MicroMillions III: dooooooonk is the one dollar dazzler in Event #86 ($1 NLHE)

A dollar doesn't buy you a lot these days. An ice cream? Nope. The newspaper? Nup. How about a bottle of water? Haha no. What it does buy you though, is entry into MicroMillions III Event #86. Unfortunately if you're reading this with your last shiny dollar coin in hand, sorry, you're too late. But one who cashed in their lucky buck and turned it into $2,213.37 was Germany's dooooooonk, our newest MicroMillions champion!

An enormous field of 28,186 took their seat in MicroMillions III Event #86 $1 No Limit Holdem event for one of the largest fields of the series. Surviving over 28,000 players would be nothing short of epic. Even reaching the money would require outlasting at least 24,000 players!

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki was again in the field, finishing in 11,008th place. There may have been other red spades, but finding them in the lobby was like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Only at the MicroMillions can you finish 3,600th in a poker tournament and still make a profit, even if the min-cash was a meagre $1.53. Royal SeamN from the Netherlands was the unfortunate bubble in 3,601st place.

It took over nine-and-a-half hours for the final table to be reached with the final table bubble bursting in spectacular fashion when Bambi1901 spiked a two-outer seven on the river to crack rogerrbp's pair of kings. rogerrbp was bounced out in 10th place as our final table was formed:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: 2JaYs4Me (16,496,322 in chips)
Seat 2: RoyalRob_88 (8,270,508 in chips)
Seat 3: bartje48 (9,726,076 in chips)
Seat 4: paddelac (16,078,440 in chips)
Seat 5: Trubachok (10,602,753 in chips)
Seat 6: Bronzowy (14,256,346 in chips)
Seat 7: dooooooonk (27,458,164 in chips)
Seat 8: r1ppyyy (17,470,694 in chips)
Seat 9: Bambi1901 (20,570,697 in chips)

The final table blinds kicked off at 300k/600k/75k with dooooooonk out in front and the chips fairly evenly distributed around the table.

Trubachok landed a double up on the second hand of the final table with Q♦Q♠ holding against r1ppyyy's T♦T♣, while RoyalRob_88 had a nice run of good fortune to stay alive.

First RoyalRob_88 survived with ace-ten against dooooooonk's ace-king when a straight ran out on board. RoyalRob_88 then followed that up with a big double holding A♠Q♦ against 2JaYs4Me's T♠T♥. The chips were in preflop with the board running out 3♦J♦T♦5♥4♦ to give 2JaYs4Me a set but it wasn't enough as RoyalRob_88 rivered a flush.

One down

It took some time before we lost our first player from the final table as the double ups continued. bartje48 got into the fun after shoving the small blind with A♠8♠. r1ppyyy called in the big blind with T♥K♦ but missed the board of 5♦2♣7♣A♣5♣. It left r1ppyyy crippled and all in next hand with 8♥8♦ against paddelac's Q♠3♣, but a queen on the board of Q♣A♣4♠2♠6♠ saw r1ppyyy finish the tournament in 9th place for $128.24.

2JaYs4Me's K♠K♣ found a double up through dooooooonk's 7♣7♦, but dooooooonk was able to fight back with a double up holding A♥K♠ against bartje48's J♣J♠ when a king fell on the flop.

Aces everywhere

bartje48 ran J♠Q♣ into Trubachok's A♠A♥ to see bartje48 in trouble and all in moments later with T♣9♥. dooooooonk was the opponent with K♥A♦ which held through the A♣T♥3♣2♠4♦ board. 8th place was worth $218.01 for bartje48.

dooooooonk surged and the rush continued next hand with A♥A♠ getting action from Bronzowy's Q♣A♣ on a flop of J♣Q♠7♦. Bronzowy would need another queen, but the 5♦ turn and J♦ river left Bronzowy to depart in 7th place for $320.61.

paddelac was next to go after calling all in with 8♣8♥. RoyalRob_88 had shoved from early position, but tabled A♠A♥ to leave paddelac needing an eight to survive. It wasn't to be as the 5♦7♦9♣7♣K♥ board left RoyalRob_88's aces to take the pot and end the tournament for paddelac in 6th place for $461.68.

Trubachok pulled three streets of value with K♦Q♦ on a board of 3♠T♥A♣J♦5♣ against dooooooonk who called it down with 9♥A♥ for top pair to move Trubachok into the chip lead. That lead extended two hands later when RoyalRob_88 shoved A♥K♥ and Trubachok made the call with J♣J♥. The race was on but the board bricked out 9♥8♦T♦8♥5♣ to leave RoyalRob_88 on the rail in 5th place for a collect of $692.53.

The very next hand of the final table was arguably one of the most important for dooooooonk:

RSS readers click through to see replay

dooooooonk was dominated but a rivered flush scooped the pot to eliminate an unlucky Bambi1901 in 4th place for $923.37 in prize money.

With three players remaining, the players paused the clock to have a quick look at deal numbers. Both dooooooonk and Trubachok were happy to take chip chop numbers, but the short-stacked 2JaYs4Me was unhappy and it was quickly decided to play on.

It proved to be an unfortunate decision for 2JaYs4Me as a few hands later, the following hand unfolded:

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2JaYs4Me found a monster but was unlucky to see dooooooonk make two pair to eliminate 2JaYs4Me in 3rd place for a four-figure score of $1,154.21 for just a $1 investment.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 5: Trubachok (90,725,472 in chips)
Seat 7: dooooooonk (50,204,528 in chips)

The two remaining players quickly agreed to a chip chop deal and would play it out for the title and an extra $300.

dooooooonk collected a nice pot with a full house on a double-paired board to take the lead before the final hand of the tournament.

dooooooonk min-raised preflop before Trubachok three-bet. dooooooonk put in a four-bet but Trubachok moved all in with A♥T♣. dooooooonk called and showed 9♥9♠ and the pair held through the board of 8♥Q♦K♠8♣3♥. Trubachok collected $2,021.80 for 2nd place as dooooooonk had outlasted a staggering 28,185 opponents to turn $1 into the MicroMillions III title and $2,213.37 in prize money.

MicroMillions III Event #86 Results

Entrants: 28,186
Prize pool: $25,649.26
Places paid: 3,600

1st dooooooonk (Germany) - $2,213.37*
2nd Trubachok (Ukraine) - $2,021.80*
3rd 2JaYs4Me (Germany) - $1,154.21
4th Bambi1901 (Denmark) - $923.37
5th RoyalRob_88 (Netherlands) - $692.53
6th paddelac (Belgium) - $461.68
7th Bronzowy (Russia) - $320.61
8th bartje48 (Netherlands) - $218.01
9th r1ppyyy (Bulgaria) - $128.24

*denotes two-way chip chop deal

For more details about the MicroMillions III schedule and leader board, head to the MicroMillions home page.

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