MicroMillions II: SebbyGI, top stud in Event #49 ($3.30 Limit Stud)


We're halfway there.

Well, almost.

There are 100 events this MicroMillions and Event #49 has just come to a close. The $3.30 Limit Stud tournament drew 4,289 players for a first-place prize of $2,086. Today, that prize went to SebbyGI after eight hours of Stud action.

SebbyGI, a PokerStars Supernova, had a victory studded with a few challenges. Among the 4,289 players SebbyGI had to outlast, there were a few Team PokerStars Online players, including acoimbra.

acoimbra's attendance is no surprise in this tournament...or any other MicroMillions II tournament for that matter. acoimbra is currently on a mission to play all 100 events during the 11-day MicroMillions II series.

Despite not getting a cash in Event #49, acoimbra outlasted all of his red spade teammates and finished in 1,165th.

SebbyGI also faced a case of short-stackededness when we reached the final table bubble. SebbyGI managed a double up and then continued to chip up. SebbyGI found his tournament life at risk for the last time when -- with 9 players left -- SebbyGi brought it in for 30,000 with a 7♠. alise_st raised to 100,000 showing the A♠ and losvizo800 and SebbyGI called.

SebbiGI bet fourth street when checked to and both players called. Action was checked to SebbiGI again on fifth street and he bet out. alise_st raised, losvizo800 folded and SebbyGI threw in a 3-bet. alise_st 4-bet and SebbiGI called all in.

alise_st: A♦-4♦/A♠9♦J♣
SebbyGI: 8♦-6♥/7♠5♠9♠

alise_st showed aces and a flush draw, but SebbyGI had the made the straight. alise_st got a [10h] on sixth street and a K♦ on seventh street for aces. SebbyGI got A♥[10c] and doubled up to 2.1 million. Sebby would go on to take the chip lead at the final table and hold on to it -- save for a few hands during three-handed play.

The bubble lasted two whole levels before we got our 9th place finisher, NOSaints94.

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With NOSaints94 out in 9th place -- a finish worth $75.65 -- we had our final table.

The Final Table

Seat 1: dinAlt1978 -- 2,443,926
Seat 2: pasha 2008 -- 3,939,386
Seat 3: losvizo800 -- 2,084,312
Seat 4: SebbGI -- 2,939,386
Seat 5: manokippa2 -- 2,227,116
Seat 6: MioGurza -- 3,289,443
Seat 7: alise_st -- 4,223,415
Seat 8: Ilgiz9999 -- 298,016


With 200,000/400,000 limits and a 40,000 ante, it didn't take long to lose our tournament short stack. Ilgiz999 only had 298,016 and was anted down to 42,000 before he went all-in. The ante took Ilgiz9999 down to 2,000 and he made his move showing the 7♣. pasha 2008 bet 200,000 with the 4♣ and manokippa2 raised to 400,000 with the A♣. Ilgiz999 called all-in and pasha 2008 called as well.

manokippa2 bet pasha 2008 out of the pot on fifth street and had a final showdown with Ilgiz999. After seventh street was dealt, the board read:

manokippa2: A♥-K♣/A♣2♣J♣J♦/Q♥
Ilgiz9999: 9♥-3♦/7♣J♠6♦3♠/8♥

manokippa2's aces and jacks were better than Ilgiz9999's pair of threes and Ilgiz9999 became our 8th place finisher for $102.93.

The size of the bets also led for large pots. The hand before Ilgiz9999 was eliminated, SebbyGI took over the lead during the following hand:

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SebbyGI would hold on to that lead for the rest of the tournament.

A Mix of Six
With Ilgiz9999 gone, dinAlt1978 was our new short stack. With 7 players left, dinAlt1978's stack shrunk to 7000 and was anted down to 500,000 before dinAlt1978 went all-in.

MioGurza brought it in with the 2♥ and dinAlt1978 bet with the [10c]. pasha 2008 raised and action folded to dinAlt1978, who moved all-in for 499,926. pasha 2008 called and the final showdown read:

dinAlt1978: Q♣-J♥/[10c]8♥Q♥4♣/4♦
pasha 2008: Q♠-9♠/Q♦K♣4♥2♠/K♦

pasha 2008's queens and kings were better than dinAlt1978 queens and fours and dinAlt1978 was eliminated in 7th place. dinAlt1978 final table finish was worth $173.70 and it brought the tournament down to its final six players.

Buster Becomes the Busted

After busting one player out, pasha 2008 was our next victim. pasha 2008 went up to about 2 million after dinAlt1978's elimination but, after losing two pots, he was down to 500,000. The dangers the 200,000/400,000 are great.

manokippa2 brought it in for 60,000 with a 3♥ and pasha 2008 raised to 200,000 with a J♠. losvizo800 called with a [10d] and SebbyGI called with 9♥. Pasha 2008 bet on fifth street, losvizo800 called, SebbyGI raised and pasha 2008 called all in. Losvizo800 called as well but folded to SebbyGI's bet on 7th street:

SebbyGI: A♥-6♥/9♥5♥Q♦[10s]/J♥
pasha 2008: 6♣-8♣/J♠[10h]4♥4♠/K♠

SebbiGI's flush was better than pasha 2008's pair of 4s and SebbyGI chipped up to nearly 8 million. pasha 2008 was out in 6th place and earned $386.01.

No More Americas

manokippa2 was the only player from North or South America at the Limit Stud final table. This Brazilian started the final table sixth in chips and managed to make it to second in chips with 5.4 million.

Then the Brazilian lost a massive hand to losvizo800:

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losvizo800 the took the rest of manokippa2's chips a few hands later.

With 40,000/80,000 limits and an 80,000 ante, alise_st brought it in a 2♥ and losvizo800 called with a 4♠. SebbyGI raised to 400,000 with an 8♥ and manokippa2 3-bet to 800,000 with the J♥. alise_st folded while losvizo800 and SebbyGI called. manokippa2 bet on fourth street, losvizo800 called and SebbyGI raised to 800,000.

manokippa2 called all-in for 600,132. losvizo800 called and checked down to seventh street with SebbyGI. At showdown, losvizo800 turned over 9♣-9♥/4♠K♦K♥5♦/2♣ for nines and kings. SebbiGI mucked showing X-X/8♥3♥A♥Q♦/X and manokippa2 mucked his final tournament hand showing X-X/J♥3♦[10h]4♥/X.

manokippa2 went from second in chips to 5th place finisher in a matter of minutes. For that finish, manokippa2 will earn $643.35.

Four to One in Five

It took 43 minutes to play down to four player, then it took 5 minutes to play to one.

After manokippa2's elimination, the chips were distributed a little unfairly. SebbyGI held 10.6 million, losvizo800 had 8.9 million, MioGurza had 1 million and alise_st only had 818,415. With 400,000/800,000 limits and an 80,000 ante, there wasn't much room to play for the shorstacks. MioGurza was the first to fall.

alise_st brought it in with a 4♥ and losvizo800 raised to 400,000. MioGurza moved all-in for 554,886, alise_st folded and losvizo800 called. The final board of MioGurza's tournament read:

MioGurza: K♣-Q♥/9♦2♣5♣Q♦/8♦
losvizo800: 4♦-4♣/7♣J♥4♠K♥/6♠

MioGurza finished 4th for $900.69 and then we lost alise_st three hands later. losvizo800 brought it in with a 6♥ and alise_st raised with a [10c]. losvizo800 called and alise_st moved all-in on 5th street for 76,830. When seventh street was dealt, the board read:

alise_st: A♦-3♣/[10c]7♦8♥A♣/6♣
losvizo800: J♠-8♦/6♥[10s]7♥J♦/8♣

losvizo800's jacks and eights were better than alise_st's aces and alice_st was eliminated in 3rd place for $1,158.03.

Heads Up

losvizo800 started the heads up match with a slight lead -- 11 million to 10.3 million -- but lost it on the first hand of heads-up play:

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SebbyGI then won the tournament the following hand.

losvizo800 raised to 400,000 with a 4♦ and SebbyGI raised to 800,000 with an 8♥. losvizo800 re-raised and SebbyGI 4-bet to 1.6 million. losvizo800 called and got another 4, the 4♣, while SebbyGI got another heart, the 4♥. losvizo800 bet 800,000, SebbyGI called and we went to fifth street.

losvizo800 got a 2♠ and bet 800,000. SebbyGI caught a J♠ and raised to 1.6 million. losvizo800 called and checked sixth street after getting a 2♦. SebbyGI caught a J♣, bet 800,000 and losvizo800 called.

After seventh street was dealt, losvizo800 checked, SebbyGI bet 800,000 and losvizo800 called all-in for 521,717. The final board of the tournament showed:

losvizo800: A♥-9♥/4♦4♣2♠2♦/Q♦
SebbyGI: [10s]-[10h]/8♥4♥J♠J♣/9♦

losvizo800 was playing his face up cards with deuces and fours while SebbyGI held jacks and tens. losvizo800 was out in 2nd and got $1,447.53.

That made SebbyGI our newest MicroMillions champion. For taking down Event #49, SebbyGI wins $2,086.40 and studly bragging rights.

MicroMillions II: Event #49 ($3.30 Limit Stud) results:

Entrants: 4,289
Prize Pool: $12,867.00
Places Paid: 560

1st: SebbyGI (Germany) -- $2,086.40
2nd: losvizo800 (Switzerland) -- $1,447.53
3rd: alise_st (Latvia) -- $1,158.03
4th: MioGurza (Russia) -- $900.69
5th: manokippa2 (Brazil) -- $643.35
6th: pasha2008 (Denmark) -- $386.01
7th: dinAlt1978 (Russia) -- $173.70
8th: Ilgiz9999 (Russia) -- $102.93

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II