MicroMillions III: Exemplary "xxolavurxx" wins Event #52 $5.50 NL

Ace-Queen. It's one of the most problematic hands in Hold 'em because it's deceptively good enough to take it into battle, but more often then not it gets beat out by the more powerful Ace-King, or fails to hold up on its end of a race or coin flip. However, in MicroMillions Event #52, Ace-Queen became a valuable weapon which xxolavurxx used to dispose two players at the final table, including JUAN"r3d"JG during a brief nine-hand heads-up bout. Without Ace-Queen serving brilliantly, xxolavurxx never would have won a MicroMillions III title. It's safe to say, Ace-Queen might become xxolavurxx's new favorite hand.

MicroMillions III Event #52 $5.50 NL attracted 10,341 runners. The top 1,350 places got a cut of the $51,705 prize pool, with $7,390.55 set aside for the eventual champion.

Team Online Anders "Donald" Berg took a shot at a MicroMillions III title, but Donald failed to cash and finished in 2,014th place.

With ten players remaining, action went hand-for-hand... which didn't last very long before neskezidan10 moved all-in with A♦Q♥ for 3,204,036 and ManciaTheOne ManciaTheOne tried to pick him off with A♥K♦. The board ran out T♦4♣3♣6♥5♠ and ManciaTheOne won the pot with Ace-high and a King-kicker. Serbia's neskezidan10 unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Event #52 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: kiarakithiel (2,398,720)
Seat 2: xxolavurxx (10,479,983)
Seat 3: adzie000 (6,351,931)
Seat 4: JUAN"r3d"JG (4,601,738)
Seat 5: DexDexter11 (4,014,714)
Seat 6: 5th Suit (8,462,947)
Seat 7: ManciaTheOne (10,724,283)
Seat 8: powerplay*P (2,320,536)

The final table commenced in the middle of Level 46 with the blinds at 110K/200K and a 25K ante. ManciaTheOne held the lead with 10.7 million, just a shade more than xxolavurxx with 10.4 million.

kiarakithiel eliminated in 9th place; cuscru eliminated in 8th place

How about two for the price of one? The first two players to bust off the final table went out simultaneously on the same hand. ManciaTheOne kicked off a raising war with a min-raise to 500,000, cuscru shoved over the top for 2,756,398, kiarakithiel called all-in for 1,029,970, and ManciaTheOne had both players covered and called.

ManciaTheOne: A♠K♠
kiarakithiel: A♦Q♦
cuscru: 7♥7♠

Three-way and cuscru held the lead momentarily with a pair of sevens. The flop was K♣9♦5♠ and ManciaTheOne took the lead with a pair of Kings. The turn was the K♦ and ManciaTheOne improved to trip Kings, however, the kiarakithiel picked up a diamond re-draw. The river was the T♥. ManciaTheOne faded a diamond and won the main pot with trip Kings, knocking out two players in the process. Alas, kiarakithiel busted out in ninth place, which paid out $361.93 and cuscru collected $568.75 for an eighth-place finish.

ManciaTheOne retained the big stack with 13.7 million. However, ManciaTheOne would lose the lead a couple hands later when DexDexter11 doubled through with K♥K♦ against A♥K♠.

powerplay*P eliminated in 7th place

With seven to go, shorty powerplay*P moved all-in for 2,116,072, xxolavurxx re-shoved for 3,832,144, and everyone bailed. Heads-up and powerplay*P's Q♠8♣ needed some serious help against xxolavurxx's A♣K♦. The flop was J♠9♣3♠ and powerplay*P picked up a gutshot. The turn was the 8♥ and powerplay*P took the lead with a pair of eights against Big Slick. However, the A♠ spiked on the river, and to powerplay*P's dismay, xxolavurxx won the pot with a pair of Aces. Germany's powerplay*P finished in seventh place, which paid out $1,034.10.

ManciaTheOne eliminated in 6th place

It was a roller-coaster ride for ManciaTheOne at the final table. The one-time chip leader ran into Kings and got crippled. It was only a matter of time before he met his fate by running into another big pair.

ManciaTheOne made a final stand for 1,538,912 with A♦5♣, but unfortunately, he ran smack into adzie000's Q♣Q♠. The flop was 9♥7♦4♥ and the turn was 6♣, which gave ManciaTheOne a glimmer of hope with an open-ended straight draw. But the 4♠ fell on the river, which did not help ManciaTheOne and adzie000 won the pot with two pair -- Queens and fours. ManciaTheOne was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $1,551.15.

5th Suit eliminated in 5th place

The next player to hit the road was 5th Suit, who shoved for 3,440,462 from the small blind, and and xxolavurxx snap-called from the big blind with A♣Q♦. 5th Suit trailed with K♥T♠. The board ran out 6♠5♦2♠7♠7♥ and xxolavurxx won the pot with Ace-high. For a fifth-place performance, 5th Suit earned $2,068.20.

With four to go, xxolavurxx was out in front with 23.2 million and DexDexter11 brought up the rear with 4.2 million.

DexDexter11 eliminated in 4th place

Action was four-handed for a couple of levels before someone finally flinched.

JUAN"r3d"JG opened for 2.4 million, DexDexter11 bombed it all-in for 4,133,191, and JUAN"r3d"JG called. Coin flip. DexDexter11 raced with 9♠9♦ against JUAN"r3d"JG's A♣J♠. The flop was the A♥6♦3♦ and JUAN"r3d"JG took the lead with a pair of Aces. The turn was the T♥ and the river was the Q♠. DexDexter11's pocket nines failed to improve and busted out in fourth place, which paid out $2,585.25.

adzie000 eliminated in 3rd place

Battle of the blinds... adzie000 shoved for 1,926,744 from the small blind and JUAN"r3d"JG called from the big blind with A♦3♠. Indeed, adzie000 was in trouble with K♣5♠. The board ran out T♠3♥2♦T♦Q♠ and JUAN"r3d"JG won the pot with two pair -- Tens and treys. Australia's adzie000 collected $3,849.43 for a third-place finish.

HEADS-UP: JUAN"r3d"JG (Brazil) vs. xxolavurxx (Faroe Islands)
Seat 2: xxolavurxx (28,737,583)
Seat 4: JUAN"r3d"JG (22,967,417)

It was down to the final two and less than 6 million separated each player.

JUAN"r3d"JG eliminated in 2nd place; xxolavurxx wins MicroMillions III Event #52

Heads-up lasted a mere nine hands. On the sixth hand, xxolavurxx dragged a 33.8 million pot with J♠9♦ for a full house. After losing that decisive hand, JUAN"r3d"JG was on the ropes. In was only a matter of time before xxolavurxx delivered the crushing knockout blow.

On the final hand...

JUAN"r3d"JG min-raised to 1.6 million, xxolavurxx re-min-raised for 3.2 million, and JUAN"r3d"JG called. The flop was A♦Q♣9♠ and both players checked. The turn was the T♦, which prompted xxolavurxx to fire out 5.6 million. JUAN"r3d"JG shoved over the top for his last 6,667,417, and xxolavurxx called. JUAN"r3d"JG flopped two pair with Q♦9♥, but xxolavurxx flopped a better two pair with A♥Q♠. The J♥ fell on the river, which did not help JUAN"r3d"JG, who was knocked out in second place. The pot was won by xxolavurxx, who also shipped the tournament.

For a runner-up performance, Brazil's JUAN"r3d"JG collected $5,429.02. Congrats to xxolavurxx from the Faroe Islands for winning a MicroMillions III title and earning $7,390.55 for first place.

Check out the final hand...

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MicroMillions III Event #52 $5.50 NL - Final Table Results:
Entrants: 10,341
Prize Pool: $51,705
Payouts: 1,350

1. xxolavurxx (Faroe Islands)- $7,390.55
2. JUAN"r3d"JG (Brazil) - $5,429.02
3. adzie000 (Australia) - $3,849.43
4. DexDexter11 (Germany) - $2,585.25
5. 5th Suit (Canada) - $2,068.20
6. ManciaTheOne (Chile) - $1,551.15
7. powerplay*P (GermanY) - $1,034.10
8. cuscru (Austria) - $568.75
9. kiarakithiel (Argentina) - $361.93

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