9♥8♦T♣9♦. AlexMillers showed 4♥Q♥K♥T♦ for the straight, and the other two players mucked, VeoTuzKartas on his way out in tenth place with $90.81.

The final table was not officially set, as the other table was still in action. Wa_Krontus and anodus got involved in a raised flop of A♦T♣4♥ from the blinds. A bet and call brought the J♦ turn, at which point Wa_Krontus bet. Anodus raised all-in with 3♣3♠A♣K♠, but Wa_Krontus called with T♦J♣K♦9♥ for two pair. With no low, anodus had to go in ninth place with $123.50.

AlexMillers and giuliano 48 lead table of eight

It was in Level 34 that the final table began, with blinds of 100,000/200,000 and these initial player chip counts:

Seat 1: giuliano 48 (3,232,984 in chips)
Seat 2: DarkTenka (2,083,948 in chips)
Seat 3: 666zombie666 (1,589,509 in chips)
Seat 4: aus2en (193,052 in chips)
Seat 5: bigmath14 (1,478,282 in chips)
Seat 6: AlexMillers (3,265,458 in chips)
Seat 7: Wa_Krontus (1,489,469 in chips)
Seat 9: rellever (1,197,298 in chips)

MMII - Event 89.JPG

The very first hand of the table found short-stacked aus2en all-in with A♠3♠T♣Q♦. AlexMillers called, as did rellever, and they checked the T♥A♥9♦ flop. The K♦ on the turn brought a bet from rellever and fold from AlexMillers. Rellever then showed Q♥K♥A♦Q♠ for top two pair, and the 4♦ on the river ended the hand with aus2en out in eighth place with $210.68.

The next big hand started with a limp from giuliano 48 and raise from DarkTenka. Wa_Krontus reraised all-in from the big blind, and both other players called. They checked the 4♠5♥8♥ flop and the 5♣ turn, though DarkTenka bet the 3♦ river. Giuliano 48 folded, and Wa_Krontus showed Q♦9♣Q♣7♣ for the all-in. But DarkTenka had A♣3♥2♣A♦ for the straight and the 5-4-3-2-A low. Wa_Krontus exited in seventh place with $341.45.

DarkTenka was chipped down and reduced to an eventual short stack of less than 200K chips. Those went all-in in the small blind holding 2♦J♦4♥5♠. 666zombie666 caleld from the big blind with A♦3♣5♦5♥, and hit the better two pair on the K♠Q♠9♦4♦9♥ board. DarkTenka left in sixth place with $486.75.

Rellever starts to roll over opponents

Rellever slowly but surely worked into the chip lead, and hands like this helped along the way:

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One who didn't recover from that hand was 666zombie666. The all-in move came a few hands later with less than 100K chips holding 8♥2♥6♥4♣. Giuliano 48 called from the big blind with Q♣J♥5♥Q♠ and hit a set of queens on the A♦8♣T♦Q♥J♠ board. No low gave the pot to giuliano 48 and eliminated 666zombie666 in fifth place with $632.05.

Bigmath14 was also on the climb, though there was still a solid distance from the chip lead of rellever. But when giuliano 48 was ready to get involved, bigmath14 didn't hesitate. They saw a raised flop of 7♥3♥8♦, and that led to a bet from giuliano 48, raise from bigmat14, and all-in reraise from giuliano 48. Bigmath14 called with T♣A♣A♦2♥, and giuliano 48 showed 5♠A♥J♥Q♠. The K♣ and 4♠ finished the board and provided the best hands for bigmath14. Giuliano 48 was out in fourth place with $849.85.

AlexMillers struggled but stayed alive with key hands, like a double-up through rellever. But the two battled again, this time on a raised flop of 6♥A♣8♠. AlexMillers bet, and rellever raised, prompting AlexMillers to push all-in with K♠7♦9♦A♠. Rellever called with 3♠3♥5♥J♣, though, and the 8♣ and 3♦ created a full house for the high win and completed the 8-7-5-3-A for the low. AlexMillers departed in third place with $1,220.52.

Deal and play for the win

As soon as the final two players took their seats, they decided to pause the action to discuss a possible deal. Despite the chip difference, they agreed to an even chop with $412.25 as the difference set aside for the winner.

Seat 5: bigmath14 (4,811,961 in chips) = $1,800.00
Seat 9: rellever (9,718,039 in chips) = $1,800.00

Bigmath14 took over. Round after round, bigmath14 chipped up and eventually took the lead. Rellever seemed lost on the short stack and did start a comeback with this double-up:

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But four hands later, it was time to move again. It started with a raised flop of 5♥A♣8♠, and betting was capped to lead to the 8♥ turn. Bigmath14 bet, and rellever called all-in with 2♠A♥6♥Q♣. But bigmath14 showed 3♥2♣K♥8♦ for trip eights, and the 6♠ on the river provided help for bigmath14's winning low. Rellever was eliminated in second place with $1,800.00.

Bigmath14 won the tournament and $2,212.25 in cash. Congrats!

MicroMillions II Event #89 ($5.50 FL Omaha H/L) Results (reflects deal):

Total players: 2,906
Paid players: 378

1st place: bigmath14 (Belgium) - $2,212.25*
2nd place: rellever (Russia) - $1,800.00*
3rd place: AlexMillers (Belarus) - $1,220.52
4th place: giuliano 48 (UK) - $849.85
5th place: 666zombie666 (Netherlands) - $632.05
6th place: DarkTenka (Australia) - $486.75
7th place: Wa_Krontus (Russia) - $341.45
8th place: aus2en (Poland) - $210.68
9th place: anodus (UK) - $123.50

*denotes two-way deal with $412.25 set aside for winner

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II