MicroMillions II: Bulgarian the biggest draw as vas_panev74 wins event #17 ($5.50 NL Draw)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThirty-three minutes was all it took for six to become one as Bulgarian vas_panev74 won event #17 $5.50 NL Draw and pocketed $1089.27. Although the final table lasted for 52 minutes, this included a scheduled five minute break and a much longer one during which the final six negotiated a deal.

The 17th event on the Micro Millions II schedule was very much a clash of the old and new. The game was old, 5-card draw, but the format was new. Traditionally a pot-limit game, this tournament was of the no-limit variety and 2,517 fancied a crack at it, creating a prize pool of $12,585. It took just over seven hours to whittle them down to the final seven, by that point 323 players had already left with somewhere between $8.68 and $151.02 although Team PokerStars Online's acoimbra was not among them having busted in 478th place.

Hand for hand play would last for 30 minutes before kayotik found that he couldn't charm his way to the final table and was eliminated by mrCharming1. He moved all-in for his last 2.2 big blinds and drew two, mrCharming1 took three and when the hands were turned over mrCharming1's trip queens bested kayotik's pair of sevens.

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Deal anyone?
As the final table began, the blinds were 50,000 - 100,000 ante 25,000, the stacks were close, just eight big blinds separated the six players.

Seat 1: vas_panev74, Bulgaria, 2,281,164
Seat 2: Bossa Deluxe, Sweden, 1,831,480
Seat 3: bazstar316, United Kingdom, 1,964,952
Seat 4: mrcharming1, Germany, 2,050,851
Seat 5: Siveens99, Latvia, 2,416,192
Seat 6: alexxxandr83, Russia, 2,090,361

micro millions II_event #17_final table screenshot.jpg

The final table

First to stick his head above the parapet and suggest a deal was Siveens99, his motion was seconded by bazstar316 and after just four hands of final table play everyone was on board, the action was paused and a deal discussed. The players quickly settled on a chip chop deal that meant everyone locked up more than fourth place would've received and the two biggest stacks had guaranteed themselves more than if they'd busted in third.

The players then went on their scheduled break at five to the hour, but only five returned, alexxxandr83 from Russia was sitting out, he never sat back in and blinded out in sixth place winning $900.79.

As so often is the case the first exit of the final opened the floodgates and we'd then see an elimination every four minutes to take us to heads-up play. Falling in fifth was bazstar316. With blinds at 70,000 - 140,000 ante 35,000 Siveens99 min-raised, vas_panev74 then three-bet to 700,000 before bazstar316 moved all-in for 1,721,030, vas_panev74 was the only caller.

The at risk player drew one, vas_panev74 took two and the cards were revealed - bazstar316 showed 9♥9♦2♠2♥7♥ for two pair, but vas_panev74 had trip tens to win the pot and send the Brit to the rail.

Just six hands later Siveens99 would be sent packing, again vas_panev74 played the role of executioner. The Latvian moved all-in over a limp for just under ten big blinds and vas_panev74 made the call, both drew three but at showdown vas_panev74 had the biggest pair, his aces ahead of Siveens99's pair of queens.

When three-handed play began vas_panev74 had almost double the stack of second placed Bossa Deluxe and third placed mrCharming1. He would soon extend that lead sending mrCharming1 to the rail in a five and a half million chip pot when he was dealt a straight.

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Bulgarian bossing Bossa

As heads-up play began it momentum was well and truly in the Bulgarian's favour, the chip stacks looked like this:

Seat 1: vas_panev74, Bulgaria, 9,183,947
Seat 2: Bossa Deluxe, Sweden, 3,401,053

Remarkably though Bossa Deluxe won the first seven hands of HU play to take the chip lead, however vas_panev74 would re-claim the chip lead seven hands later and this time he would not relinquish it. He grinded his way to a 11,000,000 to 1,500,000 million advantage before the final hand, which could've been straight out of a hold'em tournament, occurred.

With blinds at 80,000 - 160,000 ante 40,000 vas_panev74 opened to 400,000, Bossa Deluxe moved all-in for 1,521,053 and the Bulgarian made the call. Both players drew three cards, Bossa Deluxe showed a pair of kings, but vas_panev had him pipped with a pair of aces. He took the title and $1,089.27, whilst Bossa Deluxe pocketed $805.13.

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MicroMillions II Event #17 ($5.50 NL Draw) results:

Number of entrants: 2,517
Number of places paid: 330
Prizepool: $12,585.

Final table payouts:

1st. vas_panev74, Bulgaria, *$1,089.27
2nd. Bossa Deluxe, Sweden, *$805.13
3rd. mrcharming1, Germany, *$845.35
4th. Siveens99, Latvia, *$1,128.54
5th. bazstar316, United Kingdom, *$1,102.85
6th. alexxxandr83, Russia, *$900.79

*denotes adjusted payout due to six-way deal

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