MicroMillions II: China's champion keqiwong wins Event #47 ($1+R 3x-Turbo)

MicroMillions logo.pngTwo players dominated the final table of Event 47 - keqiwong and gladdrkim. Both made well-timed moves, eliminated competitors, and worked hard to survive the rapidly climbing blinds. In the end, those two players met in the heads-up ring, but it was keqiwong who had the advantage for the majority of the match. Perseverance won out, and keqiwong took the title.


Turbo tournaments seem to be the ideal scenario for many poker players these days, as the time commitment is much less than in any regular-timed tournament. Five-minutes levels are also a challenge, as they test the decision-making abilities of even the best players, as every second and minute leads to another blind increase.

Event 47 not only had a turbo structure (and a massive $50K guarantee!) but offered rebuys. The original buy-in of $.91 + $.09 offered unlimited rebuys for the first 90 minutes of play, so players could pick up an additional 3,000 chips for $.91 as many times as desired. Players had to have less than 3,000 chips to be eligible for the rebuy, but the one-time add-on was available to all players at the end of the rebuy period. With all of that in mind, it was stacking up to be a crazy tournament.

The final registration numbers, after calculating all of the rebuys and add-ons, were as follows:

Players: 12,554
Rebuys: 66,298
Add-ons: 6,557
Guarantee: $50,000.00
Prize pool: $77,722.19
Paid players: 1,620

The payouts started a few hours into the action when elvender bubbled in 1621st place and lil8409 cashed for $10.88 in 1620th place. That led to a slew of payouts, quickly moving through the four-hour mark and speeding toward the final table. Play did slow down when only four tables remained, though, and the final three tables moved even more slowly.

As the 5.5-hour mark neared, though, hand-for-hand play was in motion at the last two tables after the 11th place elimination of dazp7920. Several players doubled up during that time, but a big hand soon developed. FCGrosso83 raised all-in UTG with A♠8♣, and noCOMPRAMIS reraised all-in with A♥T♥. Gladdrkim called both players with Q♦Q♣ in the big blind, and that hand only improved to a set on the 4♥8♥Q♠J♣2♦ board. That sent FCGrosso83 out in tenth place with $310.88 and noCOMPRAMIS right behind in ninth with $485.76.

Gladdrkim leads table of eight

The eight remaining players took seats at the final table in Level 59, with blinds of 1,400,000/2,800,000 and a 280,000 ante, and these chip counts:

Seat 1: KingBustYou (47,641,428 in chips)
Seat 2: JelosFarcars (44,623,772 in chips)
Seat 3: gladdrkim (111,675,659 in chips)
Seat 4: vova555556 (15,460,966 in chips)
Seat 5: keqiwong (96,075,673 in chips)
Seat 6: MaloDientes (30,741,886 in chips)
Seat 8: dalla222 (66,102,108 in chips)
Seat 9: Fanalock (20,944,508 in chips)

MMII - Event 47.JPG

Action started with a few double-ups, as vova555556 did it through MaloDientes and Fanalock did the same through JelosFarcars. Meanwhile, keqiwong retook the chip lead from gladdrkim.

Vova555556 made another move. It started with limps from JelosFarcars and vova555556, but when keqiwong raised it up, JelosFarcars folded and vova555556 called all-in with Q♥J♥. Keqiwong showed A♥J♠, and that ace-high hand held up to the T♠K♦6♥7♣2♦, despite the draw possibilities. Vova555556 missed those draws and left in eighth place with $777.22

MaloDientes doubled through keqiwong and then again through Fanalock. That put Fanalock on a short stack of less than 1 million chips, and the stack went all-in on the next hand. JelosFarcars reraised, and original raiser MaloDientes called. The flop of 9♥4♣7♣ brought an all-in move from JelosFarcars, which prompted a fold from MaloDientes. JelosFarcars showed Q♠Q♣, which was ahead of the 8♥3♦ of Fanalock. The A♥ turn and 4♦ river finished it and gave Fanalock $1,554.44 for the seventh place finish.

Bustouts instead of double-ups

KingBustYou was the shortest of the six remaining players and moved UTG with 5♠5♣. Keqiwong reraised from the button, which worked to isolate, and showed 7♦7♣. The board came 3♥K♦K♣Q♠4♦, and KingBustYou was busted in sixth place with $2,331.66.

JelosFarcars was the next at risk, pushing all-in from the small blind with 8♠8♥. Gladdrkim called from the big blind with A♠4♠ and hit the ace on the 3♦A♦6♦ flop. The 5♠ and 5♦ completed the board and gave gladdrkim the best two pair. JelosFarcars left in fifth place with $3,108.88.

Shortly thereafter, gladdrkim raised to start the hand, and keqiwong called. MaloDientes raised all-in, and gladdrkim reraised all-in. Keqiwong folded, and MaloDientes showed A♣J♣ for the pot. Gladdrkim was behind with A♠T♦ but caught the first card on the T♥4♥K♠6♦5♠ board. MaloDientes exited in fourth place with $3,886.10.

Final three make a deal

The last three players rather quickly decided to take a break and take a look at chip-chop numbers. They then agreed to those numbers with $1,000 set aside for the eventual winner. With that caveat, they will be paid as follows:

Seat 3: gladdrkim (201,735,779 in chips) = $8,344.48
Seat 5: keqiwong (182,378,113 in chips) = $8,065.83
Seat 8: dalla222 (49,152,108 in chips) = $6,148.08

Dalla222 doubled through gladdrkim and made another move soon after. Dalla222 raised all-in with A♦Q♠, and keqiwong was the caller with 2♣2♦. The flop of 2♥8♠9♠ only gave keqiwong the set and a bigger lead, and the 8♥ and 3♠ ended it for dalla222, who left in third place with $6,148.08.

Heads-up for $1K

The final two players started their battle with these stacks:

Seat 3: gladdrkim (171,033,671 in chips)
Seat 5: keqiwong (262,232,329 in chips)

Keqiwong was relentless in the match, continuously raising and putting gladdrkim to the test. Gladdrkim did win a few pots with well-timed aggression but couldn't seem to get the upper hand. However, this double-up put gladdrkim in solid fighting position:

RSS readers click through to see replay

But four hands later, this happened:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Gladdrkim was left with about 17.5 million chips and a severe disadvantage, but there was no giving up involved. Gladdrkim doubled up with T-7 over 4-3, and then again with T-7 over 4-3! The next hand gave gladdrkim the win with A-J over 9-8, though, Keqiwong still maintained a solid two-to-one lead.

A few hands later, gladdrkim risked it again, this time with T♥9♣. Keqiwong woke up with Q♣Q♦, and that pair only grew to two pair on the T♣A♣7♠5♥A♦ board. Gladdrkim accepted second place and the $8,344.48 that went with it.

China's keqiwong won the MicroMillions II title and $9,065.83 in cash. Congrats!

MicroMillions II Event #47 ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo) Results (reflects deal):

Total players: 12,554
Paid players: 1,620

1st place: keqiwong (China) - $9,065.83*
2nd place: gladdrkim (Sweden) - $8,344.48*
3rd place: dalla222 (Australia) - $6,148.08*
4th place: MaloDientes (Netherlands) - $3,886.10
5th place: JelosFarcars (Australia) - $3,108.88
6th place: KingBustYou ($Belgium) - $2,331.66
7th place: Fanalock (New Zealand) - $1,554.44
8th place: vova555556 (Russia) - $777.22
9th place: noCOMPRAMIS (Russia) - $485.76

*denotes three-way deal with $1K set aside for winner

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II