MicroMillions II: One billion chips and the title for rereissumies in Event #23 ($1+R NLHE 3xTurbo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngIs there a better creation on Earth that the $1 Rebuy 3x-Turbo event? I don't think so. It's PokerStars gift to the poker community. Here you go, you poor tortured MTT'ers. Take your dollar, run it up, survive coinflip after coinflip after coinflip, outlast five-figure fields with six-figure rebuys, with blinds escalating so fast that you can barely breathe, so that after seven hours of hanging on for the wildest ride of your life you turn that gold coin into over $17,000 dollars.

It's genius.

That's exactly what we saw in Event #23 of the MicroMillions II schedule. It was the $1+R No Limit Holdem 3x-Turbo tournament where a whopping 29,538 entrants combined for a total of 159,021 rebuys and 3,960 add-ons. Those are epic numbers right there, so it was no surprise to see the guarantee smashed as a $185,963.05 prize pool was formed.

Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra's epic quest for MicroMillions glory continued but the Team PokerStars Pro was unable to make any inroads into this event as he was eliminated in the middle of the pack.

3,960 players finished in the money, with WielkaSzycha from the United Kingdom the unlucky bubble, missing the $9.29 min-cash by the narrowest of margins.

Czech Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hrubý was one Team PokerStars Pro to reach the money as he picked up $16.73 for 2,384th place.

When ADO7777414's A♥K♦ was straightened out by jensjensen4's 7♥9♥ the final table lineup was set:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: yipsie (180,533,130 in chips)
Seat 2: rereissumies (83,119,730 in chips)
Seat 3: Dm100kM (54,096,894 in chips)
Seat 4: hungar22 (133,690,312 in chips)
Seat 5: kostrator (74,067,380 in chips)
Seat 6: darkflush (33,079,084 in chips)
Seat 7: Varko_31 (48,462,516 in chips)
Seat 8: schnuub (62,262,642 in chips)
Seat 9: jensjensen4 (370,245,312 in chips)

There were a truckload of chips on the table, with jensjensen4 holding a sizable chip advantage, but with the blinds already up to 2.75M/5.5M with a 550k ante, and rapid-fire five minute levels, there was no time to sit back and wait!

The first few hands of the final table were won uncontested by the prefrop aggressor before Dm100kM found a double up with K♦A♣ against the Q♥A♦ of kostrator. However those chips were then passed over to Varko_31 who doubled with K♠A♠ against the A♥6♥ of Dm100kM.

With several players struggling to keep their head above water, it was schnuub who was the first to crack. schnuub shoved the button for a little over eight big blinds with J♦K♥ as yipsie called in the big blind with 5♦5♣. The board bricked out Q♦6♥2♣9♠4♥ to see yipsie's pair hold and send schnuub to the virtual rail in 9th place for $905.64.

darkflush and Varko_31 chopped a pot when both players held pocket jacks, before kostrator made a stand with J♠9♠ and rereissumies made the call with Q♠A♦. kostrator couldn't catch up on the board of 4♣A♣2♠Q♦J♥ to see kostrator pick up $1,539.77 for 8th place.

darkflush blinded down to a little over two big blind before calling them off preflop:

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Despite his opponent missing the board, darkflush's pair was swallowed up by the double-paired board to counterfeit his hand. darkflush collected $2,263.17 for 7th place.

jensjensen4 was well out in front but was brought back to the field after doubling up two opponents. First it was rereissumies who doubled up holding Q♦Q♥ against the A♠7♥ of jensjensen4. That was then followed by Dm100kM connecting with the flop holding Q♣J♠ to better jensjensen4's 7♦7♠.

With things evening up it was here that the first talks of a deal surfaced:

rereissumies said, "numbers???"
Dm100kM said, "i agree"
hungar22 said, "i agree"
yipsie said, "lets see"

But while the players tried to reach an agreement, the turbo action continued as jensjensen4 continued to spiral south, doubling up Varko_31, with jensjensen4's Q♠A♣ not enough to better Varko_31's Q♦Q♣.

Varko_31 found another big pair to double up again with K♠K♣ against yipsie's A♥T♦ as the chips were flying around the table.

After starting the final table as a massive chip leader, nothing went right for jensjensen4 today. After chopping a pot holding a dominating ace against hungar22, jensjensen4 made a loose call in the big blind with K♦6♠ after yipsie had shoved from under the gun for 6.5 big blinds holding A♠K♥. The board bricked out and jensjensen4 had doubled up yet another opponent.

There are only so many coinflips you can lose in a turbo format such as this and the end came soon after when jensjensen4 shoved nine big blinds with Q♣T♠ but, such was his luck, he ran into the A♣A♠ of rereissumies. The board fell 2♦3♥K♥6♣5♦ which was no help to jensjensen4 who was left to collect $3,259.93 for 6th place.

Again the players were keen to talk numbers, but before all five could click on the deal checkbox, Dm100kM shoved 5.5 big blinds with A♥8♣. Varko_31 made the call in the big blind with T♠A♦ which was good on the board of 6♥Q♥3♦Q♠9♠. Dm100kM padded the cashier with $4,888.96 for 5th place.

Finally the players were able to pause the clock to talk about a deal with the following chip counts.

Seat 1: yipsie (192,725,728 in chips)
Seat 2: rereissumies (454,408,864 in chips)
Seat 4: hungar22 (175,540,312 in chips)
Seat 7: Varko_31 (216,882,096 in chips)

With $3,000 put aside for the winner, the following deal was agreed to:

rereissumies - $13,196.90
Varko_31 - $9,705.73
yipsie - $9,350.68
hungar22 - $9,098.09

With the majority of the prize pool locked up, yipsie decided to employ kamikaze tactics to go for the win. Unfortunately it backfired in back-to-back hands. yipsie's 8♣5♣ failed to get through the 3♠3♣ of hungar22, before yipsie tried again with K♦8♦ against hungar22's J♠T♥. hungar22 hit the flop with the board arriving 2♠3♠J♣A♠A♥ to see yipsie depart in 4th place for $9,350.68 in prize money.

Varko_31 landed a double up with pocket nines against pocket threes, but the end came for the player from Belarus when the chips went flying in a rare post-flop hand. It was three-bet preflop as rereissumies and Varko_31 saw a flop of 9♥7♦8♣. rereissumies moved all in and Varko_31 made the call with T♠8♥ for pair and straight draw as rereissumies once again tabled A♦A♥. The 9♣ turn and K♣ river didn't help, as Varko_31 finished in 3rd place for a $9,705.73 score.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 2: rereissumies (680,205,544 in chips)
Seat 4: hungar22 (359,351,456 in chips)

With over one billion chips on the table, you'd be excused for thinking that heads-up play could take a while. But just seven hands later it was all over. With the blinds at 7.5M/15M with a 1.5M ante, hungar22 min-raised the button before rereissumies three-bet from the big blind. hungar22 responded by moving all in but rereissumies made the call with K♥T♥ to have hungar22's K♠5♣ in trouble. The community cards fell 5♠A♣T♠8♣4♠ to see hungar22 eliminated in 2nd place for $9,098.09, as the MicroMillions title headed to Finland with rereissumies grabbing the win and an impressive $16,196.90 in prize money.

MicroMillions II Event #23 final table results
1st rereissumies (Finland) - $16,196.90*
2nd hungar22 (Canada) - $9,098.09*
3rd Varko_31 (Belarus) - $9,705.73*
4th yipsie (Germany) - $9,350.68*
5th Dm100kM (Russia) - $4,888.96
6th jensjensen4 (Germany) - $3,259.93
7th darkflush (Canada) - $2,263.17
8th kostrator (Russia) - $1,539.77
9th schnuub (Germany) - $905.64

* denotes four-way deal

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