MicroMillions II: staanemer snags win in Event #52 ($5.50 NL Hold'em)

MicroMillions logo.pngA topsy turvy heads-up battle was a fitting finale to this tournament as German player staanemer overcame a chip deficit heads-up to stand strong and defeat Canadian jjctripsy.

Almost ten hours earlier this $30,000 guaranteed tournament had kicked off and by the end of late registration 10,893 players had paid their money to create a prize pool of $54,465, which would be shared amongst the top 1,440 finishers.

Two Team Online players were amongst the field, but neither Kevin 'WizardOfAhhs' Thurman (5,470th), or Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra (6,115th) would make the money. Still, the early bust out for the Coimbra at least meant he could get some much needed sleep as his challenge to play all 100 Micro Millions II events passed the half-way stage.


After eight hours and forty-four minutes of play with the elimination of chula358 in tenth place the final table was reached, so with the blinds at 100,000 - 200,000 ante 25,000 this is how the final table shaped up.

micromillions II_event #52_final table screenshot.jpg

The final nine

Seat 1: cabeza203, Uruguay, 1,555,240
Seat 2: staanemer, Germany, 5,991,972
Seat 3: TexasSnax, Germany 3,771,460
Seat 4: Alligator717, Ukraine, 4,242,244
Seat 5: River8000, Germany, 7,226,131
Seat 6: teezey90, United Kingdom, 7,022,946
Seat 7: fredthekid20, Portugal, 6,818,856
Seat 8: p3rjstar, Australia, 7,414,314
Seat 9: jjmctripsy, Canada, 10,421,837

Only cabeza203 was in short stack territory, eventual winner staanemer was in the middle of the pack whilst his heads-up foe - jjmctripsy - held the chip lead.

Just eight hands into the final we had the first elimination as cabeza203 couldn't defy the odds and was sent to the rail when the Uruguayan's K♦Q♦ lost out to fredthekid20's A♣8♥ on a board of Q♥3♠5♦A♥8♠. That ninth place finish was good for $370.36.

TexasSnax chips up

The next two hands saw major action as TexasSnax first doubled through jjmctripsy with pocket aces against pocket eights to take the chip lead. And then on the next hand the German eliminated Alligator717, with A♥K♣ holding against J♥[10s], all-in pre-flop, a board of A♦5♥T♥5♦4♣ giving TexasSnax a stack of almost 13,000,000 and sending Alligator717 out of this tournament for a $544.65 payday.

Action, action, action

The action showed no sign of abating and in quick succession staanemer, River8000 and jjmctripsy doubled through p3rjstar, fredthekid20 and teezey90 respectively. This left both fredthekid20 and teezey90 with less than three big blinds each and they would be the next two to be pushed towards the door marked exit.

First, teezey90 shoved with A♥J♥ but ran into the dominating A♣K♦ of p3rjstar, a king on the flop ending matters abruptly.

Then, four hands later p3rjstar was at it again holding A♦K♦ against fredthekid20's J♦9♥, a flop of 8♦3♦J♥ looked good for fredthekid20, as did the J♠ turn, but the 7♦ river reduced the field to five.

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With five players left and blinds at 150,000 - 300,000 ante 37,500 this is how the stacks looked.

Seat 2: staanemer, Germany, 14,442,075
Seat 3: TexasSnax, Germany, 13,472,664
Seat 5: River8000, Germany 12.320,078
Seat 8: p3rjstar, Australia, 5,933,991
Seat 9: jjmctripsy, Canada, 8,296,192

Four of the players were keen to look at the numbers to make a potential deal, but Canadian player jjmctripsy didn't respond to any promptings in the chat box and hadn't ticked the relevant box in the info tab so play continued.

It was at this point that staanemer took charge and turned his slim chip advantage into a much larger one.He didn't win any massive pots - the biggest was just 4,500,000 - but slowly increased his stack to 22,000,000. The other player to prosper during five handed play was jjmctripsy who increased his stack to over 15,500,000.

Five to two in a flash

By this point blinds had reached a prohibitive 250,000 - 500,000 ante 62,500 and the other three stacks were feeling the pinch. First to take a stand was River8000, from a stack of just over 8,000,000 he made it 1,000,000 to go from under-the-gun and was called by both jjmctripsy and staanemer.

The three of them saw a flop of 7♦K♠Q♦, it was checked to the pre-flop raiser and River8000 bet 1,781,250, jjmctripsy re-raised all-in, staanemer got out the way and River8000 called all-in.

River8000: A♦5♦ - overcard and nut flush draw
jjmctripsy: K♣Q♥ - top two pair

The turn and river came 4♥3♥ and jjmctripsy's hand held up to win a massive 17,600,000 chip pot.

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Out in fourth was p3rjstar and again it was jjmctripsy who did the damage.From under-the-gun the Australian shoved for eight big blinds with Q♣J♠, next to act jjmctripsy made the call with 6♦6♣, the pair held-up and indeed improved to a full house on the 8♦8♣4♦6♠T♥ board.

Just two hands later and it was heads-up as jjmctripsy sent TexasSnax to the rail. Down to just 2,701,328 TexasSnax moved all-in and was called by both jjmctripsy and staanemer.

On the K♦3♣2♣ flop jjmctripsy fired a bet of 1,500,000 into the dry side pot and staanemer made the call. The A♥ turn and 9♠ river saw the two active players check it down, jjmctripsy showed K♥2♥ to win the pot.

Still no deal?
As heads-up play began the stacks looked like this:

Seat 2: staanemer, Germany, 17,272,170
Seat 9: jjmctripsy, Canada, 37,192,830

The German made one last attempt at making a deal saying: 'deal? will you answer?' Met with stony silence play continued, as blinds increased to 300,000 - 600,000 ante 75,000 it was staanemer who was having the better of some gentle sparring before he landed the first big punch.

The German won a 16,000,000 pot that didn't go to showdown, by three-betting all-in on the turn on a board of K♦J♣4♣A♠. This gave staanemer a 29,000,000 to 25,000,000 chip lead which would stretch to 40,000,000 to 14,000,000 before jjmctripsy came back with a haymaker to take the chip lead.

With blinds at 400,000 - 800,000 ante 100,000 jjmctripsy made it 2,400,000 to go, staanemer came over the top raising all-in and jjmctripsy called all-in for 14,207,730.

staanemer: K♣J♦
jjmctripsy: A♦2♥

The board ran 8♠T♦2♣2♦4♥ and jjmctripsy doubled up to take a 28,000,000 to 26,000,000 chip lead. The Canadian would stretch the lead slightly before staanemer won the biggest pot of the tournament, a near 46,000,000 chip pot which you can see below.

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Down to just 8,000,000 jjmctripsy would not go quietly, he doubled through once to get back to 19,000,000 before staanemer finally landed the knockout blow. The Canadian simply open-shoved for over 23 big blinds with A♦7♠ and the German made the call with pocket eights. The board ran 5♣K♠3♠2♣3♣ and after a mammoth heads-up battle staanemer claimed the first place prize of $7,632.26 whilst jjmctripsy collected $5,555.42 for finishing second.

MicroMillions Event #52 $5.50 NL Hold'em
Number of players: 10,893
Total prize pool: $54,465
Places paid: 1,440

Final table payouts:

1st. staanemer, Germany, $7,632.26
2nd. jjmctripsy, Canada, $5,555.42
3rd. TexasSnax, Germany, $3,921.48
4th. p3rjstar, Australia, $2,723.25
5th. River8000, Germany, $2,178.60
6th. fredthekid20, Portugal, $1,633.95
7th. teezey98, United Kingdom, $1,089.30
8th. Alligator717, Ukraine, $544.65
9th. cabeza203, Uruguay, $370.36

The MicroMillions II is over the half way mark now, to catch up with all the latest MicroMillions II action click here.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II