Micro Millions III: Diogo37 goes all the way in Event #14 ($3.30+R NLHE)

Coolers on a final table can make or break a poker tournament. It's all about running good at the right times and when things don't go your way it can be easy to blame old "Lady Luck". But luck runs both ways as Diogo37 found out today at the MicroMillions. Diogo37 was able to overcome the ultimate misfortune - running pocket kings into pocket aces on the final table - to not only recover, but go on to win the event in an impressive performance.

It was Event #14 of the MicroMillions III schedule as the $3.30 No Limit Holdem Rebuy event saw 10,406 players take part. Throw in 14,795 rebuys and another 6,878 add-ons and the guarantee was smashed as a $96,237 prize pool was formed.

The top 1,350 players would finish in the money with 3696188 from the Ukraine bubbling the tournament to miss out on a $16.36 min-cash.

After nine hours of play, the elimination of BSG1976 in 10th place saw our final table formed as follows:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: Diogo37 (25,624,592 in chips)
Seat 2: jordyrover (13,681,964 in chips)
Seat 3: francachon (34,996,899 in chips)
Seat 4: eaglesflight (8,303,033 in chips)
Seat 5: Tesua64 (8,935,960 in chips)
Seat 6: CharlieThree (9,585,193 in chips)
Seat 7: Badegg3 (17,953,402 in chips)
Seat 8: 0 RAM 0 (27,180,971 in chips)
Seat 9: nafnaf_funny (31,327,986 in chips)

The short stacks didn't waste any time to throw their chips around to try and get back into contention. CharlieThree found a quick double up with A♥K♥ turning an ace to win the coin flip against jordyrover's T♣T♦. However it was the double up of eaglesflight which got the table talking:

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eaglesflight decided to go with a suited connector, nafnaf_funny made a mathematical call with a dominant hand, only to see eaglesflight pair the kicker for a rather spectacular double up.

The recovery of CharlieThree continued with a cooler hand against Diogo37. The chips were in preflop with Diogo37's K♥K♦ unluckily running smack-bang into CharlieThree's A♣A♥. An ace on the river was a little salt into the wound as CharlieThree was now among the chip leaders as the nine players still remained alive.

The rising blinds eventually took their toll as jordyrover was first to crack. jordyrover moved all in from middle position for a little under eight big blinds, with eaglesflight making the call with A♣Q♣. It was not the hand that jordyrover wanted to see with T♣Q♥ but the flop of J♠3♠9♥ brought some hope with an open-ended straight draw. It wasn't to be though, as the 6♦ turn and Q♦ river completed the board to see jordyrover pick up $673.65 for 9th place.

Tesua64 landed a monster double up with ace-queen against nafnaf_funny's pocket eights, which sparked some banter in the chat box as nafnaf_funny took out some frustrations.

nafnaf_funny said, "f**n i diot"
nafnaf_funny said, "terrible players are terrible both in uruguay and in russia unfort"

It didn't get better for nafnaf_funny in a blind versus blind battle with Diogo37. nafnaf_funny shoved K♠3♥ from the small blind as Diogo37 called with Q♦K♥. A king high board greeted the players to double Diogo37 and leave nafnaf_funny crippled.

Two hands later, nafnaf_funny moved the short stack into the middle with J♥7♥ which proved to be no good as CharlieThree and eaglesflight went to war on the flop of 3♦A♣6♦. eaglesflight held T♣A♠ for top pair but CharlieThree again had A♦A♥, for the second time on this final table, which was way too strong through the 4♣ turn and 4♥ river. CharlieThree soard into the chip lead, eaglesflight was decimated as nafnaf_funny was out in 8th place for $1,058.60.

eaglesflight found one double up but couldn't make it two in a row, falling two hands later with 8♣9♠ up against 0 RAM 0's K♥Q♠ on a board of A♦7♠7♣J♣4♥. eaglesflight would take $1,924.74 back to Canada for 7th place.

Settle pettle

After the flurry of eliminations, the six remaining players settled into a groove with more small-ball poker than big pots.

Badegg3 caught a double up through Tesua64 when both players flopped top pair, but Badegg3 slowly gave those chips away before being forced to shove 3.5 big blinds with A♠3♠. 0 RAM 0 tried to isolate with A♣Q♣ but Diogo37 joined in the fun with J♥J♣. The board ran out 7♠8♦6♣J♦4♥ to see Diogo37 more than double up as Badegg3 was bundled out in 6th place for $2,887.11 in prize money.

0 RAM 0 was rocked into action and a rollercoaster couple of minutes saw 0 RAM 0 stumble, double, and then stumble again before running A♠J♣ into Tesua64's A♣K♣ in a preflop war. The board was spread 3♠4♦9♦6♥7♠ leaving 0 RAM 0 on the rail in 5th place which was worth $3,849.48.

Tesua64 was into the chip lead, but the biggest pot of the tournament saw Diogo37's K♦K♥ double through Tesua64's 9♣9♦ on a seven-high flop. But those chips were quickly passed on to francachon who doubled with J♣J♠ against Diogo37's T♥A♥.

At that point the players were on a scheduled break, and took the opportunity to throw up the idea of a deal. Three players seemed interested but francachon remained silent and it was game on following the break.

It proved to be a good decision for Diogo37 who was able to find K♣K♠ next hand and double through Tesua64's 8♠8♥ when the board arrived 5♣9♦3♦A♦K♦. Tesua64 was crippled and all in moments later with A♣2♠ against two opponents but it wasn't enough to better CharlieThree's A♦9♥ on the Q♣6♥T♥5♠Q♦ board. Tesua64 collected $4,811.85 for 4th place.

Let's do a deal

The three remaining players were then able to pause the clock to talk numbers with the chip counts as follows:

Seat 1: Diogo37 (52,854,722 in chips)
Seat 3: francachon (60,446,275 in chips)
Seat 6: CharlieThree (64,289,003 in chips)

The players were pretty close in chips, but rejected a chip chop, preferring to just take $10,000 each and play for the remaining $1,019.20. Just like that, the cards were back in the air.

With most of the money decided, we could assume that the players would be prepared to gamble it up, but the trend for big cards on this final table continued three-handed as Diogo37 and CharlieThree collided preflop:

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CharlieThree was left with less than one big blind after running into the queens, and was all in next hand with 2♠K♦. Diogo37 showed up with T♠K♥ which held through the board of 8♠J♣Q♣Q♠5♣. CharlieThree's epic run would come undone in 3rd place for $10,000 in prize money.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: Diogo37 (120,893,725 in chips)
Seat 3: francachon (56,696,275 in chips)

Diogo37 held a healthy lead, and within four hands, it was all over. Diogo37 opened with a raise before francachon moved all in with K♥J♦. Diogo37 made the call with 4♥A♦ and ace-high was enough on the board of Q♦5♣5♦7♥Q♣. francachon pocketed $10,000 as Diogo37 dominated in the final stages to grab the MicroMillions title and $11,019.20 in prize money.

MicroMillions III Event #14 Results

Entrants: 10,406
Rebuys: 14,795
Add-ons: 6,878
Prize pool: $96,237
Places paid: 1,350

1st Diogo37 (Brazil) - $11,019.20*
2nd francachon (Uruguay) - $10,000*
3rd CharlieThree (Ireland) - $10,000*
4th Tesua64 (Russia) - $4,811.85
5th 0 RAM 0 (Germany) - $3,849.48
6th Badegg3 (Canada) - $2,887.11
7th eaglesflight (Canada) - $1,924.74
8th nafnaf_funny (Russia) - $1,058.60
9th jordyrover (United Kingdom) - $673.65

* denotes three-handed deal

For more details about the MicroMillions III schedule and leader board, head to the MicroMillions home page.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.