MicroMillions II: pahancik prevails; bags Badugi title in event #56 ($3.30 FL Badugi)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThe Badugi title belongs to Russia as pahancik defeated a field of 2,233 to claim the first prize of $923.27. By virtue of scoring the knock out that reduced the field from nine to eight to start the final table the Russian took the chip lead to the final table. He soon lost it but in between hung tough, hung around and scored the all important final knock out to claim the title.

Pretty big for Badugi

The field of 2,233 for event #56 was a fraction of some other Micro Millions II fields, indeed the entire prize pool of $6,699.00 was less than many first places. But, this is Badugi, a field of over 2,200 meant this was like the Woodstock or Glastonbury of Badugi, this was big. For an overview of the rules of Badugi please click here.

It took over seven and a half hours to whittle the field down to the final eight, by this time the stakes had reached 80,000 - 160,000. This is how the players, drawn from eight different nations, stacked up:

micromillions II_event #56_final table screenshot.jpg

The elite eight

Seat 1: Thiesao58, Germany, 1,667,175
Seat 2: WPT_Champ111, Canada, 1,951,594
Seat 3: rewind2007, India, 965,077
Seat 4: rock_it_bad, Australia, 719,112
Seat 5: huli2, Bulgaria, 553,086
Seat 6: enavy, Portugal, 1,023,360
Seat 7: dawe092, Hungary, 1,941,212
Seat 8: pahancik, Russia, 2,344,384

Indian out first

The stakes had risen to 120,000 - 240,000 by the time we had the first exit. Down to just 60,924 rewind2007 was all-in from the big blind, huli2 raised to 240,000 and recieved calls from dawe092 and WPT_Champ111. On the first draw this is what happened:

WPT_Champ111: stood pat
Rewind2007: drew two
huli2: stood pat
dawe092: drew one

It was checeked to huli2 who bet 120,000, dawe092 was the only caller. On the second draw all three players repeated their action from the first draw, huli2 bet 240,000 and dawe092 folded. On the final draw rewind2007 yet again drew one, whilst huli2 stood pat, showdown:

huli2: Q♣9♥5♦4♠ - a queen high badugi
rewind2007: [10h]3♥7♦5♠ - a three card 7,5,3

For finishing eighth rewind2007 collected $66.99.

enavy ejected in seventh

Next to go was enavy, the Portuguese player's stack had slipped to just 83,360 and after posting the small blind of 60,000 he had little choice but to go with his hand.

Unfortunately for him pahancik had been dealt T♠6♦2♣A♥ - a T,6,2,A Badugi - and despite three draws, where he took just one card on each occasion, enavy could only muster a three-card 6,4,A come showdown and had to be content with $133.98 for finishing seventh.

Canadian 'champ' sent packing in sixth

Just a few hands later the field was reduced to five as WPT_Champ111 was sent to the rail, pahancik yet again the executioner. The former moved all-in pre-draw for 221,594 and was called by huli2 and pahancik. On all three draws all three players took one card. Then, with all draws completed, pahancik bet 240,000 and huli2 mucked his hand.

pahancik: K♦9♣7♥A♠ - a K,9,7,A Badugi
WPT-Champ111: 8♥7♦3♣2♣ - a three-card 8,7,2

The Canadian took home $200.97 for finishing sixth.

huli2 takes over

During five-handed play huli2 would take control getting paid off on every draw by pahancik when holding a 9,4,3,2 badugi, the Bulgarian's stack climbed over the 4,000,000 mark with Thiesao58 closest on just over 3,000,000.

The stakes were now 140,000 - 280,000 and the three other stacks - including pahancik - were hovering between 1,200,000 and 1,600,000.

Something had to give and the next to fall was dawe092, the Hungarian's stack had slipped to 741,058 at the start of the hand. The pot was opened by huli2 who raised to 280,000, dawe092 three-bet to 420,000 and huli2 made the call.

On the first draw they both took one card, dawe092 bet 140,000, huli2 check-raised to 280,000, dawe092 committed the last of his chips and huli2 made the call.

On the second and third draws both players stood pat, huli2 showed 7♣6♠2♥A♠ for a 7,6,2,A Badugi, which was ahead of dawe092's Q♥7♦4♠3♣ - Q,7,4,3, Badugi, the Hungarian pocketed $334.95 for finishing fifth.

Four handed:

As four handed play started the limits rose to 160,000 - 320,000 and stacks looked like this:

Seat 1: Thiesao58, Germany 3,730,773
Seat 4: rock_it_bad, Australia, 2,013,644
Seat 5: huli2, Bulgaria, 4,281,423
Seat 8: pahancik, Russia, 1,139,160

Eventual winner pahancik was in big trouble, but the biggest pot of the tournament thus far was just around the corner and would see pahancik go from short stack to big stack, whilst huli2 would slide in the opposite direction. By the time the pot of 3,680,000 occurred, pahancik had climbed to 2,259,160 whilst huli2 had slipped to 3,401,423. The heavy action occurred after the second draw when both players put 1,280,000 into the pot. See the whole hand below.

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The Bulgarian couldn't recover from this dent and was out soon after, Thiesao58 taking the last of huli2's chips to take a chip lead to three-handed play.

Final three make a deal

By this time stakes had risen to 200,000 - 400,000 and the stacks looked like this:

Seat 1: Thiesao58, Germany, 6,679,975
Seat 4: rock_it_bad, Australia, 967,288
Seat 8: pahancik, Russia, 3,517,737

At this point the tournament paused as the players wished to discuss a deal. The shortest stack of the three - rock_it_bad - was not happy with his cut according to the chip chop deal, but after a bit of negotiating the two bigger stacks agreed to give up a bit of their portion and a deal was struck which left $100 to play for and the following pay outs:

Seat 1: Thiesao58, Germany, $950,00
Seat 4: rock_it_bad, Australia, $729.03
Seat 8: pahancik, Russia, $823.27

Chip leader Thiesao58 seemed to sense that he'd given up a bit too much in the deal (given that first place was originally $1,151.98) saying: 'wtf this is soo bad for me but i dont really know this game.'

On the second hand after the deal was locked short stack rock_it_bad exited in third, all-in for less than two big bets the Aussie made a three-card 8,3,A but lost out to Thiesao58's Q,8,6,2 Badugi.


The stakes were still 200,000 - 400,000 when heads-up play started:

Seat 1: Thiesao58, Germany, 7,047,263
Seat 8: pahancik, Russia, 4,117,737

Almost immediately though the momentum would start to swing pahancik's way. The Russian won a 3,600,000 chip pot with a K,9,7,4 Badugi to draw almost level in chips and soon after took a 4,000,000 chip pot with a three-card 4,2,A against a three-card 8,4,A to take the chip lead.

Two more three-million chip pots went the Russian's way, leaving Thiesao58 with just 22,263 and forced all-in at the start of the final hand.

On the first draw Thiesao58 drew one, whilst pahancik drew two. On the second draw Thiesao58 stood pat, pahancik again drew two. On the third and final draw both players discarded one and it was time for showdown:

pahancik: 8♦6♠4♥2♠ - for a three-card 8,4,2
Thiesao58: K♥Q♥Q♠4♣ - for a three-card K,Q,4

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After almost nine hours of play pahancik had outlasted the field to bag a Badugi title and $923.27, by virture of having the biggest stack when the deal was struck Thiesao58 earned more - $950,00 - for his second placed finish.

MicroMillions II event #56 $3.30 FL Badugi
Number of players: 2,233
Total prize pool: $6,699.00
Places paid: 288

Final table payouts:

1st. pahancik, Russia,*$923.27
2nd. Thiesao58, Germany, *$950.00
3rd. rock_it_bad, Australia, *$729.03
4th. huli2, Bulgaria, $468.93
5th. dawe092, Hungary, $334.95
6th. WPT_Champ111, Canada, $200.97
7th. enavy, Portugal, $133.98
8th. rewind2007, India, $66.99

*denotes that payouts were adjusted due to a deal

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Team PokerStars Online's Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra didn't trouble the scoreboard in this event as he busted in 1,247th place. But through event #53 he'd had 13 in the money finishes and is over the half-way mark in his quest to play all 100 Micro Millions II events. Check out his diary here.

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