MicroMillions III: bblacklegend beats re-buy madness in Event #67 ($1+R 3X-Turbo NLHE)

You can't get much for $1 nowadays.

Even dollar menu items end up needing a few cents on top of the single dollar bill. And that's for almost-food. Anything else sets you back several of full dollars, it's hard to see a return on a single dollar.

But today, players had that chance.

Event #67 offered the chance at a $12,737.83 prize for a single dollar. Most players put in more than a dollar though, as there were 20,779 entrants and 107,422 rebuys. While elimination early on only meant a re-admission fee of $1, only one player could be left standing at the end. Today, after six-and-a-half hours of play, bblacklegend was the last player standing, earning five figures for his victory.

The tournament was very conducive to high-speed action. Aside from the single dollar buy-in and rebuy madness, the tournament featured a 3X-turbo format. Blinds went up every 5 minutes and at the end of the first 90 minutes, players were given the option of an add-on worth 30,000 chips.

In the end, there were 20,779 entries, 107,422 rebuys and 11,621 add-ons. This created a prize pool of $127,238.02, a pool that 2,700 players would get a piece of.

It took a few hours for that bubble to burst, then, after 6 hours, we reached the final table. With 2.25MM/4.5MM blinds and a 450K ante, xaros30 raised to 13,500,000 from the cutoff. Action folded to Alkochuvak in the big blind and Alkochuvak moved all-in for 50,450,630.

xaros30 only had 24,321,112 behind and called, going all-in. xaros30 turned over A♠5♠ and was dominated by Alkochuvak's A♣A♦.

The board ran 2♦5♣6♦4♠Q♥ and xaros30 became our 10th place finisher and final table bubble.

With that, Event #67 came down to its final nine players.

The final table


Seat 1: foot17 -- 45,660,460
Seat 2: Slava Flush -- 82,064,967
Seat 3: Alfredas555 -- 78,466,496
Seat 4: el.boerica -- 77,463,422
Seat 5: Alkochuvak -- 92,771,742
Seat 6: mcc3504 -- 64,675,358
Seat 7: RuResistance -- 81,139,652
Seat 8: Maxxxpoker18 -- 19,819,270
Seat 9: bblacklegend -- 191,171,633

Stacks were huge, but so where the blinds. Normally, a 32 million chip stack would mean a dominating lead, but here, it made foot17 the short stack, especially with 2.5MM/5MM blinds.

On the fourth hand of the final table, foot17 open-shoved for 32.5 million from the hijack and Alkochuvak called from the big blind.

Alkochuvak: 7♠7♣
foot17: A♠9♠

A flip ensued and foot17 missed, hitting nothing on the 6♣3♦8♠J♥6♥ board. foot17 became our 9th place finisher, earning $763.42.

Second sevens

foot17 lost a flip to a pair of sevens, now Maxxxpoker18 had a rematch against the dreaded pocket pair.

el.boerica raised to 11 million from middle position and Maxxpoker18 moved all-in for 23.5 million from the small blind.

el.boerica called and showed 7♦7♣ and Maxxxpoker turned over A♣Q♣. Maxxxpoker18 was hoping to hit the board, but he was aiming too high.

The board came [10d]7♥6♠4♦9♣ and Maxxpoker18 was eliminated in 8th place, earning $1,145.14.

No resistance

RuResistance was the shortstack now, with 34 million. With 2.75MM/5.5MM blinds and a 550K ante, RuResistance was in the red zone and moved all-in from middle position. bblacklegend called from the hijack and there was another showdown.

bblacklegend was holding A♥8♣ while RuResistance turned over 6♣6♥. Pocket pairs were 2-0 at the final table so far, but they wouldn't remain undefeated.

The flop came 8♠[10c]2♦ and bblacklegend paired his 8. A 9♣ came on the turn and the river brought a Q♠.

RuResistance was eliminated in 7th place, earning $1,908.57 while bblacklegend's chip lead grew to 250,317,839.

With RuResistance gone, the remaining players decided to look at numbers for a deal. HostFedericO paused play and plugged the massive stacks into the PokerStars mega ICM computer.

The resulting numbers were:

bblacklegend: $9,236.48
Alkochuvak: $7,198.82
el.boerica: $6,781.77
Alfredas555: $6,624.93
Slava Flush: $6,614.68
mcc3504: $5,936.64

There would also be $1,500 left over for our 1st place finisher. Everyone agreed and the speed picked up even more.

Three in ten

The deal was made, the blinds were high and we lost three players in 10 hands.

With 3MM/6MM blinds, mcc3504 went first. el.boerica was on the cutoff and raised to 12MM and mcc3504 moved all-in for 57 million from the small blind.

el.boerica called and showed 6♠6♣, another flip against mcc3504's A♦7♣. There was a 2♠[10d]8♥ flop and el.boerica was still in the lead. The turn brought an A♣ and mcc3504 took the lead.

Only a 6 on the river could eliminate mcc3504. The river, 6♥.

mcc3504 was eliminated in 6th place and got the agreed upon $5,936.64 instead of the $3,180.95 originally intended for 6th.

Alfredas555 was next.

Slava Flush raised to 14 million from the cutoff and Afreds555 moved all-in for 79.6 million from the button. Alkochuvak called from the big blind and Slava Flush folded, bringing another flip.

Alfredas555: [10c][10d]
Alkochuvak: A♠K♠

The flop came 2♠J♦3♦ and Alfredas555 was still in the lead. But an A♦ came on the turn and ended that lead.

Alfredas555 was eliminated in 5th place and got $6,624.93.

Slava Flush was next.

Slaval Flush moved all-in from under-the-gun for 61 million and got called by el.boerica. Slava Flush had the lead with A♥5♥ against el.boerica's Q♠J♥. The flop came 9♠[10h]2♦ and Slava Flush still had MicroMillions hopes.

The 6♦ on the turn kept that alive.

But the river brought a J♠ and Slava Flush was eliminated in 4th place, earning $6,614.68.

Final three

bblacklegend, Alkochuvak and el.boerica were left battling for the title and $1,500. They were all fairly close in chips.

bblacklegend: 298,717,839
el.boerica: 231,141,288
Alkochuvak: 202,673,873

The first big shift in chips went to bblacklegend:

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Four hands later, Alkochuvak ended el.boerica's tournament. Alkochuvak raised to 14 million from the button and el.boerica moved all-in for 38.4 million from the big blind. Alkochuvak called and showed A♣4♦, slightly ahead of el.boerica's Q♣9♠.

el.boerica needed some help, but Alkochuvak got it instead. The 2♠5♣2♦[10s]3♥ board gave Alkochuvak the straight and el.boerica was eliminated in 3rd place, earning $6,781.77.

Heads up

bblacklegend started the heads-up match with the lead, 470 milllion to Alkochuvak's 248 million. Both players passed the blinds around for a few hands until Alkochuvak went for the double up.

With 4MM/8MM blinds, bblacklegend raised to 16 million and Alkochuvak -- with 243 million -- re-raised to 36 million. bblacklegend called, bringing a K♠Q♥2♥ flop. Alkochuvak led out for 28 million and bblacklegend called, bringing a third heard, the [10h].

Alkochuvak checked and bblacklegend bet 64 million. Alkochuvak took this spot to move all-in for 177.6 million. bblacklegend called and showed K♥5♠, Alkochuvak showed A♥3♦.

Alkochuvak needed an ace or a heart, but the river brought a K♦ instead.

bblacklegend hit three kings and won Event #67, earning $10,736.48. Alkochuvak finished runner-up, a finish worth $7,198.82.

MicroMillions III Event #67 ($1+R NLH 3X-Turbo) results:

Entrants: 20,779 entries, 107,422 re-buys, 11,621 add-ons
Prize pool: $127,238.02
Places paid: 2,700

1st: bblacklegend (India) -- $10,736.48*
2nd: Alkochuvak (Belarus) -- $7,198.82*
3rd: el.boerica (Romania) -- $6,781.77*
4th: Slava Flush (Ukraine) -- $6,614.68*
5th: Alfredas555 (Lithuania) -- $6,624.93*
6th: mcc3504 -- $5,936.64*
7th: RuResistance (Russia) -- $1,908.57
8th: Maxxxpoker18 (Czech Republic) -- $1,14514
9th: foot17 (United Kingdom) -- $763.42

*Reflects a six-way deal

That's it for Event #67. There's still plenty of MicroMillions action to go. We still have a week and more than 30 events to go. For a full schedule, list of results and any other MicroMillions-related information, check out the MicroMillions III homepage.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Alex Villegas
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