MicroMillions II: Klyukvenniy claims victory; wins event #72 ($1+R NL Hold'em 3x-Turbo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngTurbo by name, but not turbo by nature. Eventual champion Klyukvenniy had to survive an elongated passage of three-handed play, which lasted some 95 hands, during which the Uzbek was variously short stack, middle stack and briefly chip leader. A huge suck out during heads-up play was the slice of luck that the Uzbek needed, but it was the prior fortitude that had earned it.

Overlay alert

As we've seen throughout the MicroMillions II low buy-ins have equaled big fields and bigger prize pools. A massive 7,664 paid the initial entry fee and the prize pool was boosted by 41,504 re-buys and 4,036 add-ons. This meant there was, for once, a slight overlay and the prize pool remained at the $50,000 guaranteed that PokerStars had slapped on it pre shuffle up and deal.

It took a couple of ticks over five hours for the field to be whittled down to the final nine, whilst this was by no means deepstack poker it was no mere shove-fest either. The average stack was nearly 30 big blinds going to the final table and remained over 20 big blinds for the entirety of the final. When the final started blinds were 500,000 - 1,000,000 ante 100,000 and the average stack was 29,842,666.

micromillions II_event #72_final table screenshot.jpg

The top nine turbo titans

Seat 1: kainar93, Russia, 18,259,022
Seat 2: gibby2000, Canada, 35,996,620
Seat 3: dec11, Czech Republic, 17,291,773
Seat 4: Cube09, Germany, 24,666,219
Seat 5: 22meandu, New Zealand, 39,295,196
Seat 6: Alonuszka, Poland, 48,410,406
Seat 7: Klyukvenniy, Uzbekistan, 29,930,578
Seat 8: ihearechoes1, United Kingdom, 4,598,548
Seat 9: Aceme1970, Australia, 50,135,638

Dec11 done in ninth

The blinds had gone up a notch to 600,000 - 1,200,000 ante 120,000 before dec11 became the first to exit the final. From mid-position gibby2000 raised to 2,400,000 with 6♥6♠, dec11 shoved all-in for 11,671,733 with A♦J♣ and gibby2000 made the call. The board ran K♦J♦8♥6♦K♣ to give gibby2000 a full-house and eliminate dec11 who collected $387.50 for finishing ninth.

22meandu takes control

The narrative of this final table would be shaped by two hands in quick succession, both were won by 22meandu from New Zealand, both eliminated players and by the time the chips had been racked 22meandu would have 117 million of the 268 million in play.

The first was a huge three-way all-in (see below), 22meandu opened to 7,500,000 (five big blinds) from under-the-gun, Aceme1970 three-bet to 18,000,000, kainar93 moved all-in for 14,119,022, 22meandu moved all-in over the top for 33,705,196 and Aceme1970 called (having started the hand with over 55 million).

22meandu: A♦A♥
Aceme1970: A♠9♦
kainar93: K♣K♠

A board of 7♦6♥7♥6♣7♣ meant everyone had a house, but 22meandu's had the biggest boat in the yard and a near 85,000,000 chip pot was shipped to the New Zealander, whilst kainar93 was coolered out of the tournament in eighth place albeit $600.00 richer.

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Just two hands later 22meandu sent gibby2000 to the rail, the latter opened to 3,000,000 with A♦[10s], 22meandu jammed with pocket sixes and gibby2000 called all-in for 28,509,845 total. The board of 9♥4♥K♣7♠J♦ meant the pocket pair held up, gibby2000 pocketed $1,100 for finishing seventh.

No deal, good karma?

With seven left the clock was paused to discuss a deal, but erroneously it seems as before discussion began Klyukvenniy typed: 'No deal,' into the chat box so play resumed. And on the very next hand Klyukvenniy would eliminate a player.

The shortstack at the start of the final table was ihearechoes1, who began the final with just 4.5 big blinds, the Brit had done well to ladder this far, but that run would come to an end in about as standard a spot as they come.

From the button Klyukvenniy min-raised to 3,000,000 with pocket jacks, ihearechoes1 moved all-in for 8,697,096 total with pocket eights and Klyukvenniy naturally called the extra. The five community cards - 6♥4♣2♥4♥4♦ - were no help to ihearechoes1 who had to be content with a $1,600 payday.

Klyukvenniy beats the Cube

Five handed play would stretch on for 27 hands, during which Aceme1970 and Cube09 would score stay alive double ups, through Alonuszka and 22meandu respectively, before Cube09 would become another victim of Klyukvenniy's.

It folded to Cube09 in the cut-off and, with blinds now 1,200,000 - 2,400,000 ante 240,000 the German open shoved for 22,042,038 with [10h][10d]. It passed to Klyukvenniy who called from the big blind with A♠J♠. It was a 46,000,000 chip flip and it went the way of the Uzbek on a board of 8♠A♦K♣5♥6♣, Cube09 took home $2,100 for fifth.

One-two whammy for Aceme1970

Down to four, the other three players tried to Klyukevnniy into a deal, but the Uzbek wouldn't budge. Which was bad news for Aceme1970 as he became the latest player to fall victim to the vagaries of No Limit Hold'em. The Australian was going along swimmingly, but then it all unraveled in the space of four hands.

First, the Aussie ran A♣K♦ into the pocket aces of Alonuszka who had shoved for ten big blinds. This knocked Aceme1970 down to eight big blinds and three hands later they went in with K♣8♥, 22meandu woke up with A♦K♠ and a nondescript board sent the Aussie heading out the door marked $2,750 for fourth.

Three handed marathon

When three-handed play started the blinds were 1,600,000 - 3,200,000 ante 320,000 and the stacks looked like this:

Seat 5: 22meandu, New Zealand, 127,073,960
Seat 6: Alonuszka, Poland, 63,139,928
Seat 7: Klyukvenniy, Uzbekistan, 78,370,112

By the time three had become two, some 95 hands later, the big blind would have almost doubled to 5,500,000.

Three handed play started slowly but by the time the blinds reached 2,000,000 - 4,000,000 ante 400,000 the swings were getting bigger as simply taking down the blinds and antes could increase one of the shorter stacks by more than 10%. Although 22meandu was getting blinded down, with over 110,000,000 the New Zealander still had a firm grip on the lead, with the two other stacks fluctuating between 55 and 75 million as chips flowed back and forth between the three players.

Klukevnniy then went on a tear, mostly at the expense of Alonuszka, to climb to nearly 95,000,000. When he then won a 37,000,000 chip pot from 22meandu the Uzbek all but drew level with the long term chip leader 113,810,112 versus 114,483,960, Alonuszka was now marooned in third on just over 40,000,000. With blinds now reaching 2,250,000 - 4,500,000 ante 450,000 the Pole was, all of a sudden in trouble.

Indeed the Pole would slip to 35,000,000 before doubling up with pocket sixes against Klukevnniy's pocket sevens, a six on the turn boosting the Pole to 77,000,000 and seeing Klukevnniy slip to a similar amount.

Three handed play continued and soon after Klukevnniy would get revenge, by this point the Uzbek's stack had dwindled to 40,000,000 and it all went in whilst holding 6♠5♠, Alonuszka made the call with Q♦9♣. The flop of K♠J♦7♠ had something to interest both parties, the J♥ on the turn changed little, but the 3♠ on the river kept Klukevnniy alive.

Penthouse to outhouse

During the entirety of three-handed play 22meandu had never looked in trouble, but now the unthinkable happened, he went from having 166 million of the 268 million chips in play to out in the space of nine hands. Losing three huge pots in the process.

The demise started when he set Alonuszka all-in for the Pole's last 42,259,679 (7.68 big blinds) whilst holding 3♥3♦, Alonuszka had Q♥Q♦ for a dominating pair and dominating flush draws. The board ran A♠7♦2♣A♥T♠ for the first flesh wound. With a stack of over 123,000,000, 22meandu still had the chip lead, although not for long.

Seven hands later 22meandu would yet again run a pair into a bigger pair, this time it would prove more costly. Klyukvenniy min-raised to 11,000,000 on the button, 22meandu made it 22,000,000 from the small blind, Klyukvenniy raised all-in for 62,690,368 total and 22meandu made the call.

Klyukvenniy: K♠K♥
22meandu: 8♦8♥

The cowboys shot the New Zealander down as the board came 9♠A♠Q♣4♦J♠, Klyukvenniy took the chip lead and 22meandu was now the short stack, which would prove crucial on the very next hand.

From a stack of 59,783,920, 22menadu opened to 16,500,000 on the button with 2♦2♠, Alonuszka three-bet to 71,500,000 with A♣5♣ and 22meandu called all-in. The 4♠5♠4♥ flop gave Alonuszka the lead, which the Pole kept on the 7♥ turn and 4♦ river. Just like that the long-time chip leader was done and dusted in third place, which was good for $4,000.

Heads-up sprint

After the war of attrition of three-handed play heads-up play would last just six hands and come down to one key pot. With blinds of 2,750,000 - 5,500,000 ante 550,000 the stacks were close as heads-up play began.

Seat 6: Alonuszka, Poland, 142,103,264
Seat 7: Klyukvenniy, Uzbekistan, 126,480,736

On just the third hand of heads-up play Klyukvenniy would claim the decisive pot. From the button Alonuszka completed, Klyukvenniy raised to 18,000,000, Alonuszka re-raised all-in for 149,752,264 and Klyukvenniy called all-in for 117,630,736.

Klyukvenniy: A♠7♥
Alonuszka: A♦J♠

The Pole was in, ahem, pole position to win the tournament right here, the T♠5♦A♥ safe enough, but the 7♣ turn gave Klyukvenniy the lead, which the Uzbek kept on the K♥ river to win a 236,461,472 chip pot, the shrapnel was Alonuszka's and numbered just 32,122,528.

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Just four hands later it was all over, Klyukvenniy jammed from the button with K♠4♦, Alonuszka called all-in with 9♣3♣ for 21,322,528 and looked on as the board ran K♣Q♠T♠A♣6♠. The title and $7,605.00 belonged to Klyukvenniy, whilst Alonuszka collected $5,625 for finishing second.

MicroMillions II event #72 $1+R NL Hold'em 3x-Turbo

Number of players: 7,664
Number of re-buys: 41,504
Number of add-ons: 4,036
Total prize pool: $50,000
Places paid: 990

Final table payouts:

1st. Klyukvenniy ,Uzbekistan, $7,605
2nd. Alonuszka, Poland, $5,625
3rd. 22meandu, New Zealand, $4,000
4th. Aceme1970, Australia, $2,750
5th. Cube09, Germany, $2,100
6th. ihearechoes1, United Kingdom, $1,600
7th. gibby2000, Canada, $1,100
8th. kainar93, Russia, $600
9th. dec11, Czech Republic, $387.50

The Micro Millions II main event is on Sunday starting at 2.30pm EST, it costs $22 to enter, there's $1m guaranteed and at least $150,000 to first place. To see that and the rest of the remaining schedule go to Events>Micro Millions on the client or click here.

Team PokerStars Online's Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra will be playing it, as he set himself the challenge to play all 100 events. He fell short of the money here, but check out his progress here.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II