MicroMillions II: pyablondu plows through field in Event #11 ($11 6-Max NLHE)


Players got another chance at some 6-max NLHE action today.

Yesterday, MicroMillions players had a shot at a $3.30 6-max tournament. Today, the stakes were a bit higher; Event #11 featured the biggest buy-in of the MicroMillions yet, $11. There were 13,512 players that put up the double-digit buy-in today, creating a prize pool of $135,120.

There were also a few red spades somewhere in between the thousands and thousands of players. Five PokerStars Team Pro and Online players registered for today's $11 6-max event, but none of them cashed. The red spade pro that made it the furtherst was Portuguese Team PokerStars Pro Henrique "Henrique.P" Pinho. Pinho finished in 3,600th, but would've needed to outlast half that field to make the money.

Only 1,800 players made the money in Event #11, with a mincash being worth $17.56. The $75K guarantee was crushed, and the official numbers read:

Guarantee: $75,000
Entrants: 13,512
Prize Pool: $135,120.00
Places Paid: 1,800

The player who got the single largest chunk of that prize pool was pyablondu. pyablandu entered the final table as the chip leader after bursting the final table bubble. Blinds were 150,000/300,000 with a 37,500 ante and stejens raised to 750,000 from the small blind. pyablondu was in the big blind and called, bringing a 2♦J♣J♦ flop. stejens led out for 600,000 and pyablondu called.

The turn was the [10h] and stejens bet 1.2 million. pyablondu raised to 2.7 million and stejens called, bringing the K♣ on the river. stejens moved all-in for 2,515,294 and pyablondu called. stejens showed 6♦4♦, a stone-cold bluff. pyablondu flipped over Q♣[10c], eliminated stejens and brought us to our final table.

Final Table


Seat 1: Kacperz -- 7,557,829
Seat 2: MrQSilver -- 4,029,615
Seat 3: claudioney18 -- 11,738,573
Seat 4: pyablondu -- 21,044,188
Seat 5: cope769 -- 16,267,528
Seat 6: sparrow66 -- 6,922,267

Our first elimination came from our final table short stack, MrQSilver. MrQSilver lost a few pots when the final table started and was down to about 2.4 million with 200,000/400,000 blinds and a 50,000 ante.

MrQSilver was under-the-gun and threw all 2,379,615 of his chips in the pot. sparrow66 called from the small blind and we had our first final table showdown. MrQSilver showed K♠[10d] and was dominated by sparrow66's K♥J♠. The board fell 3♠6♦Q♣2♠A♠ and MrQSilver became our 6th place finisher, earning $1,633.60.

Our next elimination came two hands later. Kacperz raised to 800,000 from the button and our future champion, pyablondu, called from the big blind. The flop came 6♥Q♦Q♥ and both players checked. The turn brought a [10h] and a lot more action. pyablondu bet 1.23 million and Kacperz raised to 4 million. pyabondu moved all-in and Kacperz called, putting his tournament life at risk.

Kacperz showed Q♣8♦ for three queens and pyablondu tabled A♥9♥ for the nut flush. Kacperz needed the fourth queen, an eight, a six or a ten on the river, but it brought the 2♠ instead. Kacperz was eliminated in 5th place and won $2,702 for his finish.

Deal or No Deal?

With Kacperz gone, play went four-handed and players decided to discuss a deal. Everyone agreed to look at numbers based on chip counts. When the tournament staff came back with the magic number, the new prize pool distribution looked like this:

pyablondu (28,069,517) -- $14,888.58
cope769 (17,780,028) -- $11,164.44
claudioney18 (14,508,573) -- $9,980.38
sparrow66 (7,201,882) -- $7,335.82

Everyone at the table agreed except for the Supernova at the table, claudioney18.

"11k," demanded claudioney18.

cope769 suggested that the chip leader give $1,000 to claudioney18 so the deal could go through. pyablondu said he was willing to go down to $14,000, but no more.

claudioney18 agreed to look at the new numbers:

pyablondu (28,069,517) -- $14,000.00
cope769 (17,780,028) -- $11,164.44
claudioney18 (14,508,573) -- $10,868.96
sparrow66 (7,201,882) -- $7,335.82

The new numbers appealed to the group a bit more and everyone agreed. cope769 celebrated over the chat box and play resumed.

Down to 3

Five hands after the deal was made, we had another elimination. Blinds were 250,000/500,000 and cope769 raised to 1 million from the button. sparrow66 was in the small blind and moved all-in for 6,201,882. claudioney18 folded from the big blind and cope769 called, bringing the first post-deal showdown:

sparrow66: A♥7♦
cope769: A♠Q♦

The flop came J♥[10s]8♠ and both players picked up a gutshot straight draw. Of course, the nine would give cope769 the higher straight, so sparrow66 was hoping for a seven. But the turn was the J♠ and the river brought a 2♦, eliminating sparrow in 4th place. For his finish, sparrow66 took home the agreed upon $7,335.82.

After eliminating sparrow66, cope769's stack grew to about 24 million. The stack stayed around that mark until cope659 took the chip lead by halving claudioney18's stack:

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A few hands later, claudioney18 moved all-in for 6,252,698 from the button. pyablondu called from the small blind and cope769 folded. claudioney18 turned over a pair of fours and was up against pyablondu's A♦3♦.

The flop came 2♥7♠6♦ and claudioney18 was still in the lead. The turn was an 8♦ and both players picked up a few more outs; pyablondu caught a flush draw while claudioney18 picked up a gutshot straight draw.

The river was a 5♦ and both players hit their draws, but claudioney18's straight was no match for an ace-high flush. claudioney18 was eliminated in 3rd place and took his renegotiated prize of $10,868.96. pyablondu -- on the other hand -- went into the heads-up match with the chip lead.

Heads Up

pyablondu: 35,359,340
cope769: 32,200,660

The heads-up match was fairly even until pyablondu started to pull away. The blinds were 300,000/600,000 with a 75,000 ante and pyablondu raised to 1.2 million from the button. cope769 3-bet to 3 million and pyablondu called, bringing a 6♠5♣7♥ flop. pyablondu called cope769's 2.4 million bet and the 2♠ came on the turn.

Both players checked and the river brought the 8♦. cope769 fired off a 7.2 million bet and pyablondu moved all-in for just over 30 million. cope769 folded and was left with 18,560,660 while pyablondu was up to 48,909,340.

It didn't take pyablondu too long to finish cope769 off after that. Just like in the previous hand, pyablondu raised to 1.2 million from the button and cope769 re-raised to 3 million. pyablondu moved all-in for 44 million and cope769 called all-in for his remaining 19.4 million.

pyablondu: 5♠5♣
cope769: [10h][10c]

The flop came Q♣5♦J♣ and pyablondu hit a set of fives. cope769 was in need of a ten or running straight cards, but the 7♦ on the turn brought neither. The river was a lowly 2♠ and cope769 became our 2nd place finisher, earning $11,184.44.

pyablondu is now our most recent MicroMillions II champ and will get $15,500 shipped to his PokerStars account for it. Congratulations to pyablondu, and don't forget to check back here for more MicroMillions II results.

MicroMillions II Event #11 ($11 NLHE 6-Max) results:
1st: pyablondu -- $15,500.00*
2nd: cope769 -- $11,184.44*
3rd: claudioney18 (Brazil) -- $10,868.96*
4th: Sparrow66 (Germany)-- $7,335.82*
5th: Kacperz (Poland) -- $2,702.40
6th: MrQSilver (Austria) -- $1,633.60

*Indicates a four-way deal

Eleven events are done, but there are still plenty more to go. With a total of 100 events, there are bound to be some tournaments that fit your schedule and bankroll. For a full schedule, visit the MicroMillions II homepage. Will you be our next MicroMillions champion?

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II