MicroMillions II: KOTLYAREVSKA crushes competition; wins event #37 ($3.30 PL Omaha, 6-max 2R1A)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngFour cards equaled a double quick final table as KOTLYAREVSKA crushed the competition to win event #37. The Russian had a big chip lead at the start of the final table, never lost it and eliminated every other player in under an hour to take the top prize of $4,853.98. Meanwhile fabio_bruxo who finished fourth has, if my maths is correct, moved to the top of the MicroMillions II leader board.

Six-max, four cards, two re-buys and one add-on

When it comes to pot-limit Omaha tournaments 6-max is the preferred format of most enthusiasts and the players turned out in their droves for Event #37 as 4,107 took a shot at the four card variant. Equities of hands in this format are a lot closer than in hold'em tournaments, to this end players had the safety net of up to two re-buys during the opening two hours and at the end of that period an optional add-on.

Between them they boosted the prize pool with 5,255 re-buys and 1,241 add-ons which when all was said and done made for a total prize pool of $31,089.

If you've been following the coverage of the Micro Millions II you'll know that Team PokerStars Online Andere 'acoimbra' Coimbra is playing all 100 events and keeping a diary of his progress. Through tournament 35 he'd had seven cashes for a total of $171.19, the Portuguese pro added to that tally here making a deep run before busting in 210th spot. That cash added another $22.26 to the ledger.

Two tables out

With two tables left KOTLYAREVSKA was already bossing proceedings, reaching over 17,000,000 chips, whilst no one else had over ten million. By the time LadyKiller67 was bumped off in seventh place the Russian had extended the lead further, having accumulated almost 23 million of the 53 million in play. This was almost double the stack of second placed The Pad Lady, with blinds at 100,000-200,000 ante 37,500 this is how the final table stacked up.

Seat 1: SSergey1980, Ukraine, 1,361,770
Seat 2: KOTLYAREVSKA, Russia, 22,924,435
Seat 3: elektrik262, Russia, 2,779,633
Seat 4: The Pad Lady, Australia, 11,658,248
Seat 5: fabio_bruxo, Brazil, 7,445,570
Seat 6: TheSkittyboo, United Kingdom, 6,845,344

micromillions II_event #37_final table screenshot.jpg

The final six players

Only five alive

On just the fifth hand of the final the rich got richer as KOTLYAREVSKA sent fellow Russian elektrik262 to the rail. The latter was all-in for 2,654,633 with A♥A♦J♦7♥ against KOTLYAREVSKA's K♣K♦2♠[10s]. The flop and turn of 2♦7♦8♦6♣ kept elektrik262 in the lead, but the chip leader hit a brutal four outer on the river when the 2♥ completed the board, elektrik262 took home $547.11 for finishing sixth.

This pot took KOTLYAREVSKA over the 26 million mark. An admission of 'sorr' in the chat box was surely directed at elektrik262 but may as well have been said to the whole table as there was surely only one winner from here?

The wheels half come off then get put back on again

Over the next 37 hands though KOTLYAREVSKA was reeled back in, twice the Russian doubled up SSergey1980 and also lost sizeable pots to TheSkittyboo and The Pad Lady. The last of these saw The Pad Lady climb to 18,345,748 whilst the Russian had been reeled in, slipping to 19,675,008.

But, just half-a-dozen hands later the chip lead was lengthened once more as KOTLYAREVSKA got the second KO of the final table. With blinds at 150,000 - 300,000 ante 37,500, TheSkittyboo made it 900,000 to go from under-the-gun and KOTLYAREVSKA made the call from the button. On the [10c]2♦4♦ flop TheSkittyboo made a 900,000 c-bet, the chip leader applied the pressure by min-raising to 1,800,000, Skittyboo then moved all-in for 5,727,871 and KOTLYAREVSKA clicked call.

TheSkittyboo: K♣K♠9♥2♥

The chip leader had flopped top set which held up on the A♦3♦ turn and river and once again the Russian had almost half the chips in play.

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Brazilian out in fourth, but climbs to first

Four handed play would last 32 hands before KOTLYAREVSKA once again floored a player with a fatal knockout, fabio_bruxo the victim, dispatched in fourth place for a $1,669.97 payday. The Brazilian had blinded down to less than five big blinds when he made his move. It folded to KOTLYAREVSKA on the button and the chip leader put in a min-raise to 1,000,000, fabio_bruxo then moved all-in for 2,395,669 from the big blind and KOTLYAREVSKA called off the extra.

fabio_bruxo: K♦K♠8♥4♣

The chip leader was a 76% to extend that lead and despite falling behind on the 4♦J♣8♠ flop, the 9♦ turn and 7♦ river gave the Russian the pot. This was incredibly fabio_bruxo's 17th cash of the Micro Millions II series, but the first final table. The Brazilian currently sits third on the MicroMillions leader board, but once the 50 points for this fourth place finish are added it should move fabio_bruxo to the top of the pile. There's a long way to go but the Brazilian will be in pole position to win the PCA main event package and trophy on offer for player of the series.


With three players left, the two start of final table chip leaders were joined by the stack who'd been shortest coming in. Ukrainian SSergey1980 found himself in a familiar position, trailing the two big stacks by some way.

Seat 1: SSergey1980, Ukraine, 4,064,140
Seat 2: KOTLYAREVSKA, Russia, 29,099,272
Seat 4: The Pad Lady, Australia, 19,851,588

The Ukrainian had done well to ladder this far and despite scoring one double-up he couldn't escape the runaway juggernaut that was KOTLYAREVSKA. It folded to SSergey1980 and from a stack of 5,756,560 he made it three big blinds - 1,500,000 - to play, KOTLYAREVSKA made the call and the two of them went heads-up to a flop of A♥J♠J♣.

Both players checked to see the [10s] fall on fourth street, bet of 1,250,000 from KOTLYAREVSKA, call from SSergey1980. The 5♠ completed a paired and flushing board, KOTLYAREVSKA bet enough to set SSergey1980 all-in and the call was made.

KOTLYAREVSKA: J♦[10h]8♦8♥ - jacks full of tens
SSergey1980: Q♦Q♠8♠3♠ - queen high flush

That sent SSergey1980 crashing out in third, $2,756.52 cushioning the blow though.

Russian to the finish line:

As heads-up play got underway KOTLYAREVSKA had a two and a half to one chip lead.

Seat 2: KOTLYAREVSKA, Russia, 37,757,162
Seat 4: The Pad Lady, Australia, 15,257,838

It would not take long for the inevitable to happen, three hands in fact for the Russian to wrap up the title.

From the button KOTLYAREVSKA min-raised to 1,000,000, The Pad Lady bumped it to 2,000,000 and the Russian made the call. On the A♦J♠3♦ flop The Australian c-bet 2,500,000, call from KOTLYAREVSKA. The 3♣ hit the turn, The Pad Lady fired out a bet of 4,000,000, another smooth call from KOTLYAREVSKA.

The J♥ completed the board, there was over 17,000,000 already in the pot and The Pad Lady now moved all-in for 7,195,388 and was snap called by KOTLYAREVSKA.

The Pad Lady: K♣4♥[10d]8♥ - a pair of jacks
KOTLYAREVSKA: J♣3♥T♣T♥ - jacks full of threes

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This final hand nicely encapsulated KOTLYAREVSKA's dominance as the Russian's opponent emptied the clip on a failed three barrel bluff. For finishing second The Pad Lady pocketed $3,498.99 whilst KOTLYAREVSKA claimed $4,853.98.

Facts, figures and final table payouts:

MicroMillions- event #37 $3.30 PL Omaha 6-Max, 2R1A

Number of players: 4,107
Number of re-buys: 5,255
Number of add-ons: 1,241
Total prize pool: $31,809
Places paid: 540

Final table payouts:

1st. KOTLYAREVSKA, Russia, $4,853.98
2nd. The Pad Lady, Australia, $3,498.99
3rd. SSergey1980, Ukraine, $2,576.52
4th. fabio_bruxo, Brazil, $1,669.97
5th.TheSkittyboo, United Kingdom, $954.27
6th. elektrik262,Russia, $547.11

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II