MicroMillions II: peterpan351 comes from the clouds to win Event #66 ($2.20 NLHE)

As the saying goes, it's not over until the fat lady sings. And if there was a "Fat Lady Sings" button in the PokerStars tournament lobby, we're pretty sure it would've been clicked well before the final cards were dealt on this final table. We'd already pencilled in badaboemba's name on the winner's cheque after the Dutch player destroyed this final table with ruthless efficiency. badaboemba grabbed a massive chip advantage and looked a winner the whole way, but it turns out we were a little premature. There was no "Fat Lady Sings" button. And such is this crazy game, that one key moment and one magnificent call by peterpan351 in the heads-up battle, turned this tournament on its head, as peterpan351 grabbed a courageous, and surprising, victory.

It all went down in Event #66 of the MicroMillions II which was the $2.20 No Limit Holdem Event. It offered a $10,000 prize pool guarantee, but with an enormous field of 13,497 entrants, that guarantee was smashed as a prize pool of $26,994 was formed.

Team PokerStars Pro Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra's quest to play all 100 MicroMillions II events continued but we couldn't spot the red spade anywhere near the money for the top 1,710 players. A min-cash was worth $3.50 as Lithuanian Dainiux missed the money by the narrowest of margins, falling on the bubble in 1,711th place.

When Bururu22 ran top pair into the set of badaboemba after nearly nine hours of play, Bururu22 was eliminated on the final table bubble in 10th place as the final table lineup was decided:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: dodgersfan17 (13,250,046 in chips)
Seat 2: XoCTriga (7,493,912 in chips)
Seat 3: DJ Dagostino (6,889,782 in chips)
Seat 4: fucho15 (10,255,569 in chips)
Seat 5: anayat (4,722,461 in chips)
Seat 6: badaboemba (12,044,715 in chips)
Seat 7: 7MAMMAMIA7 (3,201,500 in chips)
Seat 8: peterpan351 (6,013,380 in chips)
Seat 9: wassenberg69 (3,613,635 in chips)

With the blinds at 125k/250k with a 31,250-chip ante, it was wassenberg69 who was first to go. badaboemba opened with a min-raise, before wassenberg69 moved all in for around 4.5 big blinds. badaboemba made the call with A♠Q♣ and was in good shape against wassenberg69's A♣2♦. The board didn't deliver any surprises as it ran out 6♣8♠3♣T♣9♦ to see wassenberg69 eliminated in 9th place for $161.96 in prize money.

badaboemba held a nice chip lead and continued to press the advantage while DJ Dagostino surged into contention with a big double up holding K♥K♦ against the T♦T♥ of XoCTriga.

fucho15 attempted to stop the run of badaboemba, but a poorly executed bluff attempt saw badaboemba pick it off to rise to new heights:

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It left fucho15 in trouble and badaboemba finished off the job moments later. fucho15 shoved all in from the button for 4.5 big blinds with Q♥J♠ as badaboemba made the call in the big blind with A♦2♦. The board smacked badaboemba as it landed A♠2♣6♣3♦9♥ to give badaboemba two pair to eliminate fucho15 in 8th place for $269.94.

At this stage badaboemba held over double the stack of the nearest rival and was looking extremely dangerous while several of the others were doing their best to simply tread water.

DJ Dagostino found pocket kings once again but this time they failed to hold as 7MAMMAMIA7 landed a nice double holding A♥K♦ when an ace spiked on the flop.

But it was XoCTriga who was next to go. peterpan351 open-shoved the button and XoCTriga called all in for less in the big blind with T♥K♦. peterpan351 tabled A♠Q♠ but fell behind when the flop landed T♦5♥3♠ to pair up the ten of XoCTriga. However incredibly the 4♥ turn and 2♥ river brought peterpan351 a running straight to wheel XoCTriga out the door in 7th place for a collect of $539.88.

anayat got amongst the action with a double up holding ace-queen against the pocket fours of DJ Dagostino, but gave a lot of them back to badaboemba as the chip leader extended the advantage even further, firing three barrels on the board of 9♠4♠5♠K♥9♥ to force a river fold from anayat.

With play six-handed and the blinds up to 400k/800k with a 100k ante, badaboemba was the only player with more than ten big blinds. The massive chip lead had put enormous pressure on the short stacks and something had to give.

DJ Dagostino had been aggressively moving chips with several all-in shoves to steal the blinds, but it was a case of one time too many. DJ Dagostino shoved the button with Q♥9♥ but ran into the dominant A♥9♣ of badaboemba in the big blind which held through the board of 5♦6♠4♥7♣4♦. DJ Dagostino's fine tournament ended in 6th place for $809.82 in prize money.

7MAMMAMIA7 was quick to follow on the very next hand. When action folded around to 7MAMMAMIA7 in the small blind, it was a case of "any two cards" as the money went in holding 9♥2♦ for less than two big blinds. peterpan351 was priced into call in the big blind with 4♦T♠ which was actually the best hand, and it stayed that way through the board of J♥T♥3♠3♣5♦. 7MAMMAMIA7 finished the tournament in 5th place and received $1,079.76.

Just two hands later and we were down to three as anayat was removed in devastating fashion:

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anayat got the money in good with the pocket rockets but it appeared that it was just going to be badaboemba's day as the backdoor straight collected the pot and eliminated anayat in 4th place for $1,349.70.

dodgersfan17 survived one all in, spiking a jack on the river holding Q♣J♣ to stay alive against badaboemba's K♦Q♥, but dodgersfan17 couldn't repeat the feat against peterpan351. The chips were in preflop with dodgersfan17's 9♥9♦ racing with peterpan351's Q♠A♦ but the board ran out A♠Q♣K♥8♠6♣ to pair peterpan351 twice and end the run of dodgersfan17 in 3rd place for $1,889.58.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 6: badaboemba (40,731,248 in chips)
Seat 8: peterpan351 (26,753,752 in chips)

badaboemba had been in control for the entire final table, eliminating players with ease and holding a commanding chip lead throughout, but it all came unstuck during heads-up play. More specifically, it came unstuck when a massive bluff backfired as peterpan351 made a heroic call that both players will never forget:

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A massive call by peterpan351, with tournament on the line, holding just third pair, flipped the tournament on its head and badaboemba wasn't able to recover.

A short time later, badaboemba raised the button and peterpan351 moved all in from the big blind. badaboemba made the call with A♠3♣ as peterpain351 opened A♥9♥. The board fell J♦Q♥9♣4♦8♠ to leave badaboemba to rue a missed opportunity as 2nd place netted $2,540.67. Meanwhile peterpan351 came from the clouds to win the MicroMillions II title and $3,631.24 in prize money! Not bad for a $2.20 investment!

MicroMillions II Event #66 final table results
1st peterpan351 (Portugal) - $3,631.24
2nd badaboemba (Netherlands) - $2,540.67
3rd staffnutz (Canada) - $1,889.58
4th Luke Swirles (Croatia) - $1,349.70
5th 7MAMMAMIA7 (Lithuania) - $1,079.76
6th DJ Dagostino (Hungary) - $809.82
7th XoCTriga (Latvia) - $539.88
8th fucho15 (Latvia) - $269.94
9th wassenberg69 (Netherlands) - $161.96

With 100 events on the schedule there are plenty more chances to turn a few measly coins into wads of cold, hard cash in the MicroMillions II series. For a complete rundown of the schedule, as well as results, statistics and more, head over to the MicroMillions II Main Page.