MicroMillions II: Pextis takes the pot in event #81 ($5.50 PL Omaha 6-max)

MicroMillions logo.pngThere was no Greek tragedy in event #81 as Pextis took down this $5.50 PL Omaha 6-max tournament. The Greek took the lead with four players left and never relinquished it, holding on for victory and a $2,178.34 payday.

Double trouble:
Double the cards and double final table bubble as two players busted on the same hand during hand-for-hand play. By virtue of having fewer chips KOM IGEN was given seventh spot and prettytrip, from Belarus, finished sixth. The latter was eliminated by saschek55 and that enabled the German to take the chip lead to the final table.

The final five were the last ones standing from a field of 2,764, they would take the majority of the $13,820 prize pool, 355 players had already been paid before the final started, with blinds of 40,000 - 80,000 here's how they stacked up.

micromillions II_event #81_final table screenshot.jpg

The final six five

Seat 1: MetaevMusa, Russia, 2,248,496
Seat 2: KinderS1990, Russia 2,091,160
Seat 3: saschek55, Germany, 5,591,544
Seat 5: Pextis, Greece, 1,761,154
Seat 6: kaffeknark, Sweden, 2,127,646

Chip leader plays hardball

Almost immediately the players wanted to look at numbers, the tournament was paused and the players were presented with ICM based chop numbers. As it stood chip leader saschek55 was slated to receive $1,656.08, but the German wanted $2,000. Given that first place was $2,178.34 the other players didn't want to give up some of their equity to saschek55 and an impasse was reached. Play continued...

The rumblings of the deal (or lack of one) continued and saschek55 and MetaevMusa had their chat blocked due to multiple violations of the English only at the table rule. Meanwhile there was a game in progress and KinderS1990 became the first player to exit the final.

With blinds at 60,000 - 120,000 saschek55 raised to 360,000 and KinderS1990 called from the big blind. The flop was 3♥J♣9♠, it checked to saschek55 who put out a devilish bet of 666,666, KinderS1990 moved all-in for 1,391,660 total and saschek55 made the call.

KinderS1990: K♥K♣9♥8♣
saschek55: J♦8♦9♣6♣

The J♠ gave saschek55 a full-house and the A♣ completed the board, KinderS1990 collected $483.70 for finishing fifth, saschek55 meanwhile now had almost half the chips in play.

Pextis takes the lead

Four handed play would see saschek55 lose the chip lead to Pextis, they got it all-in on the turn of a 7♣9♠[10d]8♣, saschek55 had a straight to the jack but Pextis had a straight to the queen and would sccop a 6,800,000 pot.

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MetaevMusa moved on in fourth

It wouldn't take long for saschek55 to regain ground as shortly afterwards the German eliminated MetaevMusa in fourth place. From a stack of just under a million MetaevMusa potted it, raising to 420,000, call from an in position saschek55.

On the 6♥7♦4♠ flop MetaevMusa wagered the last 568,496 of his stack and saschek55 made the call.

MetaevMusa: [10c]J♦6♠Q♥
saschek55: 7♣8♦A♦[10s]

The 2♦ and K♣ rounded off the board and a lowly pair of sevens was enough for saschek55 to scoop the pot, MetaevMusa took home $760.10 for finishing fourth.

Kaffeknark knocked out in third

When three-handed play began blinds were now 60,000 -120,000 and Pextis still had a commanding chip lead.

Seat 3: saschek55, Germany, 3,966,758
Seat 5: Pextis, Greece, 7,697,950
Seat 6: kaffeknark, Sweden, 2,155,292

The two bigger stacks would increase their share whilst kaffeknark dwindled down towards a million, with blinds now 80,000 - 160,000 the Swede could wait no longer. From the button kaffeknark potted to 560,000, saschek55 made it 960,000, Pextis got out the way and the other two completed the formalities of getting it all-in pre-flop.

kaffeknark: A♥K♥J♦6♠
saschek55: Q♠Q♦Q♥J♥

The board came 9♠6♥7♣8♠3♦ to send knockout kaffeknark, third place good for $1,174.70.

Six hands heads-up in the six max

As heads-up play started Pextis held an 8,400,000 to 5,400,000 chip advantage, despite this the Greek offered to deal, saschek55 turned him down flat and six hands later it was all over.

There had been little to no chip movement during the first five hands of heads-up play, on the sixth it exploded into life. Pexits opened to 320,000, saschek55 made it 800,000 and Pextis made the call.

On the Q♠A♥5♥ flop saschek55 led for 1,600,000, Pextis set the German all-in and saschek55 made the call.

Pextis: J♥[10s]K♥3♣
saschek55: Q♥J♦5♠3♠

Despite saschek55 having flopped two pair, Pextis' flush and straight draws made the Greek a 51.5% to 47.6% favourite (there was a <1% chance of a chop). The K♦ was almost a tournament clincher as it made Pextis an 85% favourite to win the hand and when the J♣ completed the board the Greek had done just that.

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Not only had Pextis won the hand, but also the tournament, $2,178.34 was the first place payout, whilst saschek55 collected $1,589.30 for finishing runner-up.

MicroMillions II event #81 $5.50 PL Omaha 6-max

Number of players: 2,764
Total prize pool: $13,820
Places paid: 360

Final table payouts:

1st. Pextis, Greece, $2,178.34
2nd. saschek55, Germany, $1,589.30
3rd. kaffeknark, Sweden, $1,174.70
4th. MetaevMusa, Russia, $760.10
5th. KinderS1990, Russia, $483.70
6th. prettytrip, Belarus, $246.96

The MicroMillions II is on the home straight, there's still (at time of writing) 15 events up for grabs though. Including the main event - a $22 buy-in that starts at 2.30pm EST on Sunday - check out the whole schedule here.

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