MicroMillions II: Mathegott gets victory in Event #77 ($3.30 NLHE Shootout)

MicroMillions logo.pngMathegott was the last player to win a seat to the final table, but the drawn-out Round 3 match was worth the wait. That seat led to a solid final table performance, with one elimination after another attributed to the aggression of Mathegott. And in the end, the significant chip lead at the time of the deal and going into heads-up was enough to win the tournament handily.


Poker players are notorious for being late to games, but Event 77 didn't allow for any of those fashionably late entrances. No late registration was a given for the shootout tournament, but there was also a cap of 10,000 players. That number was reached well before the start time of 13:00 ET, so late comers were out of luck.

With no rebuys, no late registration, and no other pesky details, the final numbers for Event 77 were pretty straightforward:

Players: 10,000
Guarantee: $30,000.00
Prize pool: $30,000.00
Paid players: 1,000

Initial rounds

The structure was also without complication. Players winning the first shootout table moved on to the second round and were guaranteed a minimum payout of $10.50. As the numbers would have it, the field was reduced to 1,000 players in a matter of a couple of hours.

Round 2 sought to thin the crowd even further - down to 100 players - and that took some time. Players moving on would be guaranteed at least $45.00, but they would also then have the opportunity to play for a seat at the final table. This round moved into Level 14 with two tables still in action, but as the next level began, AddeRunner and Trix67 were eliminated at their respective tables.

That left 100 players moving into Round 3. All eliminated in that round were guaranteed $45.00, but moving to the final table meant a minimum payout of $195.00 and the potential for $4,725.00 for a first place finish.

By Level 10, there were still 20 players on the 10 remaining tables, and play slowed down quite a bit. Into the next level, Running518 beat denbrezuga in a heads-up match to win a final table seat, and that left Table 10 in action with DANZALLIN against Mathegott. DANZALLIN was on the ropes but doubled through Mathegott to even the stacks. And DANZALLIN kept chipping up into Level 12. Mathegott did double back up to 16K and climbed from there.

On a short stack, DANZALLIN moved all-in with A♦9♦, and Mathegott called with 6♦6♣. The pocket pair stood up to the 2♥K♣J♦7♣5♥ board, and DANZALLIN took 11th place and $45.00.

Final table of 10

Level 1 gave all of the players 5,000 chips at the 25/50 blind level, and the player lineup was as follows:

Seat 1: killamix
Seat 2: Katatonic666
Seat 3: sn-st60
Seat 4: Running518
Seat 5: smart198
Seat 6: JasonX85
Seat 7: SlimRizla
Seat 8: vyatka6666
Seat 9: oscarallin76
Seat 10: Mathegott

MMII - Event 77.JPG

The pots started getting more significant into Level 2 and 3, and toward the end of the latter, oscarallin76 was one of the shorter stacks of the group. The big hand began with a raise from SlimRizla and calls from oscarallin76, Mathegott, and sn-st60. The flop of 8♠Q♠2♦ prompted a bet from oscarallin76, and Mathegott was the only caller. The T♥ on the turn brought an all-in bet from oscarallin76 with A♣Q♣ for top pair, but Mathegott called with 2♣2♠ and the set. The 7♥ on the river eliminated oscarallin76 in tenth place with $195.00.

Smart198 was chipped down to a stack of less than 500 chips, which went all-in with J♣T♠. Killamix had A♥4♣ in the big blind, and the board of 8♦K♥K♦3♦7♣ gave killamix the win with the ace kicker. Smart198 left in ninth place with $345.00.

Mathegott on a roll

JasonX85 doubled through vyatka6666, but took that reasonable stack into action three hands later. It started with a raise from JasonX85 in middle position and reraise from Mathegott on the button. JasonX85 called, and the two players saw the 2♥T♥T♦ flop. Mathegott bet, and JasonX85 check-called. The 7♠ on the turn prompted the same action, and the A♣ on the river brought another bet from Mathegott. JasonX85 called all-in with 5♦5♥ for two pair, but Mathegott showed A♠4♠ for top two. JasonX85 left in eighth place with $495.00.

Katatonic666 was the next player to make a move, and it happened in a hand with Mathegott. The raised flop came 4♥A♠3♥, and a bet from Mathegott prompted a check-call from Katatonic666. The 7♣ turn brought another bet from Mathegott, though the response this time was a check-raise from Katatonic666. Mathegott raised it up again, and Katatonic666 called all-in with 5♥2♠ for the flopped straight. But Mathegott showed A♥7♥ for two pair and flush draw, and the flush hit on the 6♥ river. Katatonic666 was eliminated in seventh place with $690.00.

Two hands later, vyatka6666 pushed all-in UTG, and Mathegott called 1,299 more chips as the next to act. Vyatka6666 showed A♣J♠ but was behind the A♥Q♣ of Mathegott. The board presented 5♣5♠7♥K♣9♠, and the kickers played to eliminate vyatka6666 in sixth place with $900.00.

Killamix was the next at risk, and the all-in move came with 7♥7♣ preflop. Mathegott showed A♥K♠ for the race and immediately took the lead when the flop came A♦6♣9♥. The 9♣ on the turn made two pair for each, and the J♣ chanegd nothing, leaving killamix out in fifth place with $1,200.00.

Four players agree to a deal

In a combination of ICM and chip-chop numbers, the final four players agree to a distribution of the prize money with the required $600 set aside for the eventual winner. The payouts were:

Seat 3: sn-st60 (4,813 in chips) = $2,586.97
Seat 4: Running518 (5,431 in chips) = $ 2,666.86
Seat 7: SlimRizla (6,825 in chips) = $2,821.17
Seat 10: Mathegott (32931 in chips) = $4,000.00

They virtually shook hands and resumed play.

The first to exit after the deal was the short stack, as sn-st60 was even shorter at that point and pushed all-in for 2,048 chips. Mathegott called with A♥T♣, which had the advantage of sn-st60's K♦7♦. The flop of Q♣J♥K♥ gave sn-st60 the pair but made a straight for Mathegott, and that held up to the 5♠ turn and 3♥ river. Sn-st60 left in fourth place with $2,586.97.

Running518 doubled through Mathegott, and SlimRizla then did the same:

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Running518 made another attempt at a double-up and pushed with 7♣7♦ preflop. Mathegott had A♥T♠ but rivered the best two pair on the 2♠3♠J♦2♣A♠ board. Running518 was out in third place with $2,666.86.

Mathegott got chips

The heads-up portion of the evening began with these chip counts:

Seat 7: SlimRizla (14,530 in chips)
Seat 10: Mathegott (35,470 in chips)

It didn't take long. SlimRizla got involved in a hand that started with a raised flop of 4♣3♥4♠. Mathegott bet, and SlimRizla check-called to see the 3♦ turn. The same action led to the A♥ on the river, at which point Mathegott bet again. SlimRizla check-raised all-in for 7,599 chips, and Mathegott called. SlimRizla was on the line with A♦8♣ and two pair, but Mathegott showed 3♣4♦ for the full house. SlimRizla had to exit in second place with $2,821.17.

Mathegott took the Event 77 title and $4,600.00 in cash. Congrats!

MicroMillions II Event #77 ($3.30 NLHE Shootout) Results (reflects deal):

Total players: 10,000
Paid players: 1,000

1st place: Mathegott (Germany) - $4,600.00*
2nd place: SlimRizla (UK) - $2,821.17*
3rd place: Running518 (China) - $2,666.86*
4th place: sn-st60 (Russia) = $2,586.97*
5th place: killamix (Russia) - $1,200.00
6th place: vyatka6666 (Russia) - $900.00
7th place: Katatonic666 (Ukraine) - $690.00
8th place: JasonX85 (Netherlands) - $495.00
9th place: smart198 (Ukraine) - $345.00
10th place: oscarallin76 (Romania) - $195.00

*denotes four-way deal with $600 set aside for winner

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II