MicroMillions III: brink88 scoops Event #89 ($5.50 FL Omaha Hi/Lo)

The best hand doesn't always win, in some games it scoops.

Event #89 deviated from the hold-em madness and gave players a dose of FL Omaha Hi/Lo. With a $5.50 buy-in, PokerStars guaranteed a $10,000 prize pool. The guarantee was beat when 2,626 players signed up to create a pool of $13,130.

Out of the thousands of Omaha Hi/Lo players that took a virtual seat in Event #89, only 342 would cash for a minimum of $8.66. The top prize of $2,076 was reserved for the eventual champion, brink88.

brink88 entered our final table as our chip leader, and after several split pots and 80 minutes of final table play, brink88 outlasted the final nine and took the title.

brink88's final table adventure started right after Geraldo22's elimination.

With 100K/200K limits, Geraldo22 raised from the cutoff and and coburn44 called from the small blind. There was a Q♠J♥8♠ flop and Geraldo22 called coburn44's bet. coburn44 led out again when the 2♦ came on the turn and Gerlado22 raised to 400,000. coburn44 moved all-in for 495,724 and Geraldo22, who only had 432,378, called all-in.

Geraldo22 showed K♠K♥4♦3♦ for a pair of kings and a shot at the low. coburn44 turned over A♣[10c]8♦2♠ for two-pair.

The river was a 3♥, pairing Geraldo22's three and eliminating any hopes of a low hand. Geraldo22 was eliminated in 10th place for $85.34 and we had our final nine.

The final table


Seat 1: krykoz -- 1,789,081
Seat 2: Rostofff -- 1,642,997
Seat 3: Misha Myxin -- 523,651
Seat 4: brink88 -- 3,219,209
Seat 5: MuXaCbKa -- 1,044,070
Seat 6: kleberAA -- 974,223
Seat 7: coburn44 -- 1,628,102
Seat 8: ThrashSebas -- 459,330
Seat 9: blondass -- 1,849,337


ThrashSebas was our final table short stack and hung around for quite some time. ThrashSebas found himself all-in four times before facing elimination. ThrashSebas's only won a quarter of the pot during his first all-in, but it was a massive pot:

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ThrashSebas then split the next two all-ins before going all-in again.

"well bingo number 4, here i go," said ThrashSebas.

With 160K/320K limits, ThrashSebas moved all-in for 258,996 from middle position. Action folded around to MuXaCbKa in the big blind. MuXaCbKa called and showed A♦Q♠J♦J♥ to ThrashSebas's A♠9♥5♠5♥.

The board came [10s]7♦2♣3♣5♦ and ThrashSebas hit a set of 5s and there was no low hand. ThrashSebas won the pot and doubled up to 597,992.

"Im feeling as a highlander, cut my head pls :D" said ThrashSebas.

Be careful what you wish you for.

Three hands later, kyrkoz raised from early position and ThrashSebas called from the big blind. ThrashSebas led out on the 2♦5♠J♠ flop and krykoz raised to 320,000. ThrashSebas called all-in and showed K♣K♠4♥3♥. krykoz turned over A♠6♦4♠3♦ and both players showed the same low. ThrashSebas though, was leading the high hand with a pair of kings.

But the turn was a [10s] and krykoz hit a flush. ThrashSebas was drawing dead and was eliminated in 9th place, earning $111.60.

Buster becomes the busted

krykoz moved to 3rd in chips after ThrashSebas's elimination, but was grinded down to 1.4 million only a few hands later. While still 5th in chips, 1.4 million wasn't much of a stack with 250K/500K limits.

brink88 raised to 500,000 from middle position and got two callers, blondass from the small blind and krykoz from the big.

krykoz led out on the 9♦Q♠8♦ flop. brink88 called and blondass folded, bringing a 7♥ on the turn. krykoz bet again and brink88 raised to 1 million. krykoz called all-in and showed [1h]J♠[10c]9♣ for a straight. brink88 turned over Q♦Q♣7♠4♣ for a set of queens.

The river brought a brutal 8♠ on the river for krykoz and brink88 won with a full house. brink88 went up to 4.7 million while krykoz was eliminated in 8th place, earning $190.38.

Three, two, one

Our next elimination involved three players, two all-ins and one bust out. MuXaCbKa was already all-in from the small blind with only 85,222 and brink88 raised to 500,000 from the button. kleberAA raised all-in for 719,223 from the big blind and brink88 called.

brink88: J♣9♣8♦4♦
MuXaCbKa: A♦J♠8♥5♥
kleberAA: Q♥6♥4♣3♠

The board came [10d]5♠6♠7♠[10h] and we had a split pot. brink88 took the Hi with 6-10 straight while kleberAA took the low with 7-6-5-4-3.

MuXaCbKa though, only had a pair of fives and no low.

MuXaCbKa was eliminated in 7th place and got $321.68 richer.

Taking charge

brink88 already had a massive chip lead by this point. brink88 started the final table with the lead, and it only increased as play went on.

brink88 was responsible for several eliminations too, including our 6th place finisher, Rostofff.

With 300K/600K limits, Rostofff raised from the button and brink88 3-bet from the big blind. Rostofff called all-in and showed A♥[10d]5♥2♥ to brink88's K♣J♠8♠7♠.

Both players watched the [1d]9♦[10h]Q♣3♦ board be dealt, but brink88 emerged with the winning hand. brink88 hit a straight and there was no low hand.

brink88's lead went up to 7 million, more than half the chips in play.

A switch

brink88 had enough chips to rest for a bit. Our next elimination came courtesy of coburn44. Misha Myxin raised to 600,000 from the cutoff, leaving onl 3,982 behind. coburn44 called from the big blind and the flop came Q♥9♣[10d].

coburn44 bet and Misha Myxin threw in the last 3,982, going all-in. coburn44 showed J♣[10h]9♦2♦ for two-pair while Misha Myxin turned over K♣K♠6♥2♥ for the overpair.

The turn was a [10c] and coburn44 improved to a full house. The river was an A♦ and Misha Myxin was out in 5th place, earning $584.28.

coburn44 then doubled-up through blondass:

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Left with only 138,243, blondass was automatically all-in the next hand from the small blind. kleberAA and coburn44 folded, leaving blondass and brink88 -- in the big blind -- heads up for blondass's tournament life.

brink88: K♦Q♣6♥3♥
blondass: J♦8♥7♦4♥

The 8♠J♥9♠ flop gave blondass the lead with 8s and jacks, but brink88 hit an inside straight draw. The turn was a 5♥ and a [10c] came on the river, giving brink88 the straight and eliminating blondass in 4th place, a finish worth $768.10.

A flesh wound

brink88 then lost the lead for the first time at the final table:

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But brink88 wasn't going down easy. After chipping back up to about 5 million, brink88 scored another final table elimination.

With 400K/800K limits, kleberAA raised from the button and brink88 3-bet from the big blind. kleberAA called all-in and showed Q♥Q♦9♣5♦ to brink88's A♠A♣6♠6♣.

Neither player could get the low, so it was a battle for the high.

The board came 9♠5♠7♣7♠3♠ and brink88 won the battle with an ace-high flush. kleberAA was eliminated in 3rd place, earning $1,558.13, while brink88 entered the heads up match with the lead.

Heads up

brink88: 7,242,718
coburn44: 5,887,282

brink88 used his stack to grind coburn44 down even more. But coburn44 would prove resilient and doubled up multiple times. Every time brink88 seemed to have victory clinched, coburn44 would come back for another fight.

coburn44 even managed to get the chip lead during one of the double ups. with 500K/1MM limits, brink88 called from the button and coburn44 raised to 1 million. The flop came 5♥4♠J♥ and coburn44 bet. brink88 called and a 5♠ came on the turn, bringing another bet from coburn44.

brink88 called again and there was a J♦ on the river. coburn44 moved all-in for 848,256 and brink88 called.

coburn44 showed Q♠Q♣7♥6♥ for queens and jacks while brink88 turned over A♠Q♥[10h]9♥.

coburn44 was up to 6.7 million while brink88 was down to 6.4 million.

Final stretch

brink88 didn't enjoy not being in the lead this final table. After losing it to coburn44 heads up, brink88 got it back fairly quickly.

brink88 raised to 1 million and coburn44 called, bringing a Q♥[10d][10h] flop. brink88 called coburn44's bet and a 9♣ came on the turn. There was another bet-call and a 3♥ fell on the river.

There was a final bet and a call, creating a 7 million chip pot. brink88 held A♣A♠8♦4♣ for aces and tens while coburn44 showed Q♣J♠5♠2♥ for queens and tens. brink88 took the pot and was up to 9.4 million, bringing coburn44 down to 3.7 million.

Five hands later, brink88 ended the show. coburn44 raised from the small blind and brink88 called, allowing a 9♣8♦J♣ flop to hit the board.

brink88 check-raised coburn44, but then coburn44 responded with a 3-bet to 1.5 million. brink88 4-bet and coburn44 called, bringing a [10s] on the turn. brink88 bet and coburn44 moved all-in for 1.4 million.

brink88 called and showed A♣[10c]8♠4♣ to coburn44's 8♣5♣4♦2♦. coburn44 was holding 8s while brink88 had 8s and 10s. The river was a J♥ and both players improved their hands, but brink88's was still better.

coburn44 was eliminated in 2nd place, earning $1,558.13 for the runner-up finish. This made brink88 the champion of Event #89, a title worth $2,076 and the glory of a MicroMillions victory.

MicroMillions III Event #89 ($5.50 FL Omaha Hi/Lo) Final Table Results:

Entrants: 2,626
Prize pool: $13,130.00
Places paid: 342

1st: brink88 (Ireland) -- $2,076.00
2nd: coburn44 (United Kingdom) -- $1,558.13
3rd: kleberAA (Brazil) -- $1,116.05
4th: blondass (Denmark) -- $768.10
5th: Misha Myxin (Russia) -- $584.28
6th: Rostofff (Russia) -- $452.98
7th: MuXaCbKa (Belarus) -- $321.68
8th: krykoz (Poland) -- $190.38
9th: ThrashSebas (Argentina) -- $111.60

With Event #89 concluded, we jump into the last stretch of tournaments for the third MicroMillions series. Sunday will see the end of the series, including the $22 Main Event with a $1 million guarantee with $150,000 guaranteed for first place. For a schedule of the remaining tournaments, MicroMillions leader board and any other information, visit the MicroMillions homepage.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Alex Villegas
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