MicroMillions II: Hilda_Hilst hoists Brazil to victory in Event #80 ($5.50 NLHE)

micromillions-thumb-blog.png80 down, 20 to go.

The MicroMillions II is sadly coming to an end. It's been a fun ride, but there's only a couple more days left to get your scoop of the delicious goodness that is the MMII. One player who did just that was Hilda_Hilst, who put in a herculean performance today on the PokerStars virtual tables to take the MMII title back to Brazil.

MicroMillions II Event #80 was a $5.50 No Limit Holdem tournament that guaranteed a $30,000 prize pool. Once again PokerStars set itself a good line as the total number of entrants edged above that guarantee, as 6,781 players turned out to create a $33,905 pool.

Team PokerStars Pros Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra and Kevin "WizardOfAhhs" Thurman were both part of the action, but neither were able to make an impression, as they fell in the middle of the field.

The top 855 players would be in the money with Brazilian thiagolattes feeling the curse of the bubble to miss out on a guaranteed $9.15 score.

When RIDOINCULOUS had pocket eights pipped by the 9♥T♦ of Hilda_Hilst on a ten-high flop, it left RIDOINCULOUS to depart on the final table bubble as our line up set as follows:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: bandeirão (4,447,132 in chips)
Seat 2: takayu (2,777,452 in chips)
Seat 3: Hilda_Hilst (5,967,018 in chips)
Seat 4: Leth73 (872,752 in chips)
Seat 5: Diegosperes (3,431,961 in chips)
Seat 6: dk1000 (2,844,986 in chips)
Seat 7: TyLLluJla (1,811,886 in chips)
Seat 8: rafarpm33 (8,491,061 in chips)
Seat 9: jackjohnson9 (3,260,752 in chips)

rafarpm33 was our chip leader with Leth73 feeling the pressure from the blinds as the short stack, but it was TyLLluJla who was first to go in a cooler of a hand. TyLLluJla picked up Q♠Q♥ and got it in on a nine-high flop but ran smack into bandeirão's K♠K♦. The turn and river bricked out to see TyLLluJla out in 9th place for $264.45.

TyLLluJla was quickly followed by dk1000. After a bet was called on the A♥J♣9♥ flop, dk1000 moved all in when the 6♥ hit the turn. Hilda_Hilst made the call with J♠9♦ for two pair as dk1000 would need to connect with T♥8♠ for an open-ended straight draw. The river was the 8♦ which connected for a pair, but it wasn't enough as dk1000 picked up $423.81 for 8th place.

The action didn't slow down as the very next hand the short-stacked Leth73 made a move. The only problem was that Leth73 ran into a pair of monsters:

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jackjohnson9 more than doubled up with the rockets as Leth73 will be happy to have survived a couple of pay jumps on the short stack to reach $745.91 for 7th place.

Six-handed play saw the chips passed around the table for quite some time before rafarpm33 landed a nice double up with pocket queens against the ace-jack of jackjohnson9. rafarpm33 then extended that momentum with the elimination of Diegosperes.

The hand didn't look like going anywhere after both players checked the flop, before Diegosperes check-called a small bet on the turn. When the river rolled out, the board read K♦5♠A♣Q♦J♥, and Diegosperes decided to make a big move at the pot by announcing all in. Only problem was that rafarpm33 held A♥T♣ and snapped it off for the Broadway straight. Diegosperes could only sigh and table 5♣4♣ for a lowly pair of fives in a failed bluff attempt. Diegosperes will be disappointed but $1,084.96 for 6th place should heal some wounds.

rafarpm33 was now challenging Hilda_Hilst for the chip lead with five players remaining, but it was bandeirão who claimed the ascendency with the elimination of jackjohnson9.

With the chips in preflop, it was jackjohnson9's A♥K♣ up against bandeirão's Q♠Q♣. The coinflip fell the way of the pair as the board landed 4♣8♥2♦T♣6♠, leaving jackjohnson9 to pick up $1,424.01 for 5th place.

Things were again tense with our final four but it was Hilda_Hilst winning the majority of pots with well-timed aggression and some nice value bets.

The defining moment came in a hand against bandeirão in a three-bet pot, when both players checked a K♠T♣K♦ flop. The free card proved crucial as the turn was the 8♥ to give Hilda_Hilst a full house holding 8♣8♦. Hilda_Hilst played it well by just flat-calling a turn bet before raising it up big on the 5♣ river. bandeirão made the call but mucked when the full boat was shown.

But it wasn't all over just yet, as the three short stacks all found multiple double ups at various stages to stay alive as the four-handed war continued for some time.

In the end it was a cooler that broke the deadlock as bandeirão ran T♣T♠ into the K♥K♣ of Hilda_Hilst in a preflop clash. The board was spread J♠J♣6♣8♣7♣ as bandeirão departed in 4th place for $1,903.76.

Hilda_Hilst was well in front, although was lucky to stay there after collecting a fortunate chop to deny a double up for rafarpm33:

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rafarpm33 did extract revenge on the very next hand, after getting it in good with pocket queens against the ace-nine of Hilda_Hilst. An ace hit the flop but rafarpm33 found a third lady on the river to stay alive.

Hilda_Hilst was back to the pack, but simply turned up the aggression to win ten of the next eleven hands to stay in control - one of which spelt the end for the gallant takayu.

takayu was down to five big blinds which were committed from the small blind with K♠Q♦. Hilda_Hilst was happy to gamble in the big blind with T♣9♠ and that gamble paid off on the board of 8♦A♥5♠T♥2♦. takayu would leave with a handsome return of $2,746.30 for 3rd place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: Hilda_Hilst (19,818,867 in chips)
Seat 8: rafarpm33 (14,086,133 in chips)

rafarpm33 started well, winning the first two pots of heads-up play, but that was as good as it got, as Hilda_Hilst went on to win the next eight pots, which were also the last eight hands of the tournament.

The end came on a flop of 7♦T♦9♠. Hilda_Hilst check-raised all in and rafarpm33 called it off with A♦Q♠ for ace-high as Hilda_Hilst was in front with 9♥8♥ for pair and straight draw. The 5♦ turn didn't change anything as the 6♣ river card was the exclamation point for a great victory for Hilda_Hilst. rafarpm33 pocketed $3,899.07 for second place as the MicroMillions II title and $5,259.47 in prize money head back to Brazil as Hilda-Hilst grabs the win.

MicroMillions II Event #80 final table results
1st Hilda_Hilst (Brazil) - $5,259.47
2nd rafarpm33 (Venezuela) - $3,899.07
3rd takayu (Japan) - $2,746.30
4th bandeirão (Brazil) - $1,903.76
5th jackjohnson9 (Canada) - $ 1,424.01
6th Diegosperes (Australia) - $1,084.96
7th Leth73 (Denmark) - $745.91
8th dk1000 (Canada) - $423.81
9th TyLLluJla (Russia) - $264.45

With 100 events on the schedule there are still a few more chances to turn a few measly coins into wads of cold, hard cash in the MicroMillions II series. For a complete rundown of the schedule, as well as results, statistics and more, head over to the MicroMillions II Main Page.