MicroMillions III: Chipgrabber0 grabs 767m chips, wins Event #29 ($1+R NLHE 3x-turbo)

Just three days in and already nearly $2 million has been won in MicroMillions III. Guarantees for all events are being easily met, and the trend continued with Event #29, another $1 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament with re-buys.

This "3x" tourney (featuring an extended late registration/re-buy period of 90 minutes) attracted another huge field of 22,114, and after all of the re-buys (111,644) and add-ons (12,223), the prize pool ended up totaling a monstrous $132,842.71, well over the $75K guarantee. The top 3,150 finishers split the loot, and after a little over six-and-a-half hours it was the aptly-named Chipgrabber0 of the United Kingdom triumphing over all to win a first-prize of $13,301.71.

With just five-minute levels, the pace was blistering throughout, with the cash bubble bursting after only two-and-a-half hours. Team Online member Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen just missed the cash (finishing 3,192nd), but Team PokerStars Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby was among the final 3,150. Hruby would last a while longer before being knocked out by crazydoom in 1,325th for a $22.58 score.


Team PokerStars Pro Martin "AABenjamin" Hruby

After three hours and 15 minutes there were 1,000 players left, led by olegbatay (Russia), kroko812 (Greece), and Lexhelm (Germany). A little over an hour after that the field had already shrunk to 100, at which point kikimous90 (Greece), Srg_LT (Netherlands), and Chipgrabber0 (United Kingdown) were sitting atop the counts.

Over the next hour Chipgrabber0 remained at the top of the leaderboard and was sitting in first position with 18 players remaining. Soon nine more would fall: dorka115 (18th), JuniorBrazz (17th), and flowgart (16th) claimed $272.32 apiece for their finishes; shakalas (15th), Raveken (14th), and assCARDSsin (13th) each cashed for $385.24; and flavioabbud (12th), AK-limp (11th), and Kira-GR (10th) saw $498.16 added to their PokerStars accounts.

They were down to nine.


Seat 1: Rock0900 (Netherlands) -- 81,177,147
Seat 2: kikimous90 (Greece) -- 105,092,969
Seat 3: Leonzik (Russia) -- 29,699,658
Seat 4: ANNEGEPUNKT (Germany) -- 42,862,940
Seat 5: pirlo3625 (Colombia) -- 117,061,634
Seat 6: CheltTownFC (United Kingdom) -- 108,722,120
Seat 7: michian2007 (Canada) -- 35,160,316
Seat 8: VladLeo23 (Romania) -- 41,208,334
Seat 9: Chipgrabber0 (United Kingdom) -- 206,978,882

Check out those stacks! Thanks to all of the re-buys (for 3,000 chips) and add-ons (for 30,000), there were a total of 767,964,000 chips in play, meaning the average stack with nine to go was more than 85 million.

Microstakes, sure. But macrostacks!

Of course, it's all relative, and with the blinds 1.8m/3.6m to start the final table, the all-ins were bound to come quickly despite all of those chips.

CheltTownFC cut down in ninth

Indeed, it was just the second hand of the final table when pirlo3625 opened with a 3x raise to 10.8 million from the cutoff, then CheltTownFC shoved over the top from the button. The blinds got out, and pirlo3625 called with the 95,402,120 left behind, making the pot more than 221 million.

The players then showed their cards, and as it happened both had hands with which it was worth shoving big stacks. pirlo3625 had Q♠Q♦ and CheltTownFC A♦K♣, and when the board ran out 7♣7♦7♠8♣5♣, CheltTownFC was out in ninth and pirlo3625 had jumped into the chip lead.

VladLeo23 impaled in eighth

They played on a few hands, then with the blinds up to 2.25m/4.5m it was VladLeo23 open-pushing all in for 36,438,334 from the small blind and Chipgrabber0 calling from the BB.

VladLeo23 showed K♣7♠ and needed improvement versus Chipgrabber0's A♣Q♠. The flop came 9♣K♠A♥, providing pairs to both, and after the T♣ turn and 5♥ river, Chipgrabber0's aces were best and VladLeo23 was out in eighth.

michian2007 mowed down in seventh

Not long after that pirlo3625 took a turn open-shoving that eye-boggling stack of 234 million-plus from the small blind and michian2007 called all in from the big blind for 16,460,316. pirlo3625 had A♦4♣ and michian2007 Q♦9♦.

The flop came A♠8♥K♣ to pair pirlo3625. The turn was the 9♠ to give michian2007 nines and some hope. But the river was the 2♥ and michian2007 was sent railward in seventh.

kikimous90 KO'd in sixth

pirlo3625's final table run good continued soon thereafter in a big hand versus kikimous90. With the blinds at 2.75m/5.5m, pirlo3625 min-raised to 11 million from under the gun, then kikimous90 reraised all in for 96,733,841 from the button. The blinds folded and pirlo3625 snap-called.

pirlo3625: A♣A♥
kikimous90: J♠J♣

Two big pairs, but the biggest was held by the chip leader, and after the community cards came Q♠3♥9♥5♠5♥, they were down to five with pirlo3625 now sporting a stack of more than 326 million.

Rock0900 crumbles in fifth

But Chipgrabber0 was soon at it again, this time limping in for 6 million from the button, watching Rock0900 shove for 65,148,019 from the small blind, then calling and turning over A♣Q♠ to Rock0900's J♦J♣.

The flop was okay for Rock0900, coming T♦2♣4♣. But the A♠ fell on the turn to give Chipgrabber0 a better pair, and after the 8♦ river Rock0900's run had ended in fifth.

Leonzik leaves in fourth

Eight hands later the blinds were 3.5m/7m when Leonzik raised all in for 27,517,384 from the small blind and ANNEGEPUNKT called from the big blind.

Leonzik had 9♦8♥ and was hoping for help against ANNEGEPUNKT's A♦5♣, but the 2♠T♥5♠K♦5♦ board gave the latter trips and sent Leonzik out in fourth.

pirlo3625 pushed out in third

The final three players reached the six-and-a-half-hour break, at which point Chipgrabber0 led with 410,539,697, ANNEGEPUNKT was next with 200,458,288, and pirlo3625 had slipped to third with 156,966,015.

They'd proceed somewhat cautiously through the next five-minute level, then with the blinds up to 4.5m/9m a hand arose in which Chipgrabber0 limped from the button, ANNEGEPUNKT folded from the small blind, and pirlo3625 checked from the big blind.

The flop came 9♣K♣6♦ and pirlo3625 checked. Chipgrabber0 stabbed at the pot with a bet of 9 million -- that would be a minimum bet -- and pirlo3625 responded with a check-raise to 27 million. Chipgrabber0 called.

The turn was the J♦. This time pirlo3625 shoved all in for 118,566,015 and Chipgrabber0 called right away. pirlo3625 showed 6♣3♣ for a pair of sixes and a club flush draw, while Chipgrabber0 had turned two pair with J♠9♠. The river was the A♠, and pirlo3625 was out.

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ANNEGEPUNKT punted in second, Chipgrabber0 champ!

It would take but a single hand of heads-up to decide it. The hand began with Chipgrabber0 sitting behind a massive stack of 585,805,712, more than three times ANNEGEPUNKT's 182,158,288.

ANNEGEPUNKT started the hand with a 2x raise to 18 million from the button, and Chipgrabber0 called. The flop came 5♥4♣8♥. Chipgrabber0 led for 14.9 million, and ANNEGEPUNKT called the bet. The turn then brought the 5♣ and a bet of 45 million from Chipgrabber0. ANNEGEPUNKT then raised all in for 148,358,288 and Chipgrabber0 called without hesitation.

Chipgrabber0: 5♠4♠

The nicest of spots for Chipgrabber0 who'd turned a full house and had ANNEGEPUNKT drawing dead. The meaningless 4♥ on the river sealed it, and Chipgrabber0 had grabbed all 767,964,000 chips and the win.

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Congratulations to Chipgrabber0 who walks away from a $1+R tourney with more than $13K!

MicroMillions III Event #29 $1+R NLHE (3x-Turbo) final table results:
1st: Chipgrabber0 (United Kingdom) -- $13,301.71
2nd: ANNEGEPUNKT (Germany) -- $9,871.54
3rd: pirlo3625 (Colombia) -- $6,642.13
4th: Leonzik (Russia) -- $5,313.70
5th: Rock0900 (Netherlands) -- $3,985.28
6th: kikimous90 (Greece) -- $2,656.85
7th: michian2007 (Canada) -- $1,866.44
8th: VladLeo23 (Romania) -- $1,195.58
9th: CheltTownFC (United Kingdom) -- $797.05

Entrants: 22,114
Re-buys: 111,644
Add-ons: 12,223
Prize pool: $132,842.71
Places paid: 3,150

We're not even a third of the way through the 100-tournament MicroMillions III series. Check out the the MicroMillions page for details regarding who has won thus far and the schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions III