MicroMillions II: From Russia with shove; yuuruma wins event #28 ($5.50 NL Hold'em, 6-max)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngRelentless aggression from Russian player yuuruma saw him steamroll the final table to win MicroMillions Event #28 for a $7,844.20 payday. The Russian topped a field of 12,531 and took the lions share of a huge $62,655 prize pool as once again we saw just how popular six-max tournaments are.

Double elimination

When is a six-max final table, five handed? When there's a double elimination on the final table bubble, that's when! With seven players left, hand for hand play was in effect and a player was eliminated on each table on the same hand.

First to go was Jasha_Z, the Russian had lost a big flip with pocket threes to K♠Q♥, two hands later he moved in for his last five big blinds with 8♥5♥, Fahx looked him up with K♦Q♥ which started and stayed in front on the 6♣8♣K♣3♦J♠ board.

Meanwhile... on the other table Kippling25 was getting all the cake. With the full board reading 5♥A♦A♥8♦J♦ kaarsvet made an all-in overbet on the river, firing nearly 1,900,000 into a pot of 1,450,000. After tanking well into his time bank Kippling25 made the call with 8♠2♣ which was good as kaarsvet had just K♦4♦ (see the full hand below). By virtue of starting the hand with more chips kaarsvet finished sixth for $783.18 whilst Jasha_Z pocketed $563.89 for finishing seventh.

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Famous five:

Whilst this series is aimed at small stakes players, the pay jumps at this final table were far from micro. There was a difference of just over $7,500 between first and fifth place. As the final table got underway tanz1234 from Australia was looking in the best shape to claim the biggest piece of the pie as he led the way with 18,735,603 (62.5 big blinds). With blinds at 150,000 - 300,000 ante 37,500 this is how the remaining five players stacked up.

Final table stacks:

Seat 2: thepebble86, United Kingdom, 9,388,077
Seat 3: yuuruma, Russia, 11,478,926
Seat 4: Kippling25, United Kingdom, 13,977,911
Seat 5: Fahx, Denmark, 9,074,483
Seat 6: tanz1234, Australia, 18,735,603

micromillions II_event #28_final table screenshot.jpg

The final five

With the potential pay jumps weighing heavy on the mind of the players, a deal was mooted at the very start of the final. Chip leader tanz1234 was the instigator typing, 'anyone want to look at a deal?' into the chat box. Both thepebble86 and yuuruma were quickly on board before Kippling25 nixed any hope of a deal in the bud, simply saying: 'no deal.'

Inspired, clairvoyant, call it what you want, turning down the deal was a bold move from Kippling25. The Brit's call to eliminate kaarsvet had shown he wasn't afraid to make such moves and he was involved in the first significant action of the final table as he doubled through tanz1234. The Brit's pocket nines flopped a set on an all spades flop, tanz1234 held A♠Q♦ for the re-draw, but bricked out on the 2♣ turn and K♥ river.

Russian ramps up the revs:

But, it was yuuruma who was taking control of this final table, winning pots without going to showdown with frequent pre-flop opens and post-flop c-bets. And, when he eliminated tanz1234 in fifth to send the Australian from the penthouse to the outhouse, he had nearly half the chips in play.

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Shortly afterwards four became three as Kipling25 eliminated Fahx. It folded to the former in the small blind and he set Fahx in for his last nine big blinds. The Dane insta-called with 9♥9♣ but Kippling25 held T♠T♥ for the bigger pair. The 9♠ 4♠ T♣ flop was the icing on the cake and Fahx didn't hit the miracle one outer on the 5♣ turn or J♠ river.

Three-way deal?
With three players left talk of a deal began again and this time Kippling25 agreed to take a look at the numbers. However, the chip chop deal was not to the liking of the players so they played on. By this point yuuruma had accumulated just over half the chips in play:

Seat 2: thepebble86, United Kingdom, 14,513,077
Seat 3: yuuruma, Russia, 32,285,368
Seat 4: Kippling25, United Kingdom, 15,856,555

Over the first 17 hands of three-handed play yuuruma would stretch his lead further, before the two shorter stacks went to war. With blinds at 400,000 - 800,000 ante 100,000 Kippling25 completed from the small blind, thepebble86 then moved all-in for an effective 10,981,555 and Kippling25 called all-in. On their backs:

Kippling25: A♠2♥
thepebble86: 8♥7♣

The board came 7♦4♦7♥J♦6♦ and thepebble86 had got away with his shove to close the gap on runaway chip leader yuurama, this is how the stacks shaped us as heads-up play began.

Seat 2: thepebble86, United Kingdom, 29,194,632
Seat 3: yuuruma, Russia, 33,460,368

Third time lucky for the deal

The blinds were now 400,000 - 800,000 ante 100,000 and with little between the players they decided to do a 50/50 chop, both locking up $7,044.19 whilst leaving $800 to play for in accordance with tournament rules.

The first nine hands passed without major incident, but the tenth would prove to be the final hand of the tournament. From the button yuuruma min-raised to 1,600,000, thepebble86 raised it up to 3,200,000 and yuuruma made the call.

On the K♠8♥2♠ flop thepebble86 led for 4,800,000, call from yuuruma. The 8♦ hit the turn, the action mirrored that of the flop, bet of 4,800,000 from thepebble86, call from yuuruma. The pot was now almost 26,000,000, thepebble86 had 13,194,632 behind and wagered it all on the 7♦ river, yuuruma swiftly called and showed Q♥8♠, whilst thepebble86 showed K♣7♣.

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After nearly ten hours yuuruma had outlasted over 12,500 opponents and was the champion of event #28.

Event #28 ($5.50 NL Hold'em, 6-max)
Number of entries: 12,531
Number of places paid: 1,650
Prize pool: $62,655.00

Final table payouts:

1st. yuuruma, Russia, *$7,844.20
2nd. thepebble86, United Kingdom, *$7,044.19
3rd. Kippling25, United Kingdom, $4,229.21
4th. Fahx, Denmark, $2,408.45
5th. tanz1234, Australia, $1,253.10
6th. kaarsvet, Netherlands, $783.18

*Deontes payout adjusted due to deal

Action continues round the clock in the MicroMillions II, as I write this 29 of the 100 events have been completed, you'll find a final table report on all of them here.

At the moment dunkmeister2 from Australia is top of the leader board, he's in pole position to win the trophy and the main event package to the PCA.

There's no rest for the wicked Team PokerStars Online's Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra who is playing all 100 events of the MicroMillions II. He busted outside of the money in 4,861st place in this event. He's keeping a diary of his challenge which you can feast your eyes on here.

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II