MicroMillions III: Aurusnake strikes big in Event #78 ($5.50 6-Max 2x-Chance)

We all wish we had a second chance at certain things.

Burnt dinners, 2nd grade spelling bees and the latest Superman movie are all things we wish we could redo. But alas, time is linear and our mistakes follow us for the rest of our lives. Poker tournaments are a huge thing people wish they could do again, always regretting "that call" or "that fold."

Today, players who busted out of Event #78 were given one more chance, a single re-buy. This was a 2X chance tournament. But 16,231 of the 16,232 players would see that second chance end in elimination. The only player to make it to the end was Aurusnake earning, $17,029.39.

Aurusnake started the final table 42,454,669 in chips. Aurusnake reached the final table along with five other player when jeff537ky moved all-in for 6,018,955 from the small blind. Blinds were 300K/600K and soumi7 called from the big blind.

It was close battle of the blinds with even closer pocket pairs. jeff537ky showed 2♦2♥ while soumi7 turned over 3♠3♥. The board came 4♠6♦Q♥9♥5♦ and jeff537ky was eliminated in 7th place, earning $1,056.63 for the final table bubble.

The final table


Seat 1: guuscuypers -- 16,956,738
Seat 2: Aurusnake -- 42,454,669
Seat 3: Give_Me_LOL -- 18,270,877
Seat 4: soumi7 -- 34,363,829
Seat 5: champion515 -- 5,619,446
Seat 6: zsiga76 -- 6,635,441

Aurusnake won a few more pots and held nearly 50 percent of the chips in play:

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Then we got our first elimination.

With 400K/800K blinds and a 100K ante, Aurusnake raised to 1.6 million from under-the-gun. champion515 was on the button and moved all-in for 3,869,446. Action folded back around to Aurusnake, who made the call.

Aurusnake: A♥5♥
champion515: A♠3♥

champion515 was dominated and needed help, but the 6♥K♥2♣[10s]4♦ brought none and champion515 was eliminated in 6th place. Being our first final table elimination, champion515 earned $1,491.72.

Snake attack

Aurusnake wasn't satisfied with all those chips and one elimination, the snake had to strike again.

Aurusnake raised to 1.6 million from the cutoff and zsiga76 moved all-in for 5.8 million from the big blind. Aurusnake called and flipped over Q♠8♥ to zsiga76's 9♣9♦. zsiga76 was in the lead, trying to avoid a queen, but the 3♦Q♥[10c] did not comply. The turn was an A♠ and the river brought a 3♣.

zsiga was eliminated in 5th place and earned $2,486.20.

Switch it up

The very next hand, we'd lose another player. But Aurusnake would rest for a bit, with a stack of 72.5 million and 400K/800K blinds, there was time.

soumi7 raised to 1.6 million from the button and guuscuypers moved all-in 9,738,949 from the small blind. Aurusnake folded and soumi7 called. guuscuypers was flipping for his life with A♥7♦, soumi7 turned over 6♦6♠.

soumi7 hit a set on the 6♣J♠4♦8♦K♠ board and guuscuypers was eliminated in 4th place, a finish worth $4,350.85.

Table talk

As we got down to our final three players, the stacks started to even out. Aurusnake's lead was distributed to soumi7 and Give_Me_LOL and soon, players were discussing a deal. After the numbers were calculated, the adjusted payout looked like this -- with $1,500 going to first.:

Aurusnake: $12,430.92
soumi7: $11,975.61
Give_Me_Lol: $11,012.46

Give_Me_Lol and soumi7 agreed but Aurusnake asked for $14,000.

"if i get 800 from each of u," said Aurusnake. "i agree."

The other two players did not agree and play continued.

Back on top

Three-handed play saw all three players close in chips, but Aurusnake would get the lead back for the heads-up match.

With 600K/1.2 million blinds and a 150,000 ante, soumi7 raised to 3 million from the small blind and Aurusnake re-raised to 6,552,000 from the big blind. soumi7 responded by moving all-in for 35,302,678 and Aurusnake called.

soumi7 showed A♠8♣ and was dominated by Aurusnake's A♦Q♦. soumi7 was dominated even further when the flop came Q♠7♣Q♣. soumi7 was drawing dead and the turn was a taunting 8♦. An A♣ completed the board and Aurusnake won the hand with a full house.

soumi7 was out in 3rd, earning $8,080.15 while Aurusnake got the lead with 85.5 million. Give_Me_LOL started the match with 33.5 million.

Aurusnake had taken care of a large portion of the final table, now it was time to take care of Give_Me_LOL. Aurusnake raised to 3.2 million from the button and Give_Me_LOL moved all-in for 47.1 million.

For the final hand of the tournament, Give_Me_LOL showed A♠[10d] and was dominated by Aurusnake's A♦K♣. The board came J♠5♣6♣6♠3♣ and Give_Me_LOL was eliminated in 2nd place for $11,809.45.

This made Aurusnake the champion of Event #78, a victory worth $17,029.39 and the title of second chance champion.

MicroMillions III Event #78 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max 2x Chance) Results:

Entrants: 16,232 entries, 8,630 re-buys
Prize pool: $124,310.00
Places paid: 2,100

1st: Aurusnake (Germany) -- $17,029.39
2nd: Give_Me_LOL (Russia) -- $11,809.45
3rd: soumi7 (United Kingdom) -- $8,080.15
4th: guuscuypers (Netherlands) -- $4,350.85
5th: zsiga76 (Hungary) -- $2,486.20
6th: champion515 (Austria) -- $1,491.72

While we're entering the final weekend of the MicroMillions, there are still more than 20 events to go. Don't miss out on all the (micro)millions still out there, including the $22 NLHE main event with a $1 million guarantee. For a schedule of all the other events, check out the MicroMillions homepage.

Good luck.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Alex Villegas
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