MicroMillions III: #1.RogerF serves up win in Event #65 $4.40 NL (6-max)

Roger Federer is a champion. The tennis pro's exploits on the court is the stuff legends are made of. Roger happens to be inspiration behind the screen name for a Dutch player named #1.RogerF. If you had to guess what #1.RogerF's avatar looked like, what would you say? If you guessed Team PokerStars' Rafa Nadal, you'd be wrong. If you said Roger Federer, you are correct.

#1.RogerF played like a champion, just like the real Roger Federer. Despite a three-way deal to chop up the money almost evenly, #1.RogerF survived a tumultuous 6-max final table and took down Micro Millions Event #65.

Event #65 $4.40 NL (6-max) attracted 8,191 runners, who created the prize pool of $32,764. The top 1,080 places paid out with $4,919.76 originally set aside to the champion.

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki cashed in another MicroMillions III event. He's been on a roll this series, including a victory last night in Event #62, which put him on top of the lead board. Goral advanced to the money in Event #65, but busted out in 591st place.

With 24 remaining, Joe Santana (from Brazil) held the lead with 4.8 million, much to the delight of his numerous railbirds peppering the chat box with "Vamooooo!" With 17 to go, Joe Santana still retained the lead, but he actually lost a few chips while a pair of Russians (pyjka and voxya) were nipping at his heels. With two tables remaining and 12 to go, pyjka seized the lead and rocketed to the top with 8.6 million. With ten remaining, pyjka passed the 10 million mark. With nine to go, pyjka was over 14 million and playing four-handed on his table. He had a couple more million in chips than his other three tablemates combined! With eight to go, pyjka slipped to under 9 million after Dream_rain13 went on a mini-rush and dragged several pots in a row.

Because Event #65 is short-handed 6-max, the action went hand-for-hand with seven players remaining. Error4147 was second in chips with 8.8 million and closing in on pyjka in first. Error4147 was playing three-handed on his table, while pyjka had the benefit of a four-handed table. Despite the minor setback, an aggressive pyjka stormed back and accumulated a stack worth 13 million.

The final table bubble burst rather quickly. Short-stack artan209 moved all-in with A♣9♥ and Joe Santana called with 8♥8♣. The board ran out K♠Q♣3♠4♣Q♦ and Joe Santana's pocket "Ochos" held up. Greece's artan209 bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


Event #65 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Nokiatv1100i (3,592,154)
Seat 2: Joe Santana (4,246,361)
Seat 3: Dream_rain13 (4,540,152)
Seat 4: #1.RogerF (5,313,003)
Seat 5: Error4147 (10,086,750)
Seat 6: pyjka (13,176,580)

The 6-max final table commenced during level 45 with blinds at 80K/160K and a 20K ante. Russia's pyjka began the final table as the top dog with 13 million, while Error4147 was the only other player with at least 10 million. Nokiatv1100i took on the role of the short stack with almost 3.6 million.

At one point early on, Error4147 won six out of seven pots, including a 4.5 million pot against Joe Santana, and took command of the lead with 15 million while pyjka slipped to 10 million.

Nokiatv1100i eliminated in 6th place

The final six flung cards and chips around the virtual felt for a full two levels before we saw the first player make an exit. Short-stacked Nokiatv1100i opened to 750,000 and pyjka called from the big blind. The flop was 9♥8♦7♠ and pyjka fired out 250,000. Nokiatv1100i only had 89,918 left and called all-in. pyjka tabled 6♠3♦ for an open-ended straight draw, while Nokiatv1100i led with K♠7♥ for a pair of sevens. The T♦ fell on the turn, which filled in pyjka's straight. The river was the 9♣ and pyjka won the pot. Nokiatv1100i's goose was cooked and was knocked out in sixth place. Nokiatv1100i won $491.46.

Joe Santana eliminated in 5th place

Four hands later, one-time chip leader Joe Santana bowed out next. Joe Santana kicked off a raising war with 550,000, Error4147 did not waste any time and shoved all-in for 17,319,584. Joe Santana was covered and called all-in. Joe Santana trailed with A♠K♦ against Error4147's 2♠2♦. Classic race. The board ran out T♠6♣6♠Q♦8♥ and Error4147 pocket deuces held up. Joe Santana busted out in fifth place and collected $819.10.

Dream_rain13 eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked Dream_rain13 decided it was time to make a final stand when pyjka min-raised to 500,000, Dream_rain13 called all-in. Dream_rain13 was looking good with A♦Q♥ against pyjka's T♥8♠. However, the flop was T♣5♥2♠ and pyjka took the lead with a pair of tens. The turn was the 6♠ and the river was the 2♦. Neither card could help Dream_rain13, as his rainy dreams were squelched by pyjka. For a fourth-place finish, Dream_rain13 earned $1,474.38.


With three to go, Error4147 held the lead with 23.5 million, with pyjka in second at 10.8 million and #1.RogerF bringing up the rear with 6.5 million. All that would change inside of a level.

Time for a run... pyjka quickly seized the top spot and it looked as though he was going to run away with the tournament. However, Error4147 launched a counter attack and bombed it all-in with 3♦3♥ against pyjka's A♠5♥. Error4147 flopped a set of treys, but pyjka flopped a nut-flush and took the lead. Error4147 turned a full house and promptly doubled up.

A couple of hands later, #1.RogerF doubled through pyjka when he turned a straight with J♦9♥. #1.RogerF then won a 13.5 million pot and doubled up with A♠Q♠ against Error4147's 3♠3♥. Pocket treys did not hold up that time and #1.RogerF dragged that sizable pot with two pair. But that was not all from #1.RogerF. He doubled up yet again with Q♠Q♦ against Error4147's J♦T♣ and won a 16.4 million pot.

Error4147 retained the lead, but the margin had shrunk. He only held 17 million to #1.RogerF's 16.4. Meanwhile, pyjka was lurking with 7.5 million.

Just when you thought pyjka was not going to be a factor... pyjka flopped a straight with K♥J♥ and won a 13.5 million pot to double through Error4147. At that juncture, the final three held similar-sized stacks with a meager "big blind" separating first from last.

Seat 4: #1.RogerF (13,353,848)
Seat 5: Error4147 (14,082,650)
Seat 6: pyjka (13,518,502)


It was time to discuss a deal. With equal stacks, they quickly agreed on a money chop. They had to leave $400 on the table for the eventual champion but Error4147 locked up $3,504.48, pyjka secured $3,462.52, and #1.RogerF got $3,450.28.

pyjka eliminated in 3rd place

Once the deal was reached, action resumed and we immediately saw fireworks. #1.RogerF doubled up with K♥K♦ versus pyjka's 4♣4♠. #1.RogerF dragged a 27.3 million pot and crippled pyjka.

On the final hand for pyjka... Error4147 min-raised to 800,000, pyjka re-raised all-in for 5,463,308, and Error4147 called. Error4147 held Q♠Q♦ against pyjka's A♠K♥. The Q♥ fell on the flop and sealed pyjka's fate. The board ran out Q♥8♣5♥K♠3♣ and Error4147 won the pot with a set of Queens. Russia's pyjka busted out in third place and took home $3,462.52.

HEADS-UP: #1.RogerF (Netherlands) vs. Error4147 (Malaysia)
Seat 4: #1.RogerF (26,615,696)
Seat 5: Error4147 (14,339,304)

#1.RogerF held almost a 2 to 1 chip advantage and quickly won the first couple of pots to push his lead 30 million to 10 million. But then Error4147 woke up with A♣A♠ and got it all-in against #1.RogerF's A♥K♠. His pocket rockets held up and he doubled up to 21 million and seized the lead. #1.RogerF was neck-and-neck with held 19.7 million and the two volleyed back-and-forth for a full level.

#1.RogerF eventually struck gold. Error4147 min-raised to 1 million, #1.RogerF bumped it up to 2,561,244, and Error4147 called. The flop was K♥8♠6♥ and a raising war ensued. Error4147 four-bet shoved for 19,215,602, and #1.RogerF was covered and called all-in. #1.RogerF held K♣J♥ for a pair of Kings while Error4147 tabled Q♥8♥ for a pair of eights but he picked up a flush re-draw. The turn was the T♣ and the river was the 5♦. Error4147 whiffed on his draw and lost the pot. #1.RogerF faded a heart and doubled up in a pot worth 38.2 million. Error4147 was crippled and held a meager 2.7 million. Five hands later... and it was all over.

Error4147 eliminated in second place; #1.RogerF wins MicroMillons III Event #65

#1.RogerF bullied away with a shove for 38,168,808, and Error4147 called all-in for his last 2,161,192. #1.RogerF led with Q♦9♥ versus Error4147's 6♣5♥. The flop was all paint which hurt Error4147's chances at coming from behind. The board ran out A♦Q♣J♠A♣Q♥ and #1.RogerF won the pot with a full house. Error4147 was knocked out in second place. For a runner-up performance, Error4147 collected $3,504.48.

Congrats to #1.RogerF, who earned $3,850.28 for winning a MicroMillions III title.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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MicroMillions - Event #65: $4.40 NL (6-max) - Final Table Results:
Entrants: 8,191
Prize Pool: $32,764
Payouts: 1,080

1. #1.RogerF (Netherlands) - $3,850.28 **
2. Error4147 (Malaysia) - $3,504.48 **
3. pyjka (Russia) - $3,462.52 **
4. Dream_rain13 (Russia) - $1,474.38
5. Joe Santana (Brazil) - $819.10
6. Nokiatv1100i (Belarus) - $491.46

** Denotes a deal was struck among the final three

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