MicroMillions III: Foxy_Donkey outfoxes herd and wins Event #84 $8.80 NL

The chip lead at the final table was a cursed hot potato; tragedy struck whomever held it. Foxy_Donkey avoided the dreaded curse until it got heads-up against nonii17. At that point someone head to break the haunting vex. Foxy_Donkey picked the perfect time to embark on a heater and won nine out of the last eleven hands, including the a decisive blow that knocked out nonii17 in second place.

MicroMillions III Event #84 $8.80 attracted 10,737 runners, who boosted the prize pool to $85,896. The top 1,350 places won prize money with $12,272.54 set aside for the eventual champion.

A pair of PokerStars Team Pros were in this event. Belguim's Christophe De Meulder exited in 2,876th place. Meanwhile, Poland's Marcin "Goral" Horecki has been tearing up the MicroMillions III. The Team Pro started the day on top of the leader board, but he failed to cash in this event when he busted out in 2,548th place.

With 40 remaining, the top spot was shared by a trio of players with 3.5 million apiece -- zubyyy22, pokerkn1ght4, and jadrankokec. Neither of them would advance to the final table. With 18 left in the hunt for the final table, Ballage87 held the lead with 6.9 million.

Action went hand-for-hand with ten to go. Short-stacked pokerkn1ght4 made a valiant final stand and moved all-in for 428,796 holding K♥8♥. KONDRAT_NIK called from the big blind with Q♥7♥. The board ran out 9♠4♠3♦Q♣T♦. The Queen on the turn secured the win for KONDRAT_NIK and pokerkn1ght4 bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Event #84 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Foxy_Donkey (5,975,888)
Seat 2: noxvox (15,565,980)
Seat 3: Ballage87 (7,160,740)
Seat 4: KONDRAT_NIK (5,804,107)
Seat 5: nonii17 (6,343,803)
Seat 6: Przemo_88 (4,167,863)
Seat 7: kazah-aday (2,830,813)
Seat 8: weng82 (483,756)
Seat 9: browny 11boy (5,352,050)

The final table commenced during Level 45. The blinds were 80K/160K with a 20K ante. Germany's noxvox held the lead with 15.5 million, while weng82 was the shorty with under 500K.

weng82 eliminated in 9th place

The final nine had taken their virtual seats for a few hands before we saw the first bustout. Ballage87 opened to 420,000, Weng82 moved all-in for his last 545,634, and Ballange87 called. Ballage87 led with A♦T♥ against weng82's J♣T♣. The board ran out 6♣6♥5♦9♦8♠ and Ballage87 won the pot with Ace-high. Germany's weng82 became the first player to get knocked off the final table. For a ninth-place finish, weng82 collected $601.27.

Przemo_88 eliminated in 8th place

After a full level of play, someone else hit the road after an incendiary hand. KONDRAT_NIK opened with a raise to 450,000, Przemo_88 raised all-in for 4,021,808, Ballage87 re-raised to 7,593,616, and KONDRAT_NIK bailed. Heads-up. Przemo_88 trailed with A♦K♥ against Ballage87's K♣K♦. Cooler time. The board ran out Q♦7♠3♦8♣T♥. Ballage87's pocket Cowboys held up and KONDRAT_NIK could not catch an Ace to double up. KONDRAT_NIK finished in eighth place, which paid out $944.85.

kazah-aday eliminated in 7th place

Seven-handed did not last very long before someone else bit the dust. Action folded to kazah-aday in the small blind and he jammed all-in for 1,678,380. browny 11boy snap-called from the big blind with A♠8♣ and kazah-aday was in trouble with Q♦6♠. The flop was 9♠8♥5♥. Although browny 11boy improved to a pair of eights, kazah-aday picked up outs with a gutshot draw. The 8♠ fell on the turn and browny 11boy improved to trip Ochos. The river was the 3♥ and browny 11boy faded a straight draw to drag the pot with trip eights. kazah-aday whiffed on his draw and was knocked out in seventh place. Russia's kazah-aday had a payday of $1717.92.

noxvox eliminated in 6th place

Poker is brutal. One minute you're sitting on top of the highest misty mountain top and the next you fall into a black hole of oblivion. Big-stacked noxvox kicked off a raising war against Ballage87 that escalated into one of the largest pots of the tournament (up until that point). It concluded when noxvox five-bet shoved for 17,531,785 with K♦6♦ and Ballage87 calling off the rest of his stack with A♣K♥. The flop was A♦8♦6♠ and noxvox picked up bottom pair and a nut-flush draw, while Ballage87 flopped an Ace to improve to a pair of Aces. The turn was the Q♠ and the river was the J♣. Ballage87 dragged the pot and exhaled after successfully fading a diamond. Germany's noxvox whiffed on his draw and was crippled.

A couple hands later, Ballage87 finished off noxvox and took the remainder of his chips. noxvox bombed it all-in preflop for his last 2,634,493 with Q♠T♣ against Ballage87's K♠Q♥. The flop was J♠8♣4♥ and noxvox picked up a gutshot. The turn was the Q♣ and both players turned a pair of Queens, but Ballage87 held a better kicker. The river was the 6♣ and noxvox missed a gutterball. Ballage87 won the pot and knocked out noxvox. For a sixth-place performance, noxvox collected $2,576.88.

With five to go, Ballage87 rocketed to the top with over 33.7 million and held a monopoly on the chips in play. The rest of the table held approximately 20 million combined. But the way the final table had been going, sitting on top with a lead was a kiss of death.

browny 11boy eliminated in 5th place

With five to go, action slowed down for a level to a weird tedium until two players busted out on consecutive hands. Short-stacked browny 11boy shoved on the button for 2,780,430, and Ballage87 tried to pick him off from the big blind. Ballage87 trailed with Q♣6♥ against browny 11boy's A♦3♠. But the flop was K♠Q♥8♣ and Ballage87 took the lead with a pair of Queens. The turn was the 6♠ and the river was the 5♦. Ballange87 won the pot with two pair -- Queens and Sixes, while browny 11boy busted in fifth place. The United Kingdom's browny 11boy won $3,435.84.

KONDRAT_NIK eliminated in 4th place

Next hand. More fireworks.Foxy_Donkey shoved for 4,663,388, and KONDRAT_NIK called all-in from the big blind for 2,942,716. Classic race. KONDRAT_NIK trailed with A♣T♣ against Foxy_Donkey's 8♣8♠. The board ran out Q♦6♦4♠J♣2♦. Foxy_Donkey's pocket eights held up and he dragged the pot. Although KONDRAT_NIK turned a Broadway draw, he whiffed and busted out in fourth place, which paid $4,294.80.

With three remaining, Ballage87 held the lead with 31.8 million, Ballage87 was second with 13.4 million, and Foxy_Donkey brought up the rear with 8.4 million.

Ballage87 eliminated in 3rd place

Ballage87 spewed some chips after he lost a decisive pot with A♦8♣ against nonii17's T♦T♥. At that point, nonii17 seized the lead with 30 million while, Ballage87 slipped to 15.6 million. Ballage87's stack continued to slide before Foxy_Donkey picked him off.

Foxy_Donkey opened to 1 million, Ballage87 shoved for 12,245,796, and Foxy_Donkey had him covered and called. Foxy_Donkey looked good taking J♣J♥ into battle against Ballage87's A♥9♦. The board ran out Q♦5♠4♦K♦T♥ and Foxy_Donkey's Jacks held up. Ballage87 went from the penthouse to the outhouse in less than a level. For a third-place finish, Ballage87 collected $6,394.95.

HEADS-UP: Foxy_Donkey (Denmark) vs. nonii17 (Mexico)
Seat 1: Foxy_Donkey (25,504,004)
Seat 5: nonii17 (28,180,996)

Only 2.6 million separated the final two but nonii17 held the slight lead.

In the first level of play, nonii17 won a 13.1 million pot with A♣T♦ and jumped up to 38 million, while Foxy_Donkey slipped to 15 million.

Foxy_Donkey was on the roped avoided an elimination when 2♠2♥ held up against nonii17's A♠9♥. Alas,nonii17 failed to deliver a knock out blow and Foxy_Donkey doubled up to 28 million and seized the lead.

Losing that pot to deuces did not sit well with nonii17, who launched a counter strike and dragged a two pots worth 9.7 million each. Foxy_Donkey lost the lead and nonii17 chipped back up to 33 million (as Foxy_Donkey slid to under 20 million).

nonii17 eliminated in 2nd place; Foxy_Donkey wins MicroMillions III Event #84

Foxy_Donkey went on a heater and won nine out of the last eleven hands. When Foxy_Donkey took the lead for good, it only became a matter of time before nonii17 succumbed.

On the final one... Foxy_Donkey opened with a min-raise to 1.2 million, nonii17 bumped it up to 3.6 million, and Foxy_Donkey called. The flop was K♣J♣T♦, and nonii17 insta-shoved. Foxy_Donkey called with Q♠T♥ for bottom pair and an open-ended straight draw, while nonii17 held A♠8♠ for Ace-high, but picked up outs with a higher Broadway draw. The 9♦ fell on the turn and filled in Foxy_Donkey's straight, but nonii17 still had outs for a Broadway. The river was the 6♠ and Foxy_Donkey and faded a Queen, so his King-high straight held up. Alas, nonii17 was knocked out in second place. For a runner-up performance, nonii17 collected $9,019.08.

Foxy_Donkey shipped MicroMillions III Event #84 $8.80 NL and won $12,272.54. Congrats!

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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MicroMillions III Event #84: $8.80 NL - Final Table Results:
Entrants: 10,737
Prize Pool: $85,896
Places Paid: 1,350

1. Foxy_Donkey (Denmark) - $12,272.54
2. nonii17 (Mexico) - $9,019.08
3. Ballage87 (Hungary) - $6,394.95
4. KONDRAT_NIK (Russia) - $4,294.80
5. browny 11boy (U.K.) - $3,435.84
6. noxvox (Germany) - $2,576.88
7. kazah-aday (Russia) - $1,717.92
8. Prezzmo_88 (Poland) - $944.85
9. weng82 (Germany) - $601.27

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