MicroMillions II: Bung Eyed Ho stages comeback to win event #7 ($5.50 NLHE)

MicroMillions logo.pngDown to just three big blinds with 12 players remaining, Bung Eyed Ho, a drummer from New Zealand, staged a remarkable comeback to win Event #7. At his low point he typed: 'this is where dreams shatter and hearts break,' into the chat box. But it would be the other players stacks that would shatter as he found his rhythm.

He played all the right notes to snare his opponent's and pocket $3,721.15 for taking the title. The prize is more than he won combined between 2010 and 2012 on PokerStars and is his largest ever cash on PokerStars by some distance. It's unlikely the money will go on a new drum kit though as he typed in the chat box: 'i just graduated.. i need to pay off my loan.'

But let's back up, a total of 6,467 entered this event, 810 would get paid and amongst them was Team PokerStars Onilne's Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra. He is playing all 100 events and he got his second cash of the series when he busted in 94th place.

With the elimination of wanderercat in 11th place hand for hand play began and would last nine hands before it was so long to absolong who was eliminated in 10th place for a $192.39 payday. After eight hours and 18 minutes the final table was set, seven nationalities were represented with Argentina's mati074 holding a slender chip lead from Ukriane's Sticcc. It had taken almost 45 levels to reach the final and with blinds at 80,000- 160,000 ante 20,000 this is how the final table stacked up.

micro millions II_event #7_final table.jpg

The final table begins

Seat 1: Bung Eyed Ho, New Zealand, 2,264,847
Seat 2: suihan, China, 1,849,204
Seat 3: CEELOKES, New Zealand, 2,889,088
Seat 4: Basicxx, Australia, 2,607,280
Seat 5: dunkmeister2, Australia 2,064,980
Seat 6: mati074, Argentina, 6,503,981
Seat 7: lucky8dolls, United Kingdom, 3,188,694
Seat 8: Djabbu Ulu, Germany, 4,517,102
Seat 9: Sticcc, Ukriane, 6,449,824

Slow Start

Two levels of play would pass without an elimination, but there was no shortage of action. First CEELOKES doubled through start of final table chip leader mati074 his A♣9♥ catching a nine against the Argentinian's pocket eights, this hand would give CEELOKES the chip lead.

Then dunkmeister2 won a three-way all-in against Basicxx and Sticcc, the former tripled up, Basiicxx won the side pot and the biggest stack at the start of the hand - Sticcc - despite having the best hand when the money went in (see below), lost both pots.

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With the blinds rising though an exit was inevitable and after almost 30 minutes of final table play Basicxx would be the first to hit the rail. The Australian re-raised all-in from the big blind for a little under eight big blinds with A♥3♠ and button raiser suihan called off the extra with pocket twos. The pair held up on a board of T♥4♦Q♦4♣ 8♥, Basicxx collected $258.68 for his ninth place finish.

Next to go was lucky8dolls, the Brits pocket tens failing to hold up despite dominating mati074's A♦T♥. It all went in pre-flop a board of J♦ 6♣ A♠ 4♠ A♥ sent the Brit to the rail.

Time to gamble

By the time the blinds had reached 200,000 - 400,000 ante 50,000 the average stack was just 12 big blinds, Bung Eyed Ho was now chip leader but with just under 19 big blinds it was a precocious lead.

He then typed in the chat box 'half the table below 10BB, time to start gambling boys.' This seemed to wake the table up as three players would exit within the next 10 minutes, Djabbu Ulu (7th), start of final table chip leader Mati074 (6th) and CEELOKES (5th) all busted.

A deal was then discussed and after a bit of faffing about, as players struggled to find the correct tab in which to tick the 'deal' option, action was paused and a chip count deal agreed fairly quickly. With blinds at 250,000 - 500,000 ante 62,500, this is what the remaining four players settled on, leaving $500 left to play for.

dunkmeister2, Australia 13,552,182 ($4,136.05)
Bung Eyed Ho, New Zealand, 8,182,657 ($3,221.15)
Sticcc, Ukriane, 7,006,963 ($3,020.82)
suihan, China, 3,593,138 ($2,439.16)

First to take a stand post-deal was China's suihan, it folded to Bung Eyed Ho in the small blind and he moved all-in for an effective ten big blinds with A♦6♦, suihan called all-in from the big blind with pocket fours. The board ran [10s]A♠J♥5♣8♣ and Bung Eyed Ho, who had lost the chip lead to dunkmeister2 was now back in the lead.

Clash of the chip leaders

Down to three and it was Ukrainian player Sticcc who was getting short, he had blinded down to just over four big blinds and looked to be heading out in third when the two chip leaders went at it.

With blinds at 300,000 - 600,000 ante 75,000, Bung Eyed Ho opened to 1,800,000 from the small blind, dunkmeister2 then re-raised to 9,000,000 (leaving himself just 202,182 back), Bung Eyed Ho set him all-in and dunkmeister2 committed his chips.

Bung Eyed Ho: K♥Q♦
dunkmeister2: K♠6♠

The Australian was in bad shape and he didn't get there as the board came 9♣A♣4♣8♣7♦ to eliminate him in third place, although as he was chip leader when the four way deal was done his payday of $4,136.05 was the biggest of the tournament.

This huge pot gave Bung Eyed Ho a commanding chip lead going into heads-up play, he had 29,753,037 to Sticcc's 2,581,963. Although the Ukrainian doubled up on the first hand of play it was not long (six hands) before he was all-in again.

Bung Eyed Ho moved all-in with 2♦2♠ and Sticcc called all-in with A♣K♠ for his last 11 big blinds, the pair held up on a board of Q♣7♥5♠[10c]8♣ and the New Zealander was the champion.

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Prizepool and payouts:

Number of players: 6,467
Number of players paid: 810
Prize pool: $32,335

Final table payouts:

1st Bung Eyed Ho, New Zealend, *$3,721.15
2nd Sticcc, Ukraine, *$3,020,82
3rd dunkmeister2, Australia,* $4,136,05
4th suihan, China, *$2,439.16
5th CEELOKES, New Zealend, $1,374.23
6th mati074, Argentina, $1,050.88
7th Djabbu Ulu, Germany, $727.53
8th lucky8dolls, United Kingdom, $404.18
9th Basicxx, Australia, $258.68

*denotes pay out adjusted due to deal

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II