MicroMillions II: Zlodeq1981 wins Event #79 ($3.30 FL Triple Draw 2-7)

MicroMillions logo.pngThe final table players clearly had a solid grasp on 2-7, and Ninnu seemed to have the most swings of any player at the table. That benefited zlodeq1981, who did enable Ninnu to double up a few times but mostly stayed out of the way, quietly chipping up to take the lead. That big chip stack came in handy when heads-up began, and zlodeq1981 fought for every pot on the way to victory.


Triple Draw is not the most sought-after game in the world of online poker, but those who are fans of the game seek it out. MicroMillions II had something for every player, so those looking for their 2-7 action came to the right place on this Friday. Full Limit Triple Draw 2-7 was the name of the game, and the $5K guarantee was enough to draw a solid crowd of players.

After 120 minutes of registration, the final numbers were in:

Players: 2,788
Guarantee: $5,000.00
Prize pool: $8,364.00
Paid players: 360

The money bubble burst a few hours into play, and danhellmuth9 was the first to cash for $5.26. While there haven't been many Team PokerStars Pros in the money in the second installment of MicroMillions II, this one found Marcin "Goral" Horecki in the virtual payout line after cashing in 287th place for $5.52.

Marcin Horecki.jpg

It was more than 10 minutes past the seven-hour mark that the tournament was reduced to only two tables, and hand-for-hand play was in motion about 30 minutes later after the elimination of CARUGUA 50 in eighth place.

Then CdnCardruner got involved in a capped pot with zlodeq1981, and CdnCardruner bet all-in on the second draw. Tournament life banked on 7♥9♥4♥3♣6♠, but zlodeq1981 showed 8♦3♠2♦7♣5♣ for the win. CdnCardruner left in seventh place with $100.36.

Maxim torque at full speed in the lead

The final table was set in Level 41 with 80,000/160,000 blinds and these chip counts:

Seat 1: maxim torque (3,103,063 in chips)
Seat 2: shahar24 (2,032,235 in chips)
Seat 3: Ninnu (2,914,537 in chips)
Seat 4: 2_TheRetard (2,042,118 in chips)
Seat 5: zlodeq1981 (1,960,104 in chips)
Seat 6: ra3485 (1,887,943 in chips)

MMII - Event 79.JPG

Ninnu had a rough start and lost a lot of ground in the first few rounds of play, though a double-up through zlodeq1981 kept the action going six-handed.

Shahar24 was the new short stack and pushed 42,235 chips all-in before the first draw. Maxim torque was there for the ride, started by discarding one on the first draw, one on the second, and standing pat on the third. Shahar24 took two cards on the first draw, then one card, and then stood pat to end up with 7♦5♣6♠9♥4♠. But maxim torque had 6♦3♠9♣7♣4♣ and eliminated shahar24 in sixth place with $149.46.

Ninnu was short and doubled through 2_TheRetard but lost most of those chips in a subsequent hand. Ninnu then doubled through ra3485 and again through zlodeq1981 to sit in third place of the five remaining players.

Meanwhile, ra3485 got involved with zlodeq1981. Zlodeq1981 discarded one on the first draw and bet, and ra3485 discarded two and called. They each took one card on the second draw, and a bet and call took them to the third draw. Zlodeq1981 discarded one and bet, and ra3485 stood pat and called all-in with T♦7♣3♠4♥8♥. But zlodeq1981 showed 5♣2♠3♣8♠6♣ and sent ra3485 to the rail in fifth place with $292.74.

2_TheRetard was the next player to be in need of a double-up, and the all-in move was made before the first draw. Ninnu was along for the ride and ended up with 8♠3♣4♥5♥2♣. 2_TheRetard had 2♠3♠7♦T♠4♠ and exited in fourth place with $460.02.

Former chip leader maxim torque got involved with Ninnu, and both players discarded two cards on the first draw. Ninnu bet, and maxim torque raised all-in. Ninnu called. Each player discarded one on the second draw, and Ninnu did the same on the third, while maxim torque stood pat. Maxim torque showed T♣8♥7♠5♥J♥, but Ninnu had 7♣3♣2♦J♠4♦. Maxim torque departed in third place with $710.94.

Can Ninnu stage another comeback

Ninnu rose from several short-stacked situations at the final table to end up in the final two. Zlodeq1981 had performed solidly, though, to bring a substantial lead into the final match. Their starting stacks were:

Seat 3: Ninnu (3,788,515 in chips)
Seat 5: zlodeq1981 (10,151,485 in chips)

By the 8.5-hour break, Ninnu had chipped up to more than 5.3 million but lost it rather quickly in the rounds after. Finally, the two tangled with a raise going to the first draw, and each player took two cards and checked. They each took two on the second draw, at which point Ninnu bet all-in, and zlodeq1981 called. After each player took one card on the third draw, Ninnu showed 5♠2♣5♣3♥9♦, but zlodeq1981 had K♣8♠3♦2♥7♥ for the win. Ninnu had to take second place and $961.86.

Zlodeq1981 wins the tournament and $1,319.16. Congrats!

MicroMillions II Event #79 ($3.30 FL Triple Draw 2-7) Results:

Total players: 2,788
Paid players: 360

1st place: zlodeq1981 (Russia) - $1,319.16
2nd place: Ninnu (Finland) - $961.86
3rd place: maxim torque (Russia) - $710.94
4th place: 2_TheRetard (Slovenia) - $460.02
5th place: ra3485 (Germany) - $292.74
6th place: shahar24 (Israel) - $149.46

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in MicroMillions II