MicroMillions III: Five-figure first prize for Kuzma258 in Event #83 ($4.40+R NLHE 1R1A)

While our not-so-little MicroMillions world looks ahead to tomorrow's big MM III Main Event -- the $22 buy-in, $1 million guaranteed Event #98 for which more than 6,000 players have registered a full 24 hours before it begins -- there's plenty more MicroMillions mania happening between now and then, including Saturday's Event #83, a $4.40, one re-buy/one add-on, no-limit hold'em event.

Like the 82 events that came before it, Event #83 attracted another huge field with 9,117 joining the fun. Those players took 6,540 re-buys and 2,890 add-ons, thereby building a total prize pool $74,188 and easily topping the $50K guarantee. And after a little more than 10 hours of poker it was Kuzma258 emerging from that massive field as the winner, earning a huge first prize of $11,133.97 and yet another MM III title for Russia.

From 9,117 to 9

It would take about four hours and 15 minutes for the cash bubble to burst, at which point Shaunn1 of the United Kingdom led as the only player among the remaining 1,170 with more than 400,000 chips.

Once again -- for the 30th time during MicroMillions III (!) -- Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki was among those making the money, thereby adding a few more points to his MM III Player of the Series leading total.

Horecki would battle with a below-average stack over the next half-hour before finally losing a preflop all-in with K♦J♦ versus Ser28ru's A♠6♣ to fall in 591st place ($21.51).

A couple of hours later they were down to 100 players, with Siegmann (Denmark), Rikkievils (Belgium), lubasergeeva (Russia), and GuiPoker19 (Brazil) leading the counts as the only players with more than 2 million chips.

They were well into the ninth hour of play when the field had trimmed down to just 18 players, with delian23 (Romania) the new leader with more than 14 million chips.

Over the next half-hour nine more would fall. JZMNANER (18th), dismalof (17th), and Dima18lvX (16th) won $196.59 apiece for their finishes. Dima18lvX (15th), Crna Guja (14th), and shorsh91 (13th) each earned $296.75. And Hygucmek (12th), currie7 (11th), and bigbingoboy (10th) all saw $369.90 added to their PokerStars accounts.

Just nine remained.


Seat 1: delian23 (Romania) -- 18,097,723
Seat 2: Rikkievils (Belgium) -- 6,891,220
Seat 3: Fanaway 7 (Austria) -- 2,732,958
Seat 4: Verti dog (United Kingdom) -- 13,721,230
Seat 5: puma201068 (Belgium) -- 2,327,444
Seat 6: davidpanama (Panama) -- 14,918,452
Seat 7: Igor.ss1986 (Russia) -- 8,103,398
Seat 8: tyrkinvovan (Russia) -- 19,865,342
Seat 9: Kuzma258 (Russia) -- 6,077,233

From 9 to 6

On the seventh hand of the final table, the blinds were 200,000/400,000 when Fanaway 7 open-raised all in for 1,782,958 from middle position. Next to act, Verti dog called the raise, and when the others folded Fanaway 7 showed A♠T♦ and Verti dog A♣Q♠. The board rolled out 3♣9♦Q♦5♠8♣ -- queens for Verti dog and ace-high for Fanaway 7, thus sending the latter out in ninth.

They pushed through the nine-hour mark with the blinds increasing to 250,000/500,000. Then a hand arose in which delian23 raised from early position to 1.1 million and Rikkievils called all in for 988,987 from a seat over. It folded around to Igor.ss1986 who called as well from the big blind, and the three saw a flop come Q♣Q♥9♠. Igor.ss1986 checked, delian23 bet 1.75 million, and Igor.ss1986 stepped aside.

delian23 showed K♣Q♦ for trip queens, while Rikkievils had J♦6♣. The T♣ turn did bring faint hopes for Rikkievils, but the river brought the 2♣ to send the Belgian player out in eighth.

Before long it was davidpanama raising 2x from the button to 1.2 million and tyrkinvovan calling from the big blind. The flop came J♠T♣J♦, tyrkinvovan led by pushing all in for 3,010,344, and davidpanama called. tyrkinvovan showed Q♥2♦ and needed help versus davidpanama's A♦4♦, but the turn was the 5♠ and river the 3♠ and tyrkinvovan was out in seventh.

From 6 to 2

That hand pushed davidpanama out in front with more than 25 million, but soon delian23 would grab a couple of small pots to surge into the lead.

Five hands later the blinds were still 300,000/600,000 when Verti dog raised to 1.2 million from the cutoff seat, puma201068 reraised all in for a little more from the button to 1,442,388, Igor.ss1986 called from the big blind, and Verti dog called as well.

The flop came 5♥T♥8♠, and when Igor.ss1986 responded with an all-in shove for 7,034,520, Verti dog was there with the call.

Igor.ss1986: Q♠T♦
Verti dog: A♥T♠
puman201068: A♣9♥

Both Igor.ss1986 and Verti dog had flopped top pair, then when the Q♣ hit on the turn Igor.ss1986 improved to two pair and the best hand. The river was the 6♦, eliminating puma201068 in sixth place and pushing the big pot to Igor.ss1986.

Play continued, with Kuzma258 pulling out ahead of davidpanama and delian23 and into the lead. That's when a huge hand quickly developed between the latter two players.

The blinds up to 500k/1m, delian23 opened for 2.18 million from UTG, davidpanama reraised to 5.36 million from the button, and when the blinds folded delian23 pushed all in for more than 20.7 million. davidpanama called with the 12,848,841 he had left, showing 8♣8♦ and hoping the pair would hold versus the A♣J♠ of delian23.

But the flop came J♣2♠7♠ to put delian23 out in front, and after the T♥ turn and Q♦ river they were down to four.

New leader delian23 would add still more chips after next knocking out Igor.ss1986 in fourth. In that hand Igor.ss1986 open-raised all in for 7,537,424 (a little over six big blinds) from the button with Q♥9♠ and delian23 called from the big blind with 3♣3♥.

The flop came 7♠6♦3♦ to improve delian23 to a set, and the 2♣ turn made the T♣ river no matter, sending Igor.ss1986 railward in fourth.

The remaining trio reached the 10-hour break, with delian23 the leader with more than 51 million, Kuzma258 next with just over 36 million, and Verti dog the short stack with about 5.4 million or just a little over three big blinds.

When play resumed, it didn't take Verti dog long to start shoving that small stack, and soon a button raise for 5,170,560 got a call from delian23 in the big blind. Verti dog had Q♣2♠ and delian23 A♠7♦. The board came K♠A♥6♥4♣Q♥ to give both a pair but delian23 the better one, and Verti dog was out in third.

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delian23 enjoyed nearly a 2-to-1 chip advantage to begin heads-up play with 57,903,534 to Kuzma258's 34,831,466.

They quietly pushed small pots back and forth for five hands, then came one that saw Kuzma258 call a preflop three-bet from delian23 before the pair saw the flop come A♦2♥K♠. Kuzma258 called delian23's continuation bet on the flop, then both checked the 3♥ turn. The river then brought the 8♠ and a check from delian23, and when Kuzma258 bet, delian23 called.

Kuzma showed A♣6♠ for aces, and delian23 mucked. That added up to a 31 million-plus pot for Kuzma258, good enough for the chip lead.

Just four hands later the blinds were 700k/1.4m when Kuzma258 raised to 7 million from the button, delian23 reraised all in for 35,328,534, and Kuzma258 called.

delian23 had the preflop edge with A♥Q♠ versus Kuzma258's A♠5♦. But the flop came 5♠6♠J♦ to pair Kuzma258's kicker, and after the 9♠ turn and 7♠ river Kuzma258 had improved to the nut flush to win the pot and the title.

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Congratulations to Kuzma258 for bringing Russia yet another MicroMillions III title and turning just a few bucks into a nifty $11,133.97 score!

MicroMillions III Event #83 $4.40+R NLHE (1R1A) final table results:
1st: Kuzma258 (Russia) -- $11,133.97
2nd: delian23 (Romania) -- $8,160.68
3rd: Verti dog (United Kingdom) -- $5,564.10
4th: Igor.ss1986 (Russia) -- $3,739.07
5th: davidpanama (Panama) -- $2,967.52
6th: puma201068 (Belgium) -- $2,225.64
7th: tyrkinvovan (Russia) -- $1,483.76
8th: Rikkievils (Belgium) -- $853.16
9th: Fanaway 7 (Austria) -- $574.95

Entrants: 9,117
Re-buys: 6,540
Add-ons: 2,890
Prize pool: $74,188
Places paid: 1,170

For details on the final weekend of MicroMillions III, check out the MicroMillions page for the full skinny.

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