MicroMillions III: dropedit tops Event #66, earns $3.6K ($2.20 NLHE)

The MicroMillions marched on Thursday with Event #66, another $2.20 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament. This one sported a $10K guarantee, easily shattered when 14,504 entrants built an eye-popping prize pool of $29,008, to be divided among the top 2,025 finishers.

In the end it would take just over 10 hours to find a winner. After starting the final table seventh in chips, the United Kingdom's dropedit came back to grab the chip lead heads-up and eventually take the title and $3,630.03 first prize.

From 14,504 to 9

It would take about four-and-a-half hours for the field to be whittled down to 1,000 players, with jonasof87 (Norway), sorin355 (Cyprus), and SV322 (Ukraine) then sitting atop the counts. By that point Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki had already collected himself another small score, adding once more to his massive MicroMillions III resume by finishing 1,894th for $3.19.

Horecki began the day leading the MicroMillions III Player of the Series race, having amassed no less than 19 cashes heading into Thursday's events, including a victory in Event #62 ($4.40+R PLO 6-max.). The Polish player picked up a 20th cash in Event #65 today ($4.40 NLHE, 6-max.), with his min-cash in this event being his 21st.


Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki

A little over two hours later just 100 remained, led by dima160375 (Russia), KMoNeYBaGz (Norway), and feelthesound (Bulgaria). Two hours more and they were down to 18 players gathered around two tables, with KMoNeYBaGz having surged in front and sinotik (Russia) and FatalRevange (Brazil) the only other players with more than 7 million chips.

It would take another half-hour more to play down to nine players, with turki14 (18th), DAAceV (17th), and J.a.v.i.d.eM (16th) earning $60.91, shobuj (15th), sinotik (14th), and Csurar (13) $87.02 apiece, and shutifu (12th), bl17 (11th), and (10th) $116.03.

The final table was underway.


Seat 1: dima160375 (Russia) -- 3,407,348
Seat 2: poKerfAce99J (Australia) -- 7,482,005
Seat 3: KAPATE/\b85 (Ukraine) -- 12,765,210
Seat 4: FatalRevange (Brazil) -- 10,052,640
Seat 5: kmen84 (Russia) -- 2,380,184
Seat 6: joljo26 (Germany) -- 4,948,944
Seat 7: vepsard (Estonia) -- 8,788,113
Seat 8: dropedit (United Kingdom) -- 3,585,717
Seat 9: KMoNeYBaGz (Norway) -- 19,109,839

During that last pre-final table push, KMoNeYBaGz had collected several knockouts and lots of chips to assume a sizable advantage with nearly twice the stack of second-place FatalRevange.

From 9 to 6

Meanwhile dropedit began the final table as one of the short stacks, and it would take about one orbit before dropedit open-raised all in from early position for 3,623,217 (about 12 big blinds). dima160375 was also relatively short, and would call all in for 3,009,349 from a couple of seats over, the rest of the table folding in response.

dropedit had A♣3♣ and dima160375 8♠8♥, and after the 4♣Q♦7♠ flop and 4♦ turn it appeared dima160375 would be doubling up and dropedit crippled. But the river brought the A♦ to give dropedit the better pair, and dima160375 was out in ninth.

A short while later the blinds were up to 200,000/400,000 when chip leader KMoNeYBaGz opened with a raise to 1.1 million from under the gun. It folded to vepsard in the small blind who reraised all in for 2,775,726, and when it folded back KMoNeYBaGz made the call.

It was A♦T♠ for vepsard and 9♠8♣ for KMoNeYBaGz. Again the flop and turn were safe for the all-in player, coming J♠K♣6♠ and J♣. But once again the river changed things, coming 9♦ to improve KMoNeYBaGz to a pair and send vepsard railward in eighth.

The last hand before the nine-and-a-half-hour break then saw the third straight elimination in which the player with the best hand when the chips went in the middle ended up falling.

In this one FatalRevange min-raised to 1 million from early position, kmen84 reraised all in for 6,697,868 from a seat over, then poKerfAce99J called all in for 5,069,505 from the big blind. FatalRevange got out, and kmen84 showed A♥Q♥ while poKerfAce99J had A♠K♦. The flop then came 6♥Q♦2♣ to pair kmen84, and after the 5♣ turn and 7♦ river poKerfAce99J was out in seventh.

From 6 to 2

At that point KMoNeYBaGz still lead with nearly 21 million, although dropedit had closed the gap to sit in second position with about 18.5 million.

Several among the remaining six spent the break talking about possibly discussing a chop, but not everyone was on board and so play soon continued.

Before long it was joljo26 open-raising all in for 1,835,743 (less than four big blinds) from the small blind and getting a caller in dropedit sitting in the big blind. joljo26 had J♣8♣ and dropedit Q♥T♠, and five cards later -- 6♠9♣2♦3♥K♥ -- they were down to five.

A few minutes later the blinds were 300,000/600,000 when KAPATE/\b85 raised all in from UTG for 6,421,881 and got a single caller in kmen84 from the button. KAPATE/\b85 had K♣J♣ and would need help versus kmen84's A♣K♦. But the board rolled out 8♦7♣T♥Q♥7♥, and KAPATE/\b85 was out in fifth.

Soon after the remaining four did decide to pause the tournament for some chop talk. However, when FatalRevange asked for a couple of hundred more than what "chip chop" numbers suggested, the others quickly balked and play soon resumed.

FatalRevange then quickly earned a double-up with A♣Q♠ through leader KMoNeYBaGz's Q♥[10c], after which FatalRevange was nearly even with dropedit for the lead.

Soon FatalRevange was opening for 2x with a raise to 1.2 million from under the gun, then kmen84 reraised all in for 15,426,754 from the button. It folded back to FatalRevange who quickly called, showing A♠K♣ to kmen84's K♦Q♦. The community cards came 9♠A♥4♣Q♠T♦, and FatalRevange's aces beat kmen84's queens to send the latter out in fourth.

The blinds moved to 400,000/800,000, and after a dropedit fold from the button, KMoNeYBaGz raised to 1.9 million from the small blind, then watched FatalRevange push all in from the big blind. KMoNeYBaGz called with the 18,359,134 left behind, showing K♥Q♠ and hoping to catch versus the 4♠4♦ of FatalRevange.

But the flop came 3♦4♥7♥ to give FatalRevange a set of fours. The 2♥ fell on the turn to give KMoNeYBaGz hopes to hit a heart flush, but the river was the 2♠ and they were down to two.

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Heads-up play began with FatalRevange enjoying a huge chip lead with 52,852,602 to dropedit's 19,667,398.

After several hands the stacks were close to the same, then it appeared as though FatalRevange was about to clinch the win after getting dropedit to commit to a preflop all-in with K♠T♣ versus FatalRevange's A♦K♥. The flop came A♠8♣2♣, making it seem even more likely FatalRevange was about to win. But the turn and river both brought clubs, coming K♣ then 6♣, and dropedit had made a flush to survive.

That hand gave dropedit the chip lead as well. Soon dropedit was proposing a deal once again, but when FatalRevange suggested a 50-50 split dropedit said no and they played on.

Over the next few hands dropedit would extend the lead, pushing out over 54 million as FatalRevange dropped below 18 million. Then with the blinds at 500k/1m, dropedit raised to 2 million, FatalRevange pushed all in, and dropedit called without hesitation.

FatalRevange: Q♠9♦
dropedit: J♣J♠

The flop came 2♠9♠J♥ -- set of jacks for dropedit. The turn brought the K♦ and a gutshot straight draw for FatalRevange. Then came the river... the 8♦! dropedit had won!

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Congratulations to dropedit for overcoming a big deficit to start the final table to win Event #66 and turn a $2.20 buy-in into a $3,630.03 score!

MicroMillions III Event #66 $2.20 NLHE final table results:
1st: dropedit (United Kingdom) -- $3,630.03
2nd: FatalRevange (Brazil) -- $2,532.39
3rd: KMoNeYBaGz (Norway) -- $1,943.53
4th: kmen84 (Russia) -- $1,363.37
5th: KAPATE/\b85 (Ukraine) -- $1,073.29
6th: joljo26 (Germany) -- $783.21
7th: poKerfAce99J (Australia) -- $507.64
8th: vepsard (Estonia) -- $261.07
9th: dima160375 (Russia) -- $174.04

Entrants: 14,504
Prize pool: $29,008.00
Places paid: 2,025

Just about two-thirds of the way through MicroMillions III, with many more small buy-in, big prize-pool tourneys still left to go. Check the MicroMillions page for details of all the remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions III