MicroMillions III: D PitcherAK strikes victory in Event #43 ($3.30 NLHE 6-Max)

Six-handed poker remains one of the most popular and entertaining forms of poker, with plenty of action and excitement for players and fans alike. And we saw that today as Event #43 of the MicroMillions III series saw 13,682 players hit the virtual tables of PokerStars for the $3.30 No Limit Holdem 6-Max event. In the end it was Canadian D PitcherAK who took down the MicroMillions crown and pocketed $5,633.18 on a rapid-fire final table.

The prize pool guarantee for this event was $30,000 but that number was surpassed as $41,046 would be divided among the top 1,800 players.

Marcin "Goral" Horecki was again spotted in the massive field, but no cash this time around for the Team PokerStars Pro as Horecki was out in 5,558th place.

A min-cash was worth $5.33 which wasn't exactly life-changing, but it was still disappointing for Brazilian AARPRATES who pure bubbled in 1801st place.

It took almost nine hours of six-handed action for the field to be reduced to a final table, which was formed when Bibonow's A♠5♥ was outdrawn by the K♦Q♦ of D PitcherAK when a king appeared on the turn. The final table lineup was as follows:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: jayjay673 (6,812,582 in chips)
Seat 2: Spangelized (13,440,569 in chips)
Seat 3: D PitcherAK (16,691,211 in chips)
Seat 4: pokertime92 (10,584,579 in chips)
Seat 5: atticus`35 (14,933,750 in chips)
Seat 6: sviyat (5,947,309 in chips)

The final table blinds started at 150k/300k/37.5k so there was plenty of game time ahead. D PitcherAK held the chip lead, while jayjay673 had fought back impressively from less than two big blinds with eight players left, to enter the final table with over twenty big blinds.

It was an epic comeback by jayjay673 just to make it this far, and it looked like continuing when sviyat four-bet jammed with A♦T♠ into jayjay673's Q♣Q♥. However the board ran out K♥3♥K♠A♠A♣ to see sviyat build a full house for the double up to leave jayjay673 back on the short stack.

However it was Spangelized who was first to go. Spangelized opened with a raise before pokertime92 moved all in over the top. Spangelized made the call with A♥Q♠ and the race was on against pokertime92's 4♣4♠. The flop of 9♣J♠T♥ brought a huge sweat as Spangelized flopped even more outs with an open-ended straight draw, but pokertime92 faded them all through the 7♣ turn and 5♦ river. Spangelized had to be content with $496.24 for 6th place.

jayjay673 quickly followed to the cashier, with an unsuccessful re-steal attempt. jayjay673 shoved with K♥8♥ over the open from atticus`35 who made the call with A♦5♣. The board was spread 6♥A♣J♣J♦5♠ with three pair more than enough for atticus`35 to take the pot and eliminate jayjay673 in 5th place. After being desperately short just a few minutes earlier, jayjay673 should be pretty satisfied with a collect of $820.92.

The aggression of the short-handed format ensured that the action continued to be frantic with plenty of three and four-betting preflop. pokertime92 had a little over 18 big blinds which were committed with a three-bet shove holding A♦8♣ from the big blind after PitcherAK had opened with a raise from the small blind. However PitcherAK made a quick call with A♥T♥ and was in a dominant position. That position only strengthened through the board of T♣2♥4♦6♥8♥ after flopping top pair and ending up with the nut flush. A great tournament by pokertime92 ended in 3rd place for $1,436.61.

With three players left, one of the biggest pots of the tournament saw us within a breath of being heads-up, but sviyat spiked a fortunate river to stay alive:

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sviyat turned a flush draw and rivered a pair to double up, but the pain didn't end there for a desperately unlucky atticus`35. The very next hand, this went down:

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In back-to-back body blows, atticus`35 was out the door, despite getting the chips in pretty good on both occasions. Unfortunately, that's poker, as atticus`35 collected $2,667.99 for a fine tournament.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: D PitcherAK (44,926,766 in chips)
Seat 6: sviyat (23,483,234 in chips)

D PitcherAK held a near two-to-one lead, and sviyat was keen to look at the numbers, but that idea was quickly squashed:

sviyat said, "deal?"
D PitcherAK said, "hell no"

The early pots were pretty small until D PitcherAK called a three-bet preflop and the two players took a 7♥9♣T♣ flop. sviyat led out with a bet, D PitcherAK raised and sviyat moved all in. D PitcherAK made the call and tabled J♦T♠ for top pair with a straight draw as sviyat held only overcards and backdoor draws with Q♥A♥. The 8♣ hit the turn to complete D PitcherAK's straight and leave sviyat with only a jack on the river to stay alive. The river fell the 8♦ to see sviyat eliminated in 2nd place for $3,899.37 as D PitcherAK took down the MicroMillions crown and pocketed $5,633.18.

MicroMillions III Event #43 Results

Entrants: 13,682
Prize pool: $41,046
Places paid: 1,800

1st D PitcherAK (Canada) - $5,633.18
2nd sviyat (Russia) - $3,899.37
3rd atticus`35 (Israel) - $2,667.99
4th pokertime92 (Thailand) - $1,436.61
5th jayjay673 (Germany) - $820.92
6th Spangelized (Canada) - $496.24

For more details about the MicroMillions III schedule and leader board, head to the MicroMillions home page.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.