MicroMillions II: MilkTheRuler does indeed rule Event #30 ($3.30 NLHE HU Turbo)

MicroMillions logo.pngFor a series of heads-up matches, it requires more than a little luck in one or two rounds. To win the tournament, a player had to win a total of 14 heads-up matches against all types of players and playing styles. MilkTheRuler was able to do just that. The final match against ssv2178 started with an even money chop, then MilkTheRuler waited patiently for the right time to move, and pocket aces made it happen.


There were several factors to accept before registering for Event 30. First, players had to want to play No Limit Hold'em in the heads-up format. Second, they had to agree to the turbo structure of the tournament, which gave them five-minute levels and rapidly climbing blinds. Third, they had to decide to participate before the start time, as no late registration was required. On the other hand, there were some attractions that made Event 30 a snap-call for tournament players, such as the low $3.30 buy-in and the $25K guarantee.

So, the list of players grew until it reached a point that nearly doubled the guarantee. And that also gave quite a few of the first round players a bye into the next round, as pairings became difficult. Let's look at the basic numbers:

Players: 16,384
Guarantee: $25,000.00
Prize pool: $49,152.00
Paid players: 2,048

The goal for players was to make it through the first three rounds of play to make it into the money. Despite being a turbo tournament, some of the matches went a bit long, pushing it to more than three hours to get to that point. Round 3 surpassed the three-hour mark with about 20 tables still in play. It wasn't until minutes before the 3.5-hour break that Checkycheck defeated tomastomato to move forward, leaving the latter as the bubble player.

Round 4: $8.35 guaranteed payouts to 1025th place

Round 5: $13.27 payouts to 513th place

Round 6: $21.62 payouts to 257th place

Round 7: $36.37 payouts to 129th place

Round 8: $60.45 payouts to 65th place

Round 9: $107.64 payouts to 33rd place

Round 10: $177.93 payouts to 17th place

Round 11: $635.04 payouts to ninth place

Round 12: Quarterfinals

More than 10 hours into the tournament, Round 12 got underway with the starting blinds of 25/50. Action was fast, with Table 4 as the first to finish. Olangotang made the all-in move holding Q♠8♠ on a 9♥T♦2♠ board, and ssv2178 called with J♦J♠. The 3♣ and 6♠ completed the hand and sent olangotang out in eighth place with $635.04.

Table 3 saw Trepanning83 in dire straights, but a double-up with T♦9♦ on a 7♣6♠8♣4♠ board bested the 7♥5♥ straight of Skip-Heer. That left Skip-Heer with only 20 chips, which lost on the following hand to send Trepanning83 on to the next round. Skip-Heer left in seventh place with $635.04.

Mr.anson26 was on a short stack at Table 2 and pushed with K♥Q♦. MilkTheRuler called with A♠7♣ and hit the ace on the A♥3♠J♥2♣3♦ board. Mr.anson26 had to settle for the $635.04 that went with sixth place.

Table 1 moved forward through Level 4, and it was near the end of that level that knightfork77 finally made the push with 4♠4♣. Szamroczek83 called with Q♣J♠ and caught the end of the 3♣9♣Q♦ flop. The 9♠ turn and T♥ river ended the hand and gave knightfork77 $635.04 for the fifth place finish.

Round 13: Semifinals

Table 1 matched MilkTheRuler with szamroczek83, and Table 2 put ssv2178 up against Trepanning83.

It didn't take long for Table 2 to heat up, and a big preflop raising battle put ssv2178 all-in with K♥K♠ against A♥Q♦. The board came 7♠2♥Q♥J♥3♦, and ssv2178 doubled up. The latter lost ground again, and doubled up in this massive hand here:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Trepanning83 then pushed all-in on the next hand for 760 chips with J♣7♥, and ssv2178 called with A♦8♠. The board of 3♠6♦8♦2♣8♥ only improved ssv2178 to trip eights and sent Trepanning83 out in fourth place with $1,152.61.

On the other table, szamroczek83 pushed all-in for 2,722 chips with A♥9♥, which looked good against the A♠8♦ of MilkTheRuler. But the board came 6♦8♠7♠3♣A♦ to give MilkTheRuler two pair, and szamroczek83 had to settle for third place and $1,152.61.

Round 14: Finals

The final two players took their seat at the one and only table, and Level 1 presented MilkTheRuler and ssv2178 with even chip stacks and blinds of 25/50.

MMII - Event 30.JPG

Almost immediately, the two players asked to pause the tournament to discuss a deal. When that happened, they quickly agreed to split the prize money evenly - $2,689.47 each - and play for the required $500 and the title. With that agreement, the tournament restarted.

This pot gave MilkTheRuler the advantage:

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Five hands later, the two see a reraised flop of 7♣6♠3♥. MilkTheRuler bet 465, and ssv2178 called. The 8♣ on the turn prompts MilkTheRuler to bet 1,125, and ssv2178 raised all-in for 2,735 chips. MilkTheRuler called with A♥A♠ for the overpair, and ssv2178 showed 8♠5♥ for top pair and the straight draw. But the 6♣ on the river didn't help and eliminated ssv2178 in second place with $2,689.47.

MilkTheRuler ruled the day and won $3,189.47 to go with the Event 30 MicroMillions II title. Congrats!

MicroMillions II Event #30 ($3.30 NLHE HU Turbo) Results (reflect two-way-deal):

Total players: 16,384
Paid players: 2,048

1st place: MilkTheRuler (Netherlands) - $3,189.47*
2nd place: ssv2178 (Canada) - $2,689.47*

*Two-way deal was even chop with $500 set aside for winner.

Semifinalists: szamroczek83, Trepanning83 = $1,152.61 each

Quarterfinalists: knightfork77, Mr.anson26, Skip-Heer, olangotang = $635.04 each

For any and all information about MicroMillions, check out its main tournament page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II