MicroMillions III: dev209 develops a win in Event #60 ($8.80 NLHE)

The lead.

It's a fickle status in a poker tournament. One hand you're at the top of the world, the next, you're back with the rest of the pack. Starting the final table with the lead doesn't mean you'll win it, but it doesn't hurt -- most times.

Today's champion, dev209 started the final table with the chip lead. Lost it. Regained it. Got shortstacked with a few players remaining. Got a massive lead heads up. Lost it.

Then got it back and won.

It wasn't smooth sailing for dev209. Aside from the rocky final table, there were a total of 13,407 players for event #60. It took more than 10 hours of play to whittle that number down to one.

While most of dev209's ascent to the final table is a mystery to everyone but dev209, the final table road to victory was very well documented.

The final table

Event 60.jpg

Seat 1: Mr.Krijnen -- 9,371,754
Seat 2: fisha_bond -- 7,633,562
Seat 3: dev209 -- 13,000,956
Seat 4: jumrri -- 5,442,054
Seat 5: Jackyfresh1 -- 6,039,623
Seat 6: wollexxx -- 6,652,367
Seat 7: meetpete33 -- 3,701,898
Seat 8: vujo737 -- 5,525,840
Seat 9: EdelveZ -- 9,631,946

While dev209 started the final table with the chip lead, it'd soon go over to fisha_bond. With 125,000/250,000 blinds and a 31,250 ante, fisha_bond raised to 55,555 from early position.

dev209 re-raised to 1,199,999 and fisha_bond was the only to come along for the ride. The flop came 9♦7♦7♣ and fisha_bond check-called dev209's 1,080,000 bet. The turn brought a Q♣ and another check-call from fisha_bond, this time for 1,777,777.

A the river was a 2♠ and fisha_bond checked one last time. This time, dev209 checked as well.

fisha_bond turned over 5♠5♥ while dev209 mucked. fisha_bond was up to 12.2 million while dev209 slipped to fourth in chips with 9.3 million.

Unexpected flight

The status quo was being challenged everywhere. Chip leaders fell to fourth, "fisha"s took the lead and, now, the short stack didn't bust out first.

meetpete33 started the final table with 3.7 million, but vujo737 and his 4.8 million would be the first to hit the virtual rail. With 150,000/300,000 blinds and a 37,500 ante, vujo737 raised to 1.2 million from the hijack.

dev209 moved all-in for 8.68 million from the big blind and vujo737 called.

vujo737: A♠8♣
dev209: A♥Q♠

vujo was behind and the [10c]Q♣6♦ flop put him further behind. The turn was a 4♠ and the river brought a 2♣, eliminating vujo737 in 9th place.

For making it to the final table and being the first one out, vujo737 got 643.53.

One-two knockout

A few minutes after vujo737's early departure, wollexxx raised to 600,000 from the hijack. EdelveZ re-raised all-in for 6.9 million and wollexxx called.

wollexxx was the shorter stack, but was holding the stronger hand: K♦K♥

EdelveZ showed a smaller pocket pair, J♣J♥, and the 5♦2♣8♥6♥3♥ board didn't improve the pair of jacks. EdelveZ was left with only 782,079, all of which would go all-in two hands later.

When that happened, only jumrri called from the big blind. jumrri showed A♥3♠ and EdelveZ turned over 5♦9♦.

The [10d]4♥6♣6♦J♥ board brought no help for EdelveZ and Russian was eliminated in 8th place, a finish worth $1,072.56.

One-two-three knockout

fisha_man required an extra hit for his elimination, considering he had the chip lead early on. That lead was taken from dev209, but now fisha_bond would be giving it back:

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fisha_bond then lost another 2.5 million to dev209, leaving himself with only 1.9 million while dev209 was up to 25.8 million. This lead was nearly the double the amount of second.

While dev209 destroyed fisha_bond's stack, jumrri was the one to finish the job. fisha_bond moved all-in for 1.6 million from the button and jumrri called from the big blind.

fisha_bond shows K♦9♦ and was up against jumrri's A♦3♦. The flop fell Q♦J♠6♣ giving fisha_bond and inside-straight draw, but neither the 4♥ on the turn nor the 8♣ on the river would complete it.

fisha_bond went from chip leader to 7th place finisher, earning $2,145.12.

A flip and a miss

Mr.Krijnen doubled up meetpete33 on a coinflip. meetpete33 held the overcards, Q♥J♣, mr.Krijnen held the pocket pair, 5♠5♦. meetpete33 was all-in for 3.8 million while Mr.Krijnen had 5.6 million total.

The flop brought meetpete a J♦ and a double up. Mr.Krijnen was down to 2.1 million. A few hands later, Mr.Krijnen was at risk, but the odds were a bit worse than a flip.

Mr.Krijnen held A♣9♣, slightly behind dev209's A♦Q♥. The board ran 3♦6♠4♣5♠K♦ and Mr.Krijnen missed out on the improvement.

Mr.Krijnen finished in 6th place and took $3,217.68 for it.

False hope

meetpete33 started the table as our short stack but managed to hang on. Now, with five players left, meetpete33 was the short stack again.

With 250,000/500,000 blinds and a 62,500 ante, meetpete33 moved all-in from the small blind for 4.5 million. dev209 called from the big blind and we had a showdown.

dev209: A♠J♥
meetpete33: K♠5♣

Things were looking good for dev209 and they looked even better when the flop came 7♦A♦6♥, giving dev209 aces. Then the turn was an 8♥ and meetpete33 got a straight draw, a 9 needed to fall to complete it and the river brought the 9♥.

meetpete33 doubled up with five players to go, but then would still finish in 5th.

meetpete33 was grinded back down to 6.3 million and wollexxx raised to 1 million from the button. meetpete33 moved all-in for 6.3 million and wollexxx called. wollexxx showed Q♠9♠ to meetpete33's A♠9♣.

The K♠9♦[10s] flop gave wollexxx a flush draw and the turn brought a 6♦. The river didn't complete wollexxx's flush draw, but it did bring a Q♥ for a pair of queens. meetpete33 was eliminated in 5th place and got $4,290.24 for the final table performance.

Dominant lead

After eliminating meetpete33, wollexxx took a massive lead with 32 million. dev209 was coming in second with 18.2 million. After that, wollexxx took out Jackyfresh1 and saw his stack grow to 45 million.

With 300,000/600,000 blinds and a 75,000 ante, jumrri raised to 1.2 million from the button. Jackyfresh1 moved all-in for 9.2 million and wollexxx called from the big blind. jumrri folded, Jackyfresh1 showed 7♣7♥ and wollexxx turned over A♦[10s].

wollexxx won the flip on the J♠[10c]5♠2♦8♦ board and Jackyfresh1 was eliminated in 4th place, earning $5,362.80.

wollexxx now held more than double what the other two players had combined.


wollexxx had enough chips to double up both players and still be in good shape. That's exactly what happened.

But then wollexxx lost a few big hands to dev209:

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Blinds were up to 400,000/800,000 with a 100,000 ante and wollexx raised to 2.4 million from the small blind. dev209 called from the big blind and the flop came 5♠4♠J♠.wollexxx bet 1.6 million and dev209 called, bringing a 9♣ on the turn. wollexxx bet 800,000, dev209 called and a 4♥ completed the board.

wollexxx bet a final 2.4 million and dev209 raised to 7.2 million. wollexxx called and mucked when dev209 showed 3♣4♣.

dev209 was up to 47 million and that number only went up after jumrri's elimination. jumrri moved all-in from the button for 6.5 million and dev209 called from the big blind.

dev209: 2♠2♥
jumrri: J♣[10c]

The board came 4♥2♦K♦5♣3♥ and the tournament was heads-up. jumrri was eliminated in 3rd place and earned $7,507.92.

Heads up

dev209 started the heads-up match with the lead, but then it swtiched to wollexxx, then back to dev09. A series of all-ins and lead changes ended with dev209 putting wollexx all-in repeatedly.

wollex kept folding but, during one hand ant 500K/1MM blinds, the tournament came to an end. dev209 raised to 22 million from the button and wollexxx called, putting his tournament life at risk.

wollexxx showed Q♠[10h] and dev209 turned over K♠Q♣ for the last hand of the tournament. The board came A♥9♣5♥Q♦6♥ and wollexxx was eliminated in 2nd place while dev209 became the event #60 champion.

wollexxx won $10,094.93 for the runner-up finish while dev209 took the grand prize of $14,380.

MicroMillions III Event #60 $8.80 NLHE final table results:

Entrants: 13,407
Prize pool: $107,256
Places paid: 1,710

1st: dev209 (Germany) -- $14,380.84
2nd: wollexxx (Germany) -- $10,094.93
3rd: jumrri (Latvia) -- $7,507.92
4th: Jackyfresh1 (Peru) -- $5,362.80
5th: meetpete33 (Germany) $4,290.24
6th: Mr.Krijnen (Nehterlands) -- $3,217.68
7th: fisha_bond (Germany) -- $2,415.12
8th: EdelveZ (Russia) -- $1,072.56
9th: vujo737 (Slovenia) -- $643.53

There's still plenty of MicroMillions II action to go, so check out the MicroMillions III homepage for more information. There's a list of remaining events, completed events, leader boards and satellites; everything you need to fill your MicroMillions III needs.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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