MicroMillions III: Dynamic win for antidinamic in Event #72 ($1+R NLHE 3xTurbo)

There was nothing anti-climactic about the MicroMillions this evening as antidinamic is the toast of Mexico as the newest MicroMillions III champion after a dynamic victory pocketed antidinamic $6,963.44 in prize money...all for just a $1 buy-in!

Event #72 of the MicroMillions III series brought 7,835 entries for the exciting $1 No Limit Holdem 3xTurbo Rebuy Event. That number was healthy, but the 38,611 rebuys and 3,827 add-ons were even more impressive as the $45,748.43 prize pool shattered the advertised guarantee.

Marcin "Goral" Horecki was again in the starting field representing Team PokerStars but he was unable to add any additional points to the MicroMillions Player of the Series leader board in this event with a 1,427th place finish.

The start time for this event suited those in Australia, but sadly it didn't suit Aussie b musta who was eliminated as the bubble in 991st place and painfully short of the $10.52 min-cash for the top 990 players. For some many that wasn't even enough for a profit, with the big money up for grabs for those who could make it deep into the tournament.

When XFALLEN3 moved all in with Q♦J♠ on a queen-high flop, only to discover antidinamic had flopped top set with Q♣Q♥, XFALLEN3 was bundled out in 10th place as our final table was set:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: ee1212chip62 (69,929,105 in chips)
Seat 2: bazya40 (51,951,902 in chips)
Seat 3: justwurscht (3,053,899 in chips)
Seat 4: Allu89 (4,987,168 in chips)
Seat 5: skorpio2327 (6,925,740 in chips)
Seat 6: Morgaw (14,236,852 in chips)
Seat 7: kimac1 (56,593,597 in chips)
Seat 8: antidinamic (35,130,249 in chips)
Seat 9: zoekovic (11,339,488 in chips)

An interesting situation had developed with two tables left where the three big stacks were all comfy on the same table, while the other table had five players all with around ten big blinds or less. It meant that when the final table started, we had a huge discrepancy with a couple of extremely large stacks, and several desperately short ones.

It was a theme that was noticeable through the early stages of the final table as the short stacks played a game of cat and mouse to avoid elimination at all costs to climb the payout ladder. And who could blame them with such impressive payouts on the final table for a $1 buy-in tournament?

justwurscht entered the final table with barely enough for two big blinds, and when the tongue-in-cheek attempt at striking a nine-way deal fell through, justwurscht was resigned to the fact that the last chips would be in the middle when the blinds rolled around. Unfortunately justwurscht found the worst starting hand possible in 7♣2♥, but kimac1 allowed a free flop by limping in. The flop fell J♦7♠6♠ and a pair for justwurscht was enough to move all in for the few chips that were left. The size of the bet didn't matter as kimac1 wasn't going to be folding A♠J♣ for top pair, top kicker. The turn was the K♠ and river a repeat K♣ to leave justwurscht as first to the rail in 9th place for $354.55.

Two hands later and skorpio2327 found two face cards in K♠J♥ which was enough to take a shot with a stack that barely covered the big blind. Morgaw isolated with T♦T♣ and the race was on. The flop landed Q♦9♠5♠ and Morgaw no longer wanted to see a ten as skorpio2327 added outs with a straight draw, but the 6♥ turn and A♥ river bricked the board. skorpio2327 had to be content with $548.98 for 8th place.

Allu89 and zoekovic were in a battle for survival with both desperately short. Allu89 tripled up with 6♠6♣ in the big blind, but it was barely enough to provide any relief.

Allu89 said, "pff"
Allu89 said, "im waiting on u zoe :D"
Allu89 said, "lol"

With Allu89 happy to blind down, the blinds found their way zoekovic who had to take a gamble. zoekovic went with 8♠3♠ to call all in from the big blind, which would normally present live cards, but the timing was a little unfortunate as bazya40 had raised preflop from early position with an unlikely, but dominant K♠8♦. The board fell 6♥5♦6♦J♠2♥ to see zoekovic collect $1,006.46 for 7th place.

After successfully sneaking up the pay jumps to secure an extra few hundred dollars, Allu89 was happy to stick it in next hand for less than half a small blind. Allu89's cards were never revealed as a side pot developed between kimac1 and bazya40 on a board of 8♥3♦6♥9♣A♦. At showdown bazya40 opened first and showed T♥6♦ for a pair of sixes which was enough as the two opponents mucked. Allu89 was finally eliminated after a brave run ended in 6th place for $1,463.94 in prize money.

Morgaw landed another double up, and the biggest pot of the final table to that point, when bazya40 over-committed with A♠4♠, making the call after Morgaw had shoved T♠A♦:

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When the first four community cards landed, it looked like we'd see a chop, but the ace on the river allowed Morgaw's kicker to play for the big double.

It didn't get any better for bazya40 as the very next hand saw antidinamic's K♦J♠ hit a jack on the flop to double through bazya40's A♦3♣.

The spiral south continued for bazya40 who once again got in trouble with an apparent favourite hand. The old K♣8♣ saw a raise from under the gun for bazya40, before kimac1 moved all in over the top with 4♠A♠. bazya40 was happy to call it off and gamble, but by the time a king appeared on the river, it was all too late for bazya40 as the 4♣2♠3♣5♦K♠ board gave kimac1 a straight for the knockout blow. bazya40 pocketed $1,921.43 for 5th place.

kimac1 was playing the rush as the very next hand kimac1 got it all in preflop against ee1212chip62. kimac1 held 9♦9♣ and the race was on against ee1212chip62's A♠K♥, but the board bricked out J♣7♣3♠3♦6♠ to leave the pair in front to eliminate ee1212chip62 in 4th place for a $2,516.16 collect.

It put kimac1 well in front with three players remaining, but antidinamic made a claim for the lead with the elimination of Morgaw. It was some big-ball poker that saw antidinamic open-shove from the small blind with with A♥T♠ with Morgaw calling off nearly 20 big blinds with 5♠5♥. Again we were racing, but the ace on the turn on the board of J♠4♣T♦A♠9♥ was enough to send the chips to antidinamic as Morgaw picked up $3,659.87 for 3rd place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 7: kimac1 (114,985,308 in chips)
Seat 8: antidinamic (139,162,692 in chips)

antidinamic rivered a set of fours to extend the advantage in the early stages of heads-up play, but the pots were mostly small as the two players settled in for the battle.

It took some time before the two collided in a significant pot, and that pot would be their last:

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kimac1 started with the best hand, but got aggressive on the flop with just ace-high, only for antidinamic to make the call with top pair. The turn and river couldn't produce an ace leaving kimac1 to collect $5,146.69 for 2nd place, as antidinamic would become the newest MicroMillions III champion! antidinamic took the title back to Mexico along with an impressive $6,963.44 in prize money.

MicroMillions III Event #72 Results

Entrants: 7,835
Rebuys: 38,611
Add-ons: 3,827
Prize pool: $45,748.43
Places paid: 990

1st antidinamic (Mexico) - $6,963.44
2nd kimac1 (Denmark) - $5,146.69
3rd Morgaw (Canada) - $3,659.87
4th ee1212chip62 (Belarus) - $2,516.16
5th bazya40 (Russia) - $1,921.43
6th Allu89 (Estonia) - $1,463.94
7th zoekovic (Netherlands) - $1,006.46
8th skorpio2327 (Hungary) - $548.98
9th justwurscht (Austria) - $354.55

For more details about the MicroMillions III schedule and leader board, head to the MicroMillions home page.

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