MicroMillions II: spielverderb dominates to win Event #42 ($5.50 NLHE)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngAlready over forty events into the MicroMillions II schedule and the action just isn't slowing as massive fields continue to join in the low-limit action and guarantees are being smashed left, right and centre!

Event #42 of the schedule was no exception as 18,295 players turned up for the $5.50 No Limit Holdem event producing a prize pool of $91,475 to more than double the advertised guarantee.

The red spade of Team PokerStars was represented by Dag Palovic who fell in the middle of the field, as the ironicly named iHaveNoCents was the bubble with the top 2,475 players collecting a min-cash of $8.23.

Another Team PokerStars Pro in the field was Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra who added another handy result to his collect of MicroMillions II cashes with 508th place worth $27.44.

As play approached the final table, there was an interesting dynamic as the top four chip leaders were all seated on the same short-handed table, leaving the short stacks to fight it out amongst themselves.

VIPERstar.ru changed that situation by finding pocket aces to eliminate KiroV999 in 11th place, before dolly525's A♠T♦ paired the flop to eliminate Roykus' 9♥9♦ on the final table bubble in 10th place.


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: Manski85 (8,304,998 in chips)
Seat 2: dolly525 (12,447,756 in chips)
Seat 3: Spoli4tor (8,837,444 in chips)
Seat 4: Littel-D0 (6,055,115 in chips)
Seat 5: lllothup (6,032,056 in chips)
Seat 6: VIPERstar.ru (11,382,032 in chips)
Seat 7: martycorden (12,395,232 in chips)
Seat 8: spielverderb (23,814,321 in chips)
Seat 9: izsi7 (2,206,046 in chips)

With the blinds at 200k/400k with a 50k ante, spielverderb entered the final table with the chip lead and set about being the table captain from the get-go by open-raising the first three hands of the final table. But on each occasion, spielverderb was forced to fold to a three-bet as the short stacks made their intentions clear.

However spielverderb took down the first major pot of the final table in big clash with martycorden that set the tone for the rest of the final table.. After a raise and a call, spielverderb squeezed a three-bet preflop with martycorden the lone caller. Both players checked the T♠2♦T♣ flop before martycorden led out with a bet of three million on the 7♠ turn. spielverderb called and 3♠ appeared on the river. martycorden tried the same amount but spielverderb moved all in over the top to force a fold from martycorden and extend the chip lead.

By this stage izsi7 had blinded down to less than two big blinds and was committed with 8♦4♦ when the big blind rolled around. Littel-D0 and spielverderb were both in the hand but three barrels from Littel-D0 on the board of 2♥A♠3♥T♥J♦ saw spielverderb give it up on the river as Littel-D0's J♥A♣ took down the pot. izsi7 won $548.85 for 9th place.

martycorden and spielverderb continued to tangle, with martycorden extracting some level of revenge, catching an ace from space on the river holding A♥K♣ to get past spielverderb's K♠K♦ for a big double up.

lllothup was the next to go after three-bet shoving with A♠9♦ as Spoli4tor made the call holding 9♣9♠. lllothup would need the magical ace this time but it wasn't to be on the board of 6♠8♠K♦K♣Q♠. lllothup finished in 8th place for $823.27 in prize money.

spielverderb continued to extend the chip advantage with the elimination of Manski85. spielverderb raised it up before Manski85 moved all in with A♥5♣. Action folded back to spielverderb who made the call with J♠J♦ and improved to a set on the board of J♣K♠5♦9♠Q♦. Manski85 takes $1,371.12 back to Finland for 7th place.

Spoli4tor was the victim of a series of unfortunate luck to be the next to be eliminated. VIPERstar.ru got lucky to double up with a dominated ace against Spoli4tor, before Spoli4tor's last chips were in the middle with pocket kings:

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spielverderb caught a running straight to send an unlucky Spoli4tor home in 6th place for $2,286.87.

spielverderb's hot run didn't end there.

When play folded around to spielverderb in the small blind, spielverderb moved all in at dolly525's big blind but dolly525 made the call with a relatively monstrous A♣K♥. spielverderb tabled T♠7♠ for live cards and again it was the river that did the damage on the board of 5♦6♦J♥3♠T♥. Aggression was rewarded for spielverderb with the only pair as dolly525's tournament ended in 5th place for $3,201.62 in prize money.

spielverderb held a massive chip lead, and turned up the aggression factor even further, raising nearly every pot. Littel-D0 offered a little resistance but martycorden and VIPERstar.ru appeared intent to enter a folding war to see who could survive longer. The $1,800 pay jump was certainly not to be sneezed at, but it got to the point where VIPERstar.ru folded half of his two-big-blind stack in the big blind, while martycorden bettered that with a fold from the small blind to save just half a big blind for a rainy day. With spielverderb so dominant it was clear that neither were interested in playing for the win.

Eventually martycorden was all in for just one-quarter of a big blind with 7♦A♦ but again it was spielverderb who was the destroyer, holding K♦4♦ which improved to trips on the board of K♣K♠6♣8♥J♣. martycorden was left to collect $4,116.37 for 4th place.

After folding the big blind in the previous hand, VIPERstar.ru was down to around one-fourteenth of a single ante - an impossible position to recover from. The next hand VIPERstar.ru was all in with 9♥A♥ and flopped a flush draw, but spielverderb's T♣J♣ hit the only pair on the T♥4♣7♥5♦8♦ board. A pay jump for VIPERstar.ru, but no victory, as 3rd place was worth $5,945.87.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 4: Littel-D0 (11,243,660 in chips)
Seat 8: spielverderb (80,231,340 in chips)

With the blinds at 500k/1M with a 125k ante, spielverderb didn't slow down in going for the victory. When Littel-D0 limped from the button, spielverderb moved all in and Littel-D0 made the call with Q♥8♥. spielverderb tabled A♠T♦ for the best hand which held through the board of 2♣6♠3♠J♥3♣.

Littel-D0 collected $7,775.37 while a totally dominant display from spielverderb saw the German eliminate the last six players on the way to the MicroMillions II title and $9,878.05 in prize money.

MicroMillions II Event #42 final table results
1st spielverderb (Germany) - $9,878.05
2nd Littel-D0 (Germany) - $7,775.37
3rd VIPERstar.ru (Russia) - $5,945.87
4th martycorden (United Kingdom) - $4,116.37
5th dolly525 (Bulgaria) - $3,201.62
6th Spoli4tor (Germany) - $2,286.87
7th Manski85 (Finland) - $1,372.12
8th lllothup (Canada) - $823.27
9th izsi7 (Hungary) - $548.85

With 100 events on the schedule there are plenty more chances to turn a few measly coins into wads of cold, hard cash in the MicroMillions II series. For a complete rundown of the schedule, as well as results, statistics and more, head over to the MicroMillions II Main Page.