MicroMillions III: benzi1986 takes Event #69 ($3.30 Triple Stud)

So you like stud games do you? You want to play Razz, Stud, and Stud H/L in the same tourney? Well Event #69 was just for you. With the game changing every ten minutes whenever a new level came 3,799 players sat down to try to become the king of the stud games. In the end it was kostaspopi21 sitting at the top with all the chips collecting $1,881.98.


Of the 3,799 players only one was a member of Team PokerStars Pro. Marcin "Goral" Horecki managed to be one of the 480 getting paid going out in 229th place for a cash of $6.72.

With this being a limit only game it took XXXXX hours to get to the final table. Leading the way once they got down to the final eight was kostaspopl21 with over 3.6-million while the two short stacks each had at least 1.3 million, or just over 3 big bets.

Seat 1: benzi1986 (2,098,804 in chips)
Seat 2: dark-trance8 (1,364,260 in chips)
Seat 3: abucashmar (1,699,838 in chips)
Seat 4: kostaspopi21 (3,672,525 in chips)
Seat 5: ïïïï (2,385,996 in chips)
Seat 6: TATJANA19896 (1,439,230 in chips)
Seat 7: Torum777 (2,929,648 in chips)
Seat 8: szaszapapa71 (3,404,699 in chips)


The first elimination came a few hands after a couple of the other shorties got a double. Eventually though it was iiii getting all-in against dark-trance8. iiii held 7♣T♠ T♣ against dark-trace8's 3♦J♦ J♠. iiii was unable to catch another pair while dark-trance8 pulled two aces to get two pair, aces and jackes, to eliminate iiii in eighth place collecting $105.42

The next elimination came in the next level when the players were playing Razz. abucashmar moved all-in after szaszapapa71 completed. szaszapapa71 called and the two players cards were revealed. abucashmar was sitting on a jack-high whie szaszapapa71 had a nine-high. By the end of the hand szazapapa71's eight-high was good enough to beat abucashmar's queen-high. abucashmar collected $199.44 for seventh place.

Another game change brought the next two eliminations. With TATJANA19896 getting really short all of the chips went in from the start. By the time the players had all seven cards TATJANA19896 held 7♦5♦ 6♥9♥J♣K♦ [Qd against kostaspopi21's T♣T♥ 5♦8♥6♣3♦ 3♥ for two pair eliminating TATJANA19896 in sixth place for $341.91.

On the very next hand kostaspop21 eliminated dark-trace8. kostaspop21 started the hand with a pair of queens and by the time seventh-street came those queens turned into a set of queens, which was good enough to beat dark-trace8's pair of sixes. dark-trace8 collected $569.85. for fifth place.

The action did not slow down from there with the next few eliminations coming in quick order. First it was Torum777's pair of queens (K♠3♥ T♠Q♣J♣Q♦ 9♦) getting the best of benzil1986's Q♥5♠ A♥3♠T♥2♦ J♠. benzi1986 collected $797.79 for fourth place.

Three hands later kostaspopi21 had both Torun777 and szaszapapa71 all-in with the players playing Razz. In the end kostaspopi21's six-high(7♠4♥ A♥3♥5♥6♥ J♠) was better than Torum777's ten-high (A♠T♥ A♦3♦2♣J♦ 6♦) and szaszapap71's nine-high (4♣3♣ 7♣8♠Q♦9♦ 8♦). szaszapapa71 took third place for $1,025.73, Torum777 got second for $1,376.64, and kostaspopi21 takes home $1,881.98 for becoming the latest MicroMillions Champion.


Congrats to kostaspopi21.

MicroMillions III Event 69 ($3.30 Triple Stud) Results (reflects a deal):

Entrants: 3,799
Prize Pool: $11,397
Paid Players: 480

1st place: kostaspopi21 (Greece) - $1,881.98
2nd place: Torum777 (Ukraine) - $1,367.64
3rd place: szaszapapa71 (Hungary) - $1,025.73
4th place: benzi1986 (Poland) - $797.79
5th place: dark-trace8 (Russia) - $569.85
6th place: TATJANA19896 (Ukraine) - $341.91
7th place: abucashmar (Russia) - $199.44
8th place: iiii (United Kingdom) - $105.42
*indicates a four-way deal

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Michael Reed is a freelance contributor to for the PS Blog.